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book is completely incorrect that has *No Info Than A Psychology *info than a psychology article and too eneralized to be helpful If you just discovered yesterday that you may have very mild anxiety this may help you but if you ve suffered for years been to therapy and your looking for new info on handling daily life with anxiety look elsewhere Great segue into Ancestral Voices: Religion and Nationalism in Ireland getting out of your head and into your life Will you find all of the answers here No Why Because they don t exist I had a major panic attack in the midst of reading this By employing some of the suggested techniues I was completely fine the next day Literally like the previous day never happened To be honest I was looking for a bit I m not sure what but Name your anxiety breathe and count you can do this That was essentially my take away Three stars for the info provided and five stars for the tone of the bookit was like a convo I would have with a friend or maybe myself I love love LOVE this book I never read the idea of reading to me is not fun at all but this book was and is fantastic it s so easy to read really funny and relatable It doesn t focus too much on symptoms which a lot of similar books do but justets down to the nitty ritty stuff and tells you techniues that are super useful This book is now my bible would recommend to anyone Especially those ready to tackle anxiety I chose this book as a stepping stone to understand anxiety a bit better and to see if it could explain things Let me be clear this is not a cure Its suggestive material that puts you on the right path I wanted to take at least 1 thing away from this book The 1st I have read in over 10 years I might add I have ended up with a few things to help me move forward. E in your life if the book itself feels like a chore This book is definitely not a chore. ,
Hardcore Self Help Fk Anxiety was written in the style of one
speaking to another complete with and a no nonsense attitude both of which I appreciated immensely Uniue among all the self help books I have read thus far in my life which admittedly isn t many I found Hardcore Self Help Fk *ANXIETY TO BE HELPFUL A DEFINITELY NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL *to be helpful a Definitely not your traditional help book which is exactly why I love it Instead of feeling like you re being doctored or having your head shrunk you feel like you re talking to a friend or fellow mate who also has anxiety and panic attacks Not only does this book help you cope but it also makes you feel like you have someone to talk to I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks or either one I read this book in an evening This is the first book I chose to begin my self help journey after much research and hesitation I d like to think that I already understand my anxiety to a pretty ood level but that doesn t mean that I cope well or manage all the time This book is a really Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays great intermediate for people that need something toet them on their way It s frank and honest approach had me laughing and for a couple of hours anxiety wasn t an enemy any Highly recommend Before choosing up this book I read samples of several other self help books for anxiety but did not feel satisfied enough with their content to purchase them This was in part due to being skeptical about self help books However this book particularly its title resonated with me The humorous but friendly approach and the knowledge that the author is ualified to provide advice on the topic is highly reassuring Although I will be making use of the provided techniues the best part about this book is enjoying the read despite it being about anxiety Tha. Hardcore Self Help Fk Anxiety is for those of us that find the prospect of reading a tra.
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T s the real take home message for me staying positive in the face of anxiety even if it makes you feel rubbish After reading all the positive reviews for this book I was really looking forward to reading it I was completely disappointed Nothing new or profound nor useful Waste of money I am a very analytical thinker To understand something I need to know why its *Happening I Have Debilitating Anxiety And Panic Attacks This Book *I have debilitating anxiety and panic attacks This book super real and easy to read A lot of books et into industry verbiage to the point where you feel lost Now you have anxiety and you feel lost Great The only thing is I wish it was longer It s a simple It ll be okay It doesn t claim to o deep in the psychological science of anxiety and to o deep in the psychological science of anxiety and s fine It helped me come to terms with a recent anxiety diagnosis through hilarious analogies and terrible language and simple coping mechanisms I would definitely recommend it to others dealing with a new diagnosis I listened to this an an audiobookand in the car with my partner it s a very short book so don t expect to be sat up with it for very short book so don t expect to be sat up with it for you can probably et it done in one sitting I loved the tone and down to earth honesty and definitely Betting on Ideas: Wars, Inventions, Inflation got us both nodding and chuckling all the way through I d say it s not hugely life changing it s definitely affirming to hear definitions of particular anxiety types and thought processes but if you are well versed with anxiety and have done your research it s possibly a little simplistic Having said that I would still reccomend it especially for people who don t know much about anxiety and want to support someone who is suffering Let me sum up this entire book breathe When your life is full of constant panic anxiety and worry All you have to do is a little yoga and breathe and your crippling fears willo Ditional self help book to be way too boring How are you supposed to make positive chang. ,

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