I’m back!!!

Well it is fair to say that I have not really active on here for quite a while seeing as my last brew write up was 2017!
The brewing has continued, albeit at a vastly reduced amount, though the five brews made since Brewday 45 have all been lost to the back streets of history and I have no longer got any of the recipe info or any brewday photos to add them to the blog!
In fact, I would be hard pushed to remember any of them except the NEIPA made for Brewday 50! That beer was great! I wonder what the recipe was… oh well!

Time for a reset!

So what has happened since 2017?
Well, the Grainfather has gone! It is a great bit of kit for the money and allowed me to keep brewing while life got crazy busy after the birth of our daughter, but, I increasingly found I was feeling a bit disconnected with the brewing process using a one-stop-shop, turn-on-and-walkaway brewery. Although it is definitely not as simple, the engagement to the process I had when brewing on 3 vessels was being sorely missed.

Demon Valley Brewing v.3 is born

The new Brewery is made up of two 10gal (37.5l) Ss Brewtech Kettles, a 10gal (37.5l) Ss Brewtech Mashtun and two Buffalo 3000w Induction Hobs. I’ll be using the same old ‘little brown pump’ from my original brewery setup to move the liquids around and will be converting a second hand Grainfather Counterflow Chiller for use here too.
I should probably note that I was fortunate enough to rebuild the Brewery from the ground up (literally) in 2018 and had beefier electrics installed so all this new kit could be run without risking the house burning down!
There are a few additions still on the shopping list, and a couple of bits still to make, however the basic workings of Demon Valley Brewing v.3 are all in place!

Here’s looking forward to Brewday 51!

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