New Brewing Resolutions: 2016

There’s nothing better than making plans for the coming of a new year and currently on the cards is:

  • Brewery Upgrades!
    • A slight increase in capacity (40l to 56l) will need to come with a shiny new control panel and a host of smaller upgrades along the way. Expect a lot of build posts for this process!
  • Brewing!
    • I’ll be aiming to return (and maybe even stick to this year) one Brewday per month. January’s is already pencilled in for the 2nd so I am at least starting as I mean to go on! There will be some revisiting of old recipes but also a few new styles that I want to brew too.
  • Yeast Storage!
    • Once all the hardware upgrades are complete in the brewery I plan to start splitting and storing liquid yeasts. Lots of posts to come on this process too!
  • Competitions!
    • This year I’ll be entering as many competitions as I can find… these will definitely include the Brewdog NorthWest Homebrew off in July, the Waitrose/Thornbridge GB Homebrew Competition around the same time and the UK National Homebrew Competition in September. Wish me luck!


2016 is going to be a busy one it would seem!

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