Brewday 24: Brewers Gold

Brewed 19/09/2014

Time for another blog update amnesty while I prepare the brewery to finally make a start with 2015’s brew list in a couple of weeks time!

This brewday was supposed to be a nice quick brew in order to fill the third Corny Keg in the beer fridge as it was sitting empty! I hadn’t brewed this Brewers Gold clone for a while and added a couple of tweaks to the recipe from the last brew. It’s becoming more like my brew than a clone now I guess!

The recipe for the Brewers Gold Clone(ish) today:

  • 4kg Lager Malt
  • 150g Wheat Malt
  • 150g CaraAmber Malt
  • 20g Brewers Gold hops @ 60 minutes
  • 40g Brewers Gold hops @ 15 minutes
  • 1 tsp Irish Moss @ 15 minutes
  • 40g Brewers Gold hops @ 0 minutes
  • 1 packet Nottingham yeast

Writing this 5 months later I think I may still be mentally scarred by this brewday! The workday mash was perfect, the transfer to the boiler and the boil went without hitch, but then disaster struck at 0 minutes when I chose to recirculate the hot wort through the hopback with the final 40g of Brewers Gold. I made the mistake of leaving the room to see the wife and when I walked back in 10 minutes later I discovered the lid on the hopback hadn’t sealed perfectly and there was a spray of hot wort 4 foot up the wall and all over the brew bench! I lost almost 8 litres to this leak ending up with slightly over 15l instead of 23l! Target OG was high too and the final beer finished at 5.1% instead of 4.5% abv.

At least it tasted good after all the mess!

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