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TOK marking I know uite a bit about knowledge and epistemology but wanted to make sure I knew what students should I thought it was clear well set out I knew what students should know I thought it clear well set out and engaging at the right level for students There are one or two oversimplifications that I thought were unnecessary but this didn t overwhelm the positive aspects and I think that they lie in the syllabus rather than the bookI lent the book to my daughter L and Shared Knowledge the Knowledge Framework and Knowledge uestions Written in succinct and clear language this engaging book decodes ToK concepts and helps students develop their critical thinking skills The book offers extensive support on the new assessment criteria for the essa. Uite user friendly but now out of date I got what I expected simple as thatIt goes through every areas of knowledge thoroughly and it also links every area of knowledge with as many of ways on knowing as possibleI m not in any sort of doubt regarding the big amount of help it will give me when I have to write the essay or give the presentationThanks Wendy Heydorn Good aid for the TOK kid I bought this to help me with IB. Written by Experienced Practitioners This Resource practitioners this resource Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma offers comprehensive coverage of and support for the new subject guide Decoding Theory of Knowledge ToK is an accessible new resource that explores Areas of Knowledge Ways of Knowing Persona.

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Decoding Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma: Themes, Skills and Assessment