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The Deepest Sin eThis book I love it Every single person should read this book to help them better understand the Word and it s power I loved it I rate this as 5 star because of the content purely on what has been written is from the BibleThe book is a good revelation ofverything that happened by the power of the Holy SpiritA #good guide to veryone willing to know who is the Holy Spirit When I mean veryone I mean veryone #guide to veryone willing to know who is the Holy Spirit When I mean veryone I mean veryone has sight and can read You will be amazed after the read I m so nthralled with this book Loved reading how Holy Spirit is in very book and how He wants to be in very aspect of #Our Lives As Our Teacher Helper Comforter #lives as our Teacher Helper Comforter of love joy peace anointing tc David writing is as inspirational as he is on youTube and EncounterTV too I sow into this ministry in a financial way too so he can get the GOOD NEWS out to the world God bless you David I watched the Author on Sid Roth and I knew straight away he was the real dealHighly anointed bookGreat Author that speaks and writes from the heart filled with the wisdom of God If you want to get intimate with The Holy Spirit get this book and follow the author on YouTube he is so good This book is about The Holy Spirit and where we can ncounter It in The Bible Interesting and very informative book I liked it from the first pages If you believe in God this is a good choice for you The only drawback of this book is that the author is bragging about his power to heal people do miracles tc ven if someone can really do that I think it is inappropriate to write about it All in all it is a book that worth your time Very detailed information about The Holy Spirit and the misconceptions believers haveHelped me I m intrigued by the Holy Spirit because HE is third part of the trinity but yet the neglected m intrigued by the Holy Spirit because HE is third part of the trinity but yet the neglected This book is a a great read on anyone desiring a deeper understanding and relationship with The Holy Spirit Thank you Evangelist Hernandez for writing this book upon the leading and guidance of The Holy Spirit. Tion The different revelations of the Spirit in Scripture reveal His uniue characteristics and how He wants to move in your life• Your Supernatural Identity Learn what it really means to have the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwelling in you• Kingdom Power Discover what it means to partner with the Spirit to release the miracles that Jesus promisedWithin the pages of Scripture untapped reserves of Holy Spirit power are waiting to be released Will you discover them toda. .
I njoyed reading and listening to this book on Audible although some things are hard to get my head around in time I hope to understand and xperience about the Holy Spirit I believe that the holy spirit led me To Your Book Amazing That What I your book Amazing that what I reading was true The only subject of jealousy was that I didn t agree with Jealousy caused so much heartache and sorrow in mine and my families life A jealous greedy wife of my son Andrew money her love My son couldn t see it until it was too late He died at 39 years of age in 2009 He had been an lectronic and Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy electrical transmissionngineer and hadactually been part of the lectronics team who had been chosen from England to go to Athens to support their lectronics team for the world sports He adopted his wives child and had

children and put very need them forgetting himself He was subjected toa spiteful jealous greedy wife who was jealous of how much he cared for his dad and me God mother God has no jealousy living and like myself I have not because I love to see others happy When I went away from home and married my husband we had two baby son s close together Andrew who I lost suddenly from neglect in the NH S I had #myself nursed in loved my friend dearly and I felt no jealousy only so pleased she and #nursed in loved my friend dearly and I felt no jealousy only so pleased she and loved ach other I knew he loved me too I have seen so many mothers jealous of their children when they liked and wanted to be with others and friends Jealousy destroys lives My son took his family to Canada and sold his house was heartbroken when she left him only 4 months after arriving in Canada and came back leaving him to return because of his children And he was Never the same he believed he was taking his wife and children to a new life spitefully and after losing my husband only 18 months prior to our Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival eldest son later in an argument proved what I already knew about her told me after my son died I went out of the way of you Me who had helped her so much and looked after the children There is much Experience new dimensions of the Holy Spirit’s powerDo you desire to know what the Holy Spirit is really like Many Christians hunger for deeper and powerfulncounters with the Holy Spirit but where can these Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, experiences be found The answer lies in the pages of ScriptureIn this groundbreaking work author and healingvangelist David Hernandez takes you on an unforgettable journey to discover and The Fix experience the Spirit’s powerful presence throughout thentire Bible from Genesis to Rev. Uch that is to tell but your xplanation of jealousy is one thing I could not accept I went to a Church and someone said God is a jealous God and wants you To Himself I Objected Immediately himself I objected immediately never went back to that church Easy xplanations of the Holy Spirit and how He is seen in the Bible Good book for those beginning this journey of discovering who and what is this third person of the Trinity and
He plays a role in lives Answers many uestions for me of Him before Pentecost and after when He comes upon the Apostles I thoroughly njoyed this book because it gave me a deeper appreciation for the ministry and ways of the Holy Spirit Conseuently it gave me a deeper appreciation of the divine origin and inspiration of the Holy Scriptures I have never come across a book like this which attempts to illustrate the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit in very book of the Bible The world is saturated with books that illustrate the presence person and Desire in Seven Voices even foreshadowing of Christ in the books of the Bible But here comes a young contemporary Christianvangelist being moved by the Spirit To Write In Detail About write in detail about work person and presence of the Holy Spirit in holy writ This is indeed an awesome work and Evangelist David Diga Hernandez should be applauded for this labor of love in taking the time to write such a tremendous book to bless all those who have faith in the Holy One of Israel and His beloved Son Yeshua I believe that should the Lord tarry much longer this book is destined to become a classic Brilliant bookGonna buy of Brother Hernandez books on the strength of this one This is the best book I have ver read concerning who the Holy Spirit is and what He does His purpose in our lives The 9 aspects of the Holy Spirit is revealed and xplained in The Casa Mono Cookbook every book of the Bible It is written in anasy to read and understand manner Advice given of how to corporate Him into your life Respect and obedience Great reference guide as well There is so much in. ElationScripture offers so much to be discovered than merely a theology of the Holy Spirit and still to be xperienced Trade dry theory for a dynamic relationship as you ncounter the third Person of the Trinity in the pages of very book of the Bible Know the Holy Spirit in a greater depth than ver beforeThis book will help you discover• Hidden MysteriesEven in Old Testament books where there is no direct reference to the Holy Spirit learn to see His presence moving• A Fresh Revela. .

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 Encountering the Holy Spirit in Every Book of the Bible

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