Brewday 8: Citra Gold

Brew day 8:  25/05/2013

For brewday 8 there would be no experimenting, no double brewing session and ideally no problems! A nice, simple, brewday in the sun with a BBQ to finish off with! The recipe this time is an American Pale Ale and by using Citra and Brewers Gold hops I hope to end up with a light, golden, summer-supping ale. Perfect for the next time the sun comes out and lures us into the garden!

Citra Gold:

  • 5kg Maris Otter
  • 0.5kg Crystal Malt (5L)
  • 15g Brewers Gold Hops @ 60 mins
  • 10g Citra Hops @ 60 mins
  • 15g Brewers Gold Hops @ 15 mins
  • 15g Citra Hops @ 15 mins
  • 1g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • 1 Safale US-05 yeast

DSCF2217The pre-milled grains ready for mashing.




DSCF2218Even though I said there was no experimenting for this brew I would be using a stepped Mash. 30 minutes at 40C, 30 minutes at 60C and 30 minutes at 70C. This should result in better conversion of the sugars from the grains i.e. a better mash efficiency. Here is step one: The mash at this point is extremely stiff.


DSCF2220Step 2: After 30 minutes had passed boiling water was added to the tun to bring the overall temperature to to 60C. As you can see I overshot slightly this time…





DSCF2221Step 3: 30 minutes later and more boiling water is added and again I slightly overshot the 70C target temperature! There is definitely room for improvements in my processes here!





DSCF2226Following the mash the wort is Batch Sparged as usual into the boiler and brought up to temperature.




DSCF2228The boil in full effect with first addition hops… urm… added.





Boil completed the wort was transferred to the fermenter and the yeast added. The OG this time was 1.054, 6 points higher than expected which will mean the finished beer will probably be around 5.5% instead of the 4.8% intended from the recipe. Perhaps a little ‘hefty’ for a summer session beer?!

The new mash process, and perhaps the lack of any other problems, resulted in an overall efficiency of 79% (up from c. 72%) which is a marked improvement! Next time I will have to factor this into my recipe and use less grain to achieve the intended abv, I can’t only brew 5%+ beers after all!

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