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Brew it and they will come.

I may be preaching to the converted here but I am going to say it… Brewing beer is awesome! It also comes with a number of great benefits, the first is obvious; I can make my own beer! Surely this is the epitome of success for any self respecting man? If it that isn’t it then I don’t think I am interested what is!

Probably not so obvious is the sense of comradery in the brewing community. Whether it comes from a homebrewer, or professional brewer, the amount and quality of the hints, tips, recipes, science lessons and wealth of information available is truly staggering. Thanks to brewing forums such as homebrewers have a great place to hang out, ask questions, and generally talk brewing with like minded individuals. Of course, even better than that, is a Brew Club!

Back in April this year, such a group met for the first time in Kash Bar in Chester, and thanks in no small part to our leader Nick and the amazing hospitality of Alex (Head Brewer for Blueball Brewery and owner of Kash Bar) the Brewdoo Homebrew Club was born. Since then five meetings have been held, ranging from bottle swaps (a sampling session of each others brews), to a Clone beer competition, and even a full on brewday!


Some of the Brewdoo-ers! Talking beer no doubt!


Nick, our fearless leader, brewing in the rain while we all huddle in the bar!


Alex’s test brewery, aka ‘The one we are allowed to touch’


Alex in the proper brewery, aka ‘The one we’re not!’


Chris, proudly showing off his ‘Clone Beer Challenge’ Winners T-Shirt!

We are always looking for more brewers, non-brewers and wannabe brewers to join us. Whether you brew on big shiny All Grain systems, or pride yourself on the qualities of your kit ales, or even if you haven’t got into that ‘home-brewing lark’ yet and you fancy an evening talking beer with us and seeing what all the fuss is about, just look us up on Facebook ( or Twitter (@BrewdooBeer) or drop me a message here and come along to the next meet!


Brewday 12: Imperial IPA

Brewed on 10/08/2013

Well, not much posting on the blog recently, I’m blaming the return (at long last) of the Great British summer! We had sun, and 25C plus heat, and everything… it was amazing! Remember it so you can tell your grandkids about it! Fortunately the brewing has not had the same break for the summer and has continued a pace. Brewday 12 was to be an Imperial IPA. Also known as a Double IPA this is a high gravity, high ABV and highly hopped monster beer. I can’t wait!

The ingredients for Imperial IPA:

  • 6.5kg Maris Otter Malt
  • 0.3kg Crystal Malt (50L)
  • 0.3kg Caramunich Malt
  • 0.05kg Biscuit Malt
  • 0.5kg Pilsner Malt
  • 0.5 Caraamber Malt
  • 60g Brweers Gold @ 60 minutes
  • 30g Citra @ 10 minutes
  • 30g Amarillo @ 10 minutes
  • 30g Citra @ 0 minutes
  • 30g Amarillo @ 0 minutes
  • 30g Citra @ 14day Dry hop
  • 30g Amarillo @14day Dry hop
  • 1g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • 2 packets Nottingham Dry Ale Yeast

The 6.5kg of Maris Otter provides a good base to push up the gravity to fit the style, and this might appear to be an over-complicated Malt bill for such a highly hopped beer, however the flavours from the Malts are there to try to counter balance the bitterness and aromas from the hops. 240g of Hops in a 5 gallon batch is a lot to balance out! Also for this brew I would be using two packets of Nottingham Ale Yeast. With a target OG so high you really need to use a specialised high gravity yeast, or over pitch a standard ale yeast to give it a chance!

Apologies for the lack of photos in this brewday. I blame the sun again!

IMG_0658The Grain Shot








IMG_0661IMG_0665Mashing under way. Target temperatures hit! (nearly)







Boiling almost complete. 10 minutes hops just added.





Overall this was a really uneventful brewday, I love it when it all goes to plan! Finishing volume was just under 25 litres, and this was transferred to the fermenter with an OG of 1.074 (target 1.072), not bad! After two weeks fermenting and a further two weeks dry hopping the FG was stable at 1.016 (target 1.018), not bad again! All this target beating brewing left me with an overall efficiency of 80% and more importantly and ABV of… 7.6%! Boom!

So much time has passed since this brewday that by the time I finally write it up I have already opened the first couple bottles of Imperial IPA and although I am probably a little biased, this is by a long long way, the best beer I have made so far! Definitely one to brew again, and to brew again soon by the looks of the bottle store this morning! Cheers!