Brewday 19: Black IPA

Brewed 21/06/2014

Again, due to my change in phones, no real details exist of the recipe for this brew!

Black IPA’s are quite a contentious new style of beer. An IPA is of course an Indian Pale Ale so by making it black doesn’t really fit with the name anymore! The IPA is still relevant as they are very hoppy beers but perhaps IBA is a better description? Either way, the idea is to get the hoppiness of an IPA and to balance that with some roasted malt flavours too.


The recipe was something like:

  • 3.5kg Maris Otter Malt
  • 2kg Munich Malt
  • 500g Carafa Special III Malt
  • 100g Chocolate Malt
  • 25g Chinook @ 90 minutes
  • 25g Simcoe @ 30 minutes
  • 25g Amarillo @ 30 minutes
  • 25g Simcoe @ 15 minutes
  • 25g Amarillo @ 15 minutes
  • 25g Citra @ 15 minutes)
  • 25g Chinook @ 0 minutes (Hopback)
  • 25g Simcoe @ 7 day dry hop
  • 25g Amarillo @ 7 day dry hop
  • 25g Simcoe @ 3 day cold dry hop
  • 25g Amarillo @ 3 day cold dry hop
  • 1g Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • 1 Safale US-05 yeast

I was aiming for something in the region of 6.5-7% ABV so those malt weights may not be totally accurate!

The brewday itself went mostly to plan. I was brewing on the new bench for the first time and using my new pumps for the first time too. Just to make it a little more interesting I also decided to use my new Hopback for the first time as well! There’ll be another blog about the new setup so I won’t go into detail here! Probably as a result of this new equipment I remember my efficiency was a pretty terrible 65% and although the target OG was hit I only ended up with 21l instead of 23l.

Fermentation is now complete, dry hopping done, and the beer is now sat conditioning in a Corny Keg in my beer fridge (being used for the first time!). Only one more week to go and I will post an update with the finished product. I almost hope it isn’t too good, I’m not sure I would be able to recreate it (even if I did still have the actual recipe!)


The new brewing bench!

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