Brewday 9: Brewers Gold

Brewed on: 13/06/2013

Wow! 5 weeks since my last post?! That is truly shocking and just goes to show how life can sometimes get in the way of a really good blog writing session! On the plus side, the weather has finally improved, BBQ’s have been had and the Citra Gold from Brewday 8 went down very well! So much so it has nearly all gone! (time for another double brewday soon I fear!)

That said, for this day I would only brewing one beer, and it would be a remake of my Crouch Vale Brewers Gold clone (Brewday 2), but this time it was serious… it was for a competition! In the last couple of months I have joined a local home brew club (more on this in another post soon!) and our theme for the next event was a ‘clone beer blind taste competition’. Judging day was originally planned in for early July so I had to get a move on for this to be ready in time! I made a couple of tweaks to the recipe for this attempt:

The ingredients for Crouch Vale Brewers Gold (clone v.2):

  • 4.25kg Lager Malt
  • 0.15kg Caragold Malt
  • 15g Brewers Gold Hops @ 90 minutes
  • 50g Brewers Gold Hops @ 15 minutes
  • 35g Brewers Gold Hops @ Flameout/Poweroff
  • 1g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • Safale S-o5 yeast

You’ll notice this is 0.6kg less total malts than version 1, the reason being that the original Brewers Gold is a 4% session ale and my version was a little strong at 4.9%. Now I’m not ever one to shirk away from a high ABV beer, but as this is a clone competition it should be as close the real thing as possible in my opinion. I have also changed the yeast, although this was only as I had some S-05 in stock! Also with some luck, and my new more efficient mash schedule, these ingredients should result in an ABV of 4.06%… close enough for me! There are only a couple of photos from this brewday… I have to admit I was distracted by the first warm sunny day in 2013 and spent most of the down time sat on the driveway reading a good (brewing) book and not documenting the brewday!

IMG_0496-001 The obligatory ‘grain shot’!






IMG_0497-001 Boil in progress. (Look at that sun!!!)

Also note the lid is on the boiler. I have spent a lot of time reading conflicting reports on how this is potentially bad for your ale. The closed system means some unwanted by-products are not able to escape in the steam produced by the boil but instead condense on the boiler lid and drop back in to the wort. As this seems to only be a real problem noticeable at large scale, or when specifically using Pilsner or 6-row malts, I opted for the lid on approach.

The boil completed without incident and the wort was transferred to the fermenter. The OG was 1.042, just 0.001 away from the target 1.041. Now if the yeast behaved as it should the FG should be 1.010 and the final beer c. 4.2% ABV. A little higher than planed, but close enough! The brewday efficiency worked out at 77% instead of the 75% I had based my calculations on and I will have to factor this higher efficiency into my future recipes!

As a bonus, (because it’s been so long since I posted last) the beer has had chance to fully ferment (FG: 1.010) and has been bottled and is now happily conditioning in the warmth under the stairs. Competition day was also pushed back to July 28th, leaving plenty of time to be ready for the test! I will update the result here afterwards of course!



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