(Lachlans Protégé: A Dark Enemies–to–Lovers Romance) [Ebook/PDF] ☆ V.F. Mason

This is the BEST messed up love story I have ever read in my life Ever This was my first time reading anything by this author so I have no idea if the story is related in any way to her other ones It was so full of twists and turns i literally held of twists and turns I literally held breath a few times and could not believe what I was readingThe love between Lachlan and Valencia is something like a super twisted Romeo and Juliet type of story that you just can t et enough of And in this case our Juliet Valencia has no idea about the family feud She is a

completely innocent pawn 
innocent pawn in Lachlan s web only because of who she is However he does feel something for her in spite of himself and has to force himself to choose between her and revenge And just when he finally thought he won life laughs in his face and shows him how it s doneI seriously loved every moment of this book even the parts that were beyond comprehension messed up The entire story is beautifully written I was so caught up in it that I didn t want it to end And speaking of that the ending was so Class of 92: Out of Our League good It made my heart hurt and it also made me smile Once upon a time an angel and a monster fell in love And both of them paid dearly for itLachlan s Prot was everything I Ve Come To Expect come to expect VF Mason s writing style Gritty sexy and a little bit disturbing Aimed straight at my dark heartCircumstances throw Valencia into the arms of Lachlan or that s what she thought little did she know she was nothing but a means to an end A pawn in a Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story game she had no idea she was playingIt s hard to talk about the plot withoutiving something away and believe me you don t want any spoilers to ruin the experience but I assure She never knew nightmaresUntil she became mine She was a ballerinaHe was a serial killer She ran away from himHe caught herShe Lachlans Protégé: A Dark Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

V.F. Mason Ü 5 Summary

A reason and it wouldn t pretty i loved valencia from the beginning too i loved Valencia from the beginning too I sense this How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead girl who needed to break away ando after her own dreams and the fight she had in here These two they were just so easy to loveI sat down and couldn t stop reading this book I had to keep oing had to know what was oing to happen next I just couldn t stopThere were parts that broke my heart into pieces Probably so because I knew those things are a reality Then there were parts that just melted my heart and made me love the characters Valencia Another ripping book by VF Mason If you like dark romance you will love this one A monster was created through no will of his own Now someone has to pay the price and suffer the pain and torment that lives with Lachlan A beautiful ballerina Valencia who only wants to dance is brought into Lachlan s world Lachlan is so tortured as I read I was on edge the entire time waiting and waiting for him to strike out at her I loved this story V F Mason is unparalleled in her writing This author sure knows how to write a dark twisted soul that even with his darkness he still deserve love Lachlan and Valencia they have a very dark past that I thought that they might not find their HEA But they sure prove that even in darkness you still can find that love that is so big and strong that you are even afraid to believe that it s real Lachlan story was simply perfect I really enjoyed this book 2nd book I ve read by this author It started off slowly and I didn t care for the bouncing back forth in time I understand WHY it was that way but wasn t crazy about it Weird for menot sure if it has a happy ending How can she love hi. Only one of them would winWarning Dark Romance 18 due to sexual content profanity abuse raphic violence and adult subject matt. Ou that what comes next is a dark ripping journey full of twists and turns *That Will Keep You Turning *will keep you turning pagesForgiveness faith and love are the muses that fuel this tale A story about two lonely souls finding love at the wrong time and with the wrong personLachlan s Prot g told from dual povs is the new told from dual POVs is the new and dangerous standalone by VF Mason that will appeal to dark romance lovers The story ended a little bit rushed but that doesn t mean I didn t enjoy it because I really did the author definitely knows how to keep you uessing until the very last page This is my second book of the author and I just love her booksThe blurb tells the outline of the story but the book shows the reason why and tells a rich tale of two interesting charactersOnce I started reading I couldn t stop I had to know how and why It is a book that will keep you on your toes There lots and twist and turns and just when you are sure how you feel about a character everything flips around againThere is action suspense emotions and some ory and sexy scenes I loved Psychopath s Prey I enjoyed Micaden s Madness I loved Callum s Hell Disappointed in this book I found the story boring These books s Madness I loved Callum s Hell Disappointed in this book I found the story boring These books around serial killers I found it easy to become attached to the characters in the previous books The characters in this book were not likable or interesting My recommendation is to skip this one and invest in one of the three I recommended Liked everything fantastic read Lachlan s Protege is a story full of broken people and the monsters that broke themFrom the beginning I loved Lachlan I knew he was dark twisted and a bit deranged but that was okay I knew there was. Egged for mercyHe ave her noneShe was an angelHe was a monster She wanted to escapeHe wanted to destroy herThey were at war And. .