Brewday 3: The Great Priming Sugar Experiment

Cor! It’s been a long time since my last post! 😦

Brew day 3: 27/01/2013

Brew day 3 is an experiment inspired by a paragraph from John Palmer’s book ‘How to Brew’ which talks about using different types of sugar when priming/bottling. For the experiment I would be brewing a normal 23l beer, but would bottle the resulting beer 42 bottles in 6 batches of 7 bottles, each with a different sugar.

The ingredients for Great Priming Sugar Experiment (G.P.S.E.):

  • 4kg Lager Malt
  • 30g Northern Brewer Hops @ 90 minutes
  • 15g East Kent Goldings @ 15 minutes
  • 15g East Kent Goldings @ Flameout/Poweroff
  • 1g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • Nottingham yeast
  • Priming Sugars: White Sugar, Muscavado Sugar, Honey, Golden Syrup, Maple Syrup and Treacle (these weren’t needed on the brewing day of course)

As I promised last time there are a load more photos from this brew day!


IMG_0319IMG_0316 IMG_0322

The new taps and hoses worked brilliantly compared to the standard ones! Here we have the water being moved from the HLT at the top into the Mashtun full of Grain.


IMG_0323IMG_0331IMG_0325 IMG_0326

You can see the large white grain particles in the first image. This is filtered back into the Mashtun through a sheet of tin foil to avoid disturbing the grain bed. The second running is clearer, and the third is pretty much clear of all grain particles. The wort is then drained from the Mashtun to the lower boiler. The Mashtun is then refilled and left to rest for 20 minutes before also being drained into the boiler.


IMG_0317Hops for today’s brew all measured out and ready to add.





IMG_0344Boil in progress, Brewdog observing closely!





IMG_0346 With 15 minutes to go the immersion cooler is lowered into to the boiler to sterilise it.






Once cooled to 25C the beer is transferred to the primary fermenter. Look! No blocked tap! Hooray!

IMG_0351Trub! The left over hops and break proteins remain in the bottom of the boiler. Success!








IMG_0354 IMG_0358 IMG_0359

Now comes the ‘experiment’ part of this brew, the Priming Sugar! Until today I have only been using white (table) sugar to prime each bottle, but any sugar can be substituted at this point. The batch of 42 bottles was split into 7’s and these were bottled with either White Sugar, Muscavado, Maple Syrup, Honey, Treacle or Golden Syrup. The liquid sugars were made into a solution using 76ml boiling water to try and ensure that each bottle contains the same volume of sugar. I shall need to employ a ‘tasting crew’ in two weeks (and four weeks) time to compare and comment on each choice… send your names on a postcard to… 🙂

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