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Each character I have truly enjoyed the whole Strike series and all the twists and developments in both the misteries and the relationship between Strike and Robin For all London lovers finding out about lovely pubs and curious venues is yet another source of delight in th The book is written in third person narration and written from the perspectives of Cormoran Strike and his assistant Robin Ellacott I found the writing style uite difficult it was written in the same style as the Harry Potter series with the same ind of descriptions difficult it was written in the same style as the Harry Potter series with the same ind of descriptions used for example these are the first two sentences The buzz in the street was like the humming of flies Photographers stood massed behind barriers patrolled by police their long snouted cameras poised their breath rising like steam Which to me seems uite awkward and it just doesn t sit right with what the book is about and its general tone To me the writing style for Harry Potter helped add to the magic of the story it enriched it here it just seems out of place and distracts from the storyThe story focuses on Cormoran Strike and his PI business He is asked by a former class mate s brother to investigate the death of his sister who was a supermodel and which the police have decided was a suicide We then go along with Cormoran as he investigates her deathI did this like this book it was a good read and Rowling weaves uite a few different plot points together well and we get to now the both Cormoran and Robin uite well as there is a lot of their backstory in the book The plot isn t massively complicated though and while there are a few twists and turns as the events unfold it all feels a bit underwhelming in the endI found there was also a little bit of spitefulness in Rowling s writing style too towards many of the characters mainly the female ones and the celebrities while there seems to be hints of outward #dislike to Rowling s press in the book I can t really put my finger on exactly what #to Rowling s press in the book I can t really put my finger on exactly what was but there seemed to be an edge of smugness and spitefulness while Rowling is narrating scenes involving themI will be reading the next book in the series as I am intrigued enough by the characters of Cormoran even though he seems to be a copy of Hagrid less the half giant part of course and Robin nice novel as well as the plot but it looks like a fairy tale than a thrillercrime novelI do honestly prefer much scandinavian writersI will probably give it a try with the second oneeven though I m not sure yet uesto libro conferma il talento narrativo di JKRowling e la sua capacit di costruire personaggi plausibili e coinvolgenti Era presumibile dalla lettura della sua indimenticabile saga che sarebbe riuscita a scrivere un ottimo libro giallo Ha vinto la sfida di riuscire a rendere irresistibile una trama basata su elementi apparentemente scontati come il jet set il mondo della moda A differenza Del Suo Penultimo A CASUAL VACANCY Uesto suo penultimo A CASUAL VACANCY uesto romanzo ha un ritmo stringente e come per Harry Potter riesce a creare suspence e a far tenere aperto il libro fino a tarde ore la notte Lettrice incallita avevo un po da parte i libri uesto mi ha fatto tornare a leggere appena ho un po di tempo Scritto davvero bene personaggi ai uali ci si affeziona Ho letto a ruota il secondo volume e ora sto leggendo il terzo. Crime novel by JK Rowling writing under the pseudonym Robert GalbraithThe latest book in the thrilling Strike series TROUBLED BLOOD is out nowPRAISE FOR THE STRIKE SERIES 'One of the most uniue and compelling detectives I've come across in years' MARK BILLINGHAM 'The work of a master storyteller' DAILY TELEGRAPH 'Unputdownable Irresistible' SUNDAY TIMES 'Will eep you up all night' OBSERVER 'A thoroughly enjoyable classic' PETER JAMES SUNDAY EXPRESS.


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The Cuckoo's Calling: Cormoran Strike Book 1I m an obsessive reader of crime fiction and thrillers and can say that this is one of the best I ve ever read This isn t surprising given that Robert Galbraith is the pen name of JK RowlingCormoran Strike is an ex military policeman badly injured in Afghanistan now starting up as a private detective Although the son of a very famous and rich father he s almost penniless He employs a series of temporary secretaries the latest of which is Robin He can T Really Afford Her But really afford her but turns out to be hugely efficient and full of initiative THE BOOK IS ENRICHED BY THE BACKSTORIES OF THESE book is enriched by the backstories of these and the way they are brought to life I was as interested in Cormoran and Robin as in the crime story itself It s very rare to find such high uality characters in a mystery story and I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series to see how they evolveThe mystery itself begins when the brother of a suicide begs Cormoran to prove that his sister was murdered She was a famous model at the height of her popularity They are adopted children of a rich family so we get drawn into the world of high fashion and very rich people I don t want to say any about the mystery for fear of spoiling it for you But rest assured that there are red herrings and twists and the mystery is very cleverly #put togetherIf this was an attempt by Rowling to see if she could be successful at writing a #togetherIf this was an attempt by Rowling to see if she could be successful at writing a in a different genre then as far as I am concerned the answer is a definite yes If you like classic mystery novels in the Midsomer Murders or Agatha Christie style you ll love this Let s get this out the way I m a huge Harry Potter fan I used to manage the children s section in my local bookshop and I read every ids book going I would tell all my customers the same thing Harry is the best You can t beat itHaving said thatI prefer CormSeriously how does JK do it She has a masterful grasp of plot character pacing the works I am also constantly amazed by how good she is at coming up with character namesThe story is artful in it s simplicity Model dies after hurtling from a balcony did she fall or was she pushed Add a complex cast of starry shallow money hungry a moral characters and you have a great yarn ahead of youThe main reason it s so compelling is the man himself Cormoran Strike It s hard to create a detective without being cliched and somehow JK has done it Who new a one legged army vet with a penchant for beautiful psychotic women would be so interesting to read about I also love Robin who manages in this book to be wide eyed and eager without going full Enid BlytonStellar as always I recommend it to everyoneSpecial mention to Robert Glenister best audiobook reader I ve ever heard Anche se sono abbastanza cresciutello ho apprezzato tutta la serie di Harry Potterui siamo in tutt altro mondo ma la ualit della scrittura e la capacit di attrarre e coinvolgere il lettore della Rowling sono sempre le stesse Very nice book I alwasy loved JK Rowling s book and it s true you can tell it was her who wrote itI really liked the story and found it entratainingBeeing in London on vacation while reading it made it even better did son mess with my order I orderd something like 6 or 7 book and they all arrived at different times but this book in particular arrived in just a coup. 'The Cuckoo's Callingreminds me why I fell in love with crime fictionin the first place' VAL MCDERMID Now a major BBC drama The Strike seriesWhen a troubled model falls to her death from a snow covered Mayfair balcony it is assumed that she has committed suicide However her brother has his doubts and calls in private investigator Cormoran Strike to look into the caseStrike is a war veteran wounded both physically and psychologically and his life is Le of daysOverall I m happy #WITH MY PURCHASE IL MIGLIOR PREGIO #my purchase Il miglior pregio uesto libro lo stile la Rowling sa scrivere Purtroppo i pregi si fermano uiCi che mi ha reso noiosa la lettura il ripetersi fino in fondo dello stesso schema il detective Cormoran che interroga uno dei tanti personaggi coinvolti nella scena del delitto Ci saranno una decina di personaggi e i capitoli del libro sono tutti uguali I bought this book because so many of my friends and colleagues were raving about the Cormoran Strike series and getting excited about the release of the fourth book and I had to eep warning them not to reveal any spoilers And the Harry Potter series is definitely well constructed and worth reading Plus I like a good detective story so it seemed like a sure thingUnfortunately this is not a good detective story It is a very mediocre one with a plot that owes much to the infinitely superior An Unsuitable Job for a Woman The characters are unappealing Strike reminds me of Cracker without the charm which may be because GalbraithRowling is rewriting Hagrid who was also played by Robbie Coltrane and her only way of letting us We Sell Drugs know that Robin isn t nice but dim is to repeatedly tell us she asked intelligently she looked round intelligent As an author of non fiction books I thought it was high time that I took on the writing of a fiction novel as my next challengeMy agent had suggested it previously but now I was readyIn his book On Writing Stephan King suggests that all authors should do two things to improve their craft read and write a lotI was interested to see how JK Rowling under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith sorry if this is a plot spoiler for you would handle the transition from writing for children to adultsI ll tell you how well she managed it I became so engrossed in the first of the series of Cormoran Strike detective novels that I forgot about studying her work and just enjoyed itYou don t need me to summarise the story after all that s what the back cover is for but I will say that I am in awe of Galbraith Rowling I have not since reading Love in a time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Maruez found another author who makes a detailed description of the mundane as entertaining as Galbraithit s an unbelievably tricky skill to walk the tight rope between superfluous and necessary description Inow all too well often falling the wrong sideI still don t l Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ know how she does it but now I m too busy reading the strike novels solely for pleasure to carePS I sent the book to my dad in Cornwall who is now also hookedEnjoyMatt Tutti i personaggi di uesto libro sono delineati con una profondit assolutamente non comune Sembra di conoscerli di vederli Non solo i personaggi principali ma anche le figure di secondo piano fuori dal libro con il loro carattere le lor debolezze e i punti di forza uando ci sono La trama interessante ti prende e non ti lascia vorresti finire subito il libro e allo stesso tempo vorresti che durasse per sempreBello mi proprio piaciuto JK Rowling is pure joy to read Her style is uniue and uncomparable Reading her books makes you think that writing is as simple as breathing which of course is not at all I ve read from her website that she s extremely well organized andeeps spreadsheets with all the info for. N disarray The case gives him a financial lifeline but it comes at a personal cost thehe delves into the young model's complex world the darker things get and the closer he gets to terrible danger A gripping elegant mystery steeped in the atmosphere of London from the hushed streets of Mayfair to the backstreet pubs of the East End to the bustle of Soho The Cuckoo's Calling is a remarkable book Introducing Cormoran Strike this is the acclaimed first.