Brewday 23: Rauchbier

Brewed 12/09/2014

Now this one is an interesting beer! A Rauchbier is a German style predominantly from the Bamburg region of Germany which uses a Smoked Malt too gives the beer a very distinct smell and taste. I was brewing this for the Brewdoo German Beers session but it would also be a lovely drink in front of the fire as autumn closes in!

The recipe for the Rauchbier:

1.7kg Maris Otter Malt
1.5kg Smoked Malt
1.4kg Munich Malt
0..45kg Cara Malt
0.3kg CaraPils Malt
0.10kg Chocolate Malt
30g Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops @ 60 minutes
15g Northern Brewer hops @ 60 minutes
1 tsb Irish Moss
1 pack Nottingham Ale Yeast

This Brewday was also the day I tried my first Workday mash, my variation of an Overnight mash! An Overnight mash is exactly what it sounds like, the grains are mashed in in the evening and then left overnight until they are sparged in the morning and the rest of the brewday is completed. You have to be aware of the heat loss from your mashtun as you don’t want the temperature to drop below 50C as this allows bacteria to grow very rapidly which will really spoil your beer. But if you can control the heat losses in your system this is a great way to cut down your time spent actually brewing and thus freeing up more of your weekend, or allowing you to get a sneaky mid-week brewday in! For my Workday mash, the mashtun was setup at 8am as I went to work and by 5:30pm when I got back it had lost just 2C in temperature, perfect! The wort was immediately sparged, boiled and the rest of the session was done and tidied away by 8:30pm. This method will let me brew on a much more regular basis even if the weekends are already booked up!

The brewday itself went relatively to plan although this time I ended up with nearly 2.5 litres more volume than expected and this time the result of this was an ABV of 4.4% instead of the 5.5% target. Again not a massive issue but I’ll need to work out where this extra liquid is coming from in my setup on Beersmith so I can hit my target ABV next time out! I am happy to say this Rauchbier is one of the best beers I have made. The smoked taste is prominent but not overpowering and it is a very drinkable pint that has . I am not sure you would drink more than a couple of these in a session but as a beer for a quiet night in it is great choice! Definitely to be brewed again.

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