Brewday 30: Jasmine IPA

Brewed 28/08/15

This brewday was inspired by the Additives for Flavour page on and also because I really wanted to brew a special beer in tribute of my new daughter! As soon as I saw the dried Jasmine flowers I knew it was a sign and after a little interweb research the Jasmine IPA was born!

The recipe for the Jasmine IPA:

  • 5.5kg Maris Otter Malt
  • 250g Munich Malt
  • 150g CaraPils Malt
  • 35g Chinook hops @ 60 minutes
  • 41g dried Jasmine Flowers @ 10 minutes
  • 45g Amarillo hops @ 5 minutes
  • 15g dried Jasmine Flowers @ 0 minutes
  • 15g Amarillo hops @ 0 minutes
  • 1 tsp Irish Moss
  • 1 packet US-05 yeast

I was aiming for around 6.3% deep golden American IPA and hoping for the Jasmine to come through on the nose. I had read that too much Jasmine could make the beer taste like washing up liquid however there was no indication as to just how much was too much! Let the guess work begin!

This time I even remembered to take some photographs of the brewday!!!

20150828_180120 (800x450)

The brewery!

Mash completed.

Mash completed.

Jasmine flower additions at 10 minutes

Jasmine flower additions at 10 minutes

Boil completed.

Into the FV. 1.5 litres under target volume.

20150828_215128 (800x450)

1.054 OG, 8 points under target OG

With both OG and volume under target this time around there is some definitely amiss with my Beersmith settings. This’ll need tweaking before brewday 31!

Looking forward to trying this one in a couple of weeks!

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