So what’s in a name?

Picking a ‘cool’ brewery name is not an easy task as it turns out, but picking a ‘cool’ brewery name, with a tie to your personal history or location, is even harder so bear with me here because it is perhaps a little tenuous!

Lucian, was a monk who lived in Chester in the 12th Century and he wrote De Laude Cestrie (‘Of the Praise of Chester’) around 1195 whilst in the cloisters of Chester Abbey. This book was the first known guidebook of an English provincial town! Lucian decribes Chester at that time as follows:

“The native of Chester remembers how three roads branch off outside Eastgate and how beautiful and pleasing are the names of the places to which they lead. The road straight in front straight in front leads to Christ’s Town (Christleton), that on the right to the Old Ford (Aldford) but if it turns to the left it comes to a place which they rightly call the Valley of Demons (Hoole) with reference to the hiding places of those who lie in wait… the wanderer… is despoiled by thieves and robbers”.

The humble beginnings of this brewery are based in Hoole, Valley of Demons, Demon Valley Brewing. The official naming committee approved this name almost instantly (after shooting down a couple of others up for consideration) and so Demon Valley Brewing was born.

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