Demon Valley Brewing is Chester’s foremost (only?) website dedicated to the art of the Home Brewer.
Coming from the humble surrounds of my garage this site will track the journey in to the darkside of All-Grain brewing!

Check back soon for more updates on my endeavors to build a brewery (literally) and brew the best darn pint Hoole has ever produced! *

Anyway… Welcome to the grand opening of Demon Valley Brewing! This is going to be awesome! **

* may not strictly be true.

** will definitely be true.


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi love your set up – I am contemplating moving to “shiny”, but in the meantime need a pump to transfer rather than relying on gravity and/or me sucking. May I ask what pump you have installed and not familiar with the clips you refer to.

    • Hi David,
      The pumps are 24v Solar Pumps, sometimes known as ‘little brown pumps’ and are available on eBay usually. They are pretty low power but get the job done for cheap…

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