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Midnight SunND SON DYNAMIC OF EDWARD AND ESME IS SO PURE AND REAL AND NOT JUST A COVER CARLISLE IS A DAD AND A DADDY AND I LOVE HIMEDWARD S BEAUTIFUL DESCRIPTION OF BELLA S SKIN SILK OVER GLASS PUNCHED ME AND MADE ME HUG TREES I LOVE THAT SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCHTHIS EVEN CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE ON MY MOST HATED CHARACTER JACOB HE S JUST AN INNOCENT LITTLE BOI HERE AND WE CAN SEE THAT TRUTHFULLYI LOVE SEEING ALICE S VISIONS FOR MYSELF AND IUWWGRWGWRW JUST THE WAY BELLA SAW EVERYONE IN CONTRAST TO THEIR THOUGHTS IS JUST IFUIFUGG27GU2ALSOOOO EDWARD TALKING ABOUT TEMPTATION AND FASCINATION AND HOLDING HIMSELF BACK AND CONTROL SIT S O WELL WITH THE FACT THAT THE FRENCH EDITIONS OF TWILIGHT NEW MOON AND ECLIPSE ARE TITLED FASCINATION TEMPTATION AND HESITATIONAT PAGE 500 MY LOVE FOR ESME WAS EXPLODING THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH OF HER IN THE ORIGINAL SAGA SUCH AN UNDERRATED CHARACTERAT PAGE 665 I ACTUALLY CRIED I WAS MORBIDLY CURIOUS FOR EDWARD S DESCRIPTION OF THE TASTE OF BELLA S BLOOD AND STEPHENIE MEYER DID N O T DISAPPOINT IN THE SLIGHTESTPAGE 666 THE LINE RIGHT HERE KILLING YOU WILL BECOME ICONIC I ASSURE YOUPAGE 676 ALICE SETTING UP THE ACCIDENT OH MY GOD I CANNOT EVEN I LOVE IT SO MUCH I LOVE THE CULLENS LOVE FOR BELLA THERE IS SO SO SO SO SO MUCH LOVEON PAGE 685 I L I V E D FOR THE INTERACTION BETWEEN CARLISLE AND CHARLIE IT WAS SO IMPORTANT FOR THEIR CHARACTERS LITERALLY BEST FATHERS EVER I CANNOT EVENPAGE 738 I FORGOT ABOUT TYLER THAT WAS SO JARRINGTHIS WAS THE BEST BOOK EVER THANK YOU SO MUCH STEPHENIE AND EVERYONE AND THING THAT MORMONS WORSHIP THIS WAS EVERYTHING I NEEDED IN THE #ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS STEPHENIE ASKED US TO WRITE #STEPHENIE ASKED US TO WRITE NAME DOWN AND I AM WEEPING SO HARDPLEASE READ THIS YOU WON T REGRET IT AT ALLTHANK YOUTWILIGHT FOREVER You have to realize Edward wasnt the type of person to display his feelings He was the one who kept to himself but was always respectful Edward actually hated his vampire life ntil he met bella People seem to forget of course the book is gonna be like the others Its just in his point of view what did this citrical person think it was going to be about No Everyone Get The Book You get the book you love it I swear You get both views and you can dig deeper into Edwards feelinga since he never displayed them as much I m so over hearing negative discourse about this series and Stephenie Meyer s writing If you are so devoid in the ability to recognize and enjoy a fantasy then just move on I was an adult when I started the series and I m even older now obviously I m completely in love and in awe with this retelling from I felt compelled to respond due to the 1st negative review I just readinsert eye roll here as obviously this was not written by a lover of Twilight booksfilms I have had the hardcover pre ordered for months but we are in the middle of a hurricane so I had to opt and buy the kindle due to the Sunce je počelo da se zlati unlikelihood of the book being delivered todayIt s been 15 years since the first Twilight book came out and several years when Meyer s manuscript was released on the internet She vowed to never finish yet here we are she did finish it for her fans I have been counting down the daysntil this was released for the past few monthsIt is the same story yet told differently Everyone has a story but the perception is different when the other party tells the story My husband wrote a book he tells our story in a part of his memoir Although similar it is different due to his tone and his recollection of events When I tell our story it is the same story yet there are stark differences This is due to a different author different verbiage and a different tone Although it is the same story it is interesting to hear it told through someone else s eyesAs far as Midnight Sun it is Edward he was a little stuck ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 (ハリー・ポッターシリーズ up and reserved We noticed this from the first twilight bookmovie when he walked into the cafeteria and heard Bella s friends speaking of him and he walked past and rolled his eyes When he went to protect Bella from the guys she ran into while alone at the book store he was aggressive and confident It is just how Edward was Bella softened himp and showed a different and less reserved and relaxed version of Edward He grew throughout the series They both didSo yes the beginning of the book Edward seem. As told through Edward's eyes takes on a new and decidedly dark twist Meeting Bella is both the most From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek unnerving and intriguing event he has experienced in all his years as a vampire As we learnfascinating details about Edward's past and the complexity of his inner thoughts wenderstand why this is the defining struggle of his life How can he justify following his heart if it means leading Bella into dangerIn Midnight Sun Stephenie Meyer transports s back to a wor. ,

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As a teenager I enjoyed Twilight as the escapist fiction it is star crossed teenagers falling in love and fighting to be together despite tragedy threatening to end their relationship #and lives at any second Many have criticized the language in Twilight but I have always #lives at any second Many have criticized the language in Twilight but I have always it as a main strength of the novel Direct authentic emotional beautiful Skipping over the nimportant parts school parents random Vampire trying to abduct and kill you focusing on what s important to young lovers their feelings In that it was From Mistress to Wifey unashamed and sweetMidnight Sun has lost this charm The author said that Midnight Sun started as a character study and apparently it remained just that Everynimportant detail is mentioned because that s how it happened Bella lists her or let s face it Stephenie Meyer s favorite books movies and places to be it reads like a transcript not like a novel Like Edward s diary if he wrote in it 247 not like a story In Twilight Bella somehow managed to only tell the readers things that might interest them skipping over days or even weeks in which Bella gets Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia up in the morning goes to school studies math studies biology eats brushes her teeth you catch my drift Edward does not do that Whatever minute detail happens the reader will know about it Bella brushes her teeth Report Bella falls asleep Report Bella blushes Absolutely make sure the reader knows Edward is conflicted about loving or eating Bella Better think about that for five pages even though the thoughts never change and the metaphors are terribleStephenie Meyer obviously thinks at least narrates a lot like a teenager Nothing wrong with that Nothing wrong with being emotional infatuated a little judgmental at times rash hormone driven However deciding to change her narrator from an actual teenager to a gifted talented moral experienced superintelligent being who doesn t need to sleep or adhere to human rules was clearly too much for her Her Edward is an angsty conflicted self loathing but also self centered English major who creates a lot ofnnecessary drama and a lot of embarrassing metaphors that are only there to hint at Edward having somewhat of an education while never being convincing in the slightestI am amazed that anyone likes it but amazed especially that fans of Twilight like it Their Edward especially sweet loving protective fierce radiant with joy about being with Bella completely disappears in this book is marred by the bitter pessimism of a 100 year old man with the emotional maturity of a teenager I M SO HAPPY I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH TWIHARDS ARE THRIVING IT S EVERYTHING WE NEEDED AND MORE IT S TWICE THE LENGTH OF TWILIGHT AND GIVES US MORE DEPTH TO ALL THE CHARACTERS AND YOU GET TO SEE HOW EDWARD THINKS AND SEES THE WORLD AND YOU KNOW EVERYONE S THOUGHTS AND BACKSTORIES AND AHHHHHEDIT AFTER I READ THE BOOK FULL REVIEWI JUST READ SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY PAGES OF THIRSTY EDWARD CULLEN AND IT WAS MORE THAN WORTH THE TWELVE YEAR WAITI AM SO GLAD THIS BOOK CAME OUT NOW BECAUSE IT S EVERYTHING THE WORLD NEEDED STEPHENIE MEYER WROTE SEVEN BOOKS BETWEEN TWILIGHT AND THE FINAL DRAFT OF MIDNIGHT SUN AND YOU CAN SEE SO CLEARLY HOW WELL HER WRITING HAS DEVELOPED I M SO PROUD OF HER THIS IS THE BEST BOOK EVERLET S TALK ABOUT MY ELATION WHEN THIS BOOK WAS ANNOUNCED I WEPT I TWEETED SO MUCH I TEXTED ALL MY TWILIGHTY FRIENDS ECSTATIC I PRE ORDERED THIS BOOK THE MOMENT I COULDRECEIVING THE BOOK MUM SEES MAN WALK UP THE DRIVEWAY SHE HANDS ME A BIG FAT PARCEL I OPEN IT I SCREAM I JUMP ABOUT I TAKE PHOTOS I SCREAM SOME MORE I START READING I SCREAMIT WAS INCREDIBLE SEEING ALL THESE ICONIC LINES ALL OVER AGAIN I NEEDED THIS SO MUCHUNLIKE FFTY SHDES F GRY THE ALTERNATE POV OF THIS STORY HOLDS SO MUCH IMPORTANCE THERE WERE SO MANY TIMES EDWARD WAS AWAY AND WE SO DESPERATELY WANTED TO KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING AND THIS BOOK GAVE US THAT SO MANY TIMES WE THOUGHT BELLA WAS ALONE BUT EDWARD WAS THEEEEEEEEEEERE WATCHING OVER HER LIKE THE ANGEL HE ISAT PAGE 161 I WAS YELLING THAT THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I VE EVER READ I DIDN T THINK IT GOT BETTER CHRIST IT GOT BETTERTHIS DEVELOPS EVERY DAMN CHARACTER SO DEEPLY WHEN WE CAN FINALLY HEAR THEIR THOUGHTS IN CONTRAST TO WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAY IT DEVELOPS RELATIONSHIPS LIKE RENEE AND BELLA AND OH MY GOD THE MOTHER #1 bestselling author Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the world of Twilight with this highly anticipated companion the iconic love story of Bella and Edward told from the vampire's point of viewWhen Edward Cullen and Bella Swan met in Twilight an iconic love story was born But Dance With The Devil until now fans have heard only Bella's side of the story At last readers can experience Edward's version in the long awaited companion novel Midnight SunThisnforgettable tale.
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S like conceited jerk but we never knew who he was before Bella yet we are learning now and I want to know I have been waiting for this version We only knew how he was pre Bella so this is very differentIf you were a Twilight fan and felt like there was of a story to tell that it didn t need to just end this will help fill in this void If you are not a Twilight fan you will just hate this book and complain about how horrible it is If you didn t like the first 4 you will in NO WAY like thisAs far as me I loved hearing this story told in Edwards point of view I am a HUGE Twilight fan a 43 year old Twilight fan at that Thank you to Stephanie Meyer for finally finishing and releasing Midnight Sun Twilight Fans you will NOT be disappointed As an old Twilight lover I have long sulked over the never released mystery that was this book but after 12 years it s finally here Strangely the book feels like a somewhat mature read fitting considering how much many of Smitten us have aged now It flows beautifully and keeps the same feeling that was magic within the others Eclipse was always my favourite but after rereading recently and reading this now this takes the cake It s a wonderful accompaniment to the lov Meyer hat in einem Interview mit der NY Times gesagt dass sie sehr lange mit diesem Buch gerungen hatnd leider merkt man es diesem auch an Ja endlich die Perspektive von Edward zu verstehen war durchaus interessant A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel und ist sicherlich f r viele Fans von Twilight sehr befriedigend viele Fragen wurden beantwortetnd man bekam Einblicke in den Charakter die man sich so vielleicht nicht selbst zusammengereimt hatUngl cklicherweise ist die Schreibart des Buches jedoch so schlecht dass sie den Genuss der Geschichte fast 1898 unm glich macht Ja mir ist klar dass man hier nicht die Schreibe einer PD James von Children of Men erwarten kann oder die brillante Erz hlweise der Naomi Novik in Uprooted Aber was hier pr sentiert wird ist derma enngeschliffen dass es man es eher mit einem Shitty First Draft gleichsetzen muss oder vielleicht mit B chern die Self published sind Night of the Werewolf (Choose Your Own Nightmare, und selbst die sind teilweise besser editiert als mit einer Publikation die durch einen etablierten Verleger erfolgtMeyer meinte in ihrem Interview dass sie ihre Fans nicht l nger warten lassen wollte Ganz ehrlich ein paar Monate mehr h tten es auch nicht mehr schlimmer gemachtnd daf r h tten vielleicht ein paar Lektoren dem Buch zumindest auf den Standard der Twilight Reihe verhelfen k nnen Aber die st ndigen Wiederholungen die st ndigen Lay My Burden Down unn tigennd langatmigen Beschreibungen die man viel dynamischer h tte Vérité (Love at Center Court, umsetzen k nnen von einer Autorin die gezeigt hat dass sie die Grundlagen des Romanschreibens drauf hat kann man wohl mehr erwartenStattdessen wurde hier hastig etwas ver ffentlicht was sich aufgrund der Beliebtheit der Original Serie gut verkaufen wird was aber technisch so schlechtmgesetzt ist dass es keine Freude beim Lesen aufkommen l sst SchadeDrei Sterne gibt s noch f r die Story aber auch das ist schon sehr gro z gig Ich habe erst die ersten drei Seiten gelesen aber dieses Buch ist f r jeden Fan von Twilight ein absolutes Muss Am liebsten h tte ich direkt weiter gelesen aber wir warten noch auf die Ankunft des letzten Buches in Beyond the Qumran Community unserem LesekreisWarum dann nur drei Sterne Weil das Buch sch big aussieht Ich wei nicht wie mit B chern in seinen Lagernmgeht aber anscheinend nicht sehr liebevoll Auf der Vorderseite sind Kratzer nd hinten ist sogar Abrieb der Farbe siehe Bild Das Traurige ist bisher waren alle B cher die ich ber bestellt habe in einem hnlichen Zustand All those years ago when parts of this book got leaked and Stephanie said she didn t know if she d ever release it I remember feeling gutted So when this book release was announced I was one happy twilight fan To see the first book from Edwards point of view was just heaven particularly how he struggled at the beginning whether growing fascination he felt for Bella Reading this book was like visiting an old friend It felt good to be back in their #world It s made me want to sit and rewatch all the movies again Great read I couldn t put #It s made me want to sit and rewatch all the movies again Great read I couldn t put down and devoured it like a starved vampire Thank you Stephanie for giving s fans this book and letting Losing Control us venture into this magical world once again. Ld that has captivated millions of readers and bringss an epic novel about the profound pleasures and devastating conseuences of immortal loveAn instant #1 New York Times BestsellerAn instant #1 USA Today BestsellerAn instant #1 Wall Street Journal BestsellerAn instant #1 IndieBound BestsellerApple Audiobook August Must Listens PickPeople do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there TimeA literary phenomenon New York Time. ,