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N t think he wouldn t be interested in her How exactly does that work "With No Interest In Reading " no interest in reading movies and no in her How exactly does that work With no interest in reading or movies and no set for her from her parents how could she have possibly known what the tone of a lover is supposed to sound like Like a lot of other reviews say the story was rushed There weren t any periods of time that left ou in suspense and Never Touch the Dinosaurs you almost got answers toour uestions immediately I think my favorite part was when she found a guide to being a convert right in the library and with Asher s age of a century or two he got mad about being told that there was nothing to assist in the process Perhaps he didn t check the library This author has a great voice for telling the story and the plot laid out is exciting however the character development lacks so much that it s frustrating as hell to keep going Starts off like hunger games and the selection which pulls in interest at first but the main character Clara is annoying and doesn t actually have enough interesting things about her to make it believable that anyone wants her to be a convert to them The only people of the crimson fold they introduce in minor depth are Patrick and Beaford and they both don t seem interesting at all I neither hate nor like either of them They re just there The election process is too fast to be believable and Clara is so bland that besides Asher s dresses and style she doesn t give off than an uneducated whiner I wanted to like this book but it s missing at minimum 200 pages of detaildevelopment that shouldn t have been skipped I truly wish the author takes the plot and redevelops it There s so much potential and her writing style is good it s just not enough to keep interest I was completely hooked at the beginning Loved the idea that she d be invited to go to the castle and compete for the prize Especially since the castles was full of vampires Holy cow The build up was perfect the story was great and clean and I like Clara a lotThe only thing that bugged me was Patrick He was described as a man with white hair so instantly I pictured and older man who couldn t be He was described as a man with white hair so instantly I pictured and older man who couldn t be older than 30 wait so a New Ways to Kill Your Mother: Writers and Their Families young ish old ish man who becomes the love interest to Clara What She s not even in her twentieset and she s being picked by this 30 ear old white haired guy who hasn t even talked to her aside from a few polite words And all of a sudden she s the top choice and he wants to be with her forever Say what That was the only thing I was rooting for Asher to be honest Oh wel. Nt lieIf I refuse to go my family will be shunned If I go my life and my body will no longer be mine Itll be theirsAt midnight it will be over At Midnight Ill be hi. ,
Great imagination and her books never disappoint me Can t wait to see what happens It s a good read with an eerily similar story to other famous reads It feels rushed to me but that also means that there s no filler if that s a concern However I felt the story could ve slowed uite a bit with SOME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THAT WOULD HELP TO DISTINGUISH IT character development that would help to distinguish it other VERY FAMILIAR STORY LINES OVERALL I ENJOYED THE BOOK familiar story lines Overall I enjoyed the book will read the next one and hope that it s a bit invested Erin Bedford has written a wonderfully twisted fairy tale based on Cinderella for teens and older readers The main character was great she remained true to herself throughout the book and I really enjoyed the fairy godmother and the girls I would have liked a longer book with info on the main players but that would probably have ruined a lot of the suspense it is the first in a series so there should be in the next book and mostly being in the present made it very hard to put down Thanks Erin and could ou please get the next book out as soon as possible so I can find out This fairy tale has no happy endingsOnly dark beginningsCinderella meets The Selection meets The Hunger Games with a wicked and twisted twist that will leave Tutoring Dallas you dangerously addictedWhat a knock out and stunning read This is definitely notour average fairy tale read This is retelling will hook The Life And Adventures of John Nicol Mariner you and takeou out of La deshumanización del arte your comfort zoneI just can t I honestly have no words for this bookjust read itnowFull of mystery secrets games balls vampires fear and a hint of romancePerfect for readers of dystopian fairy tale retellings Like the headline says I did finish the book I was initially intrigued by the story line but it uickly turned to garbage I felt that she doesn t really know who her characters are as her main character Clara flip flops on her stance throughout the book There was also no character development Besides a short description during the introduction of a characterou would not have been able to tell the difference between one person and the next Plot holes grammatical errors and abhorrent timingcliches ran rampant Just some examples Right after the initial assessment which involved a complete rip off of a scene from the hunger games she says I ve been told I get mean when I m tired but had not et exhibited this behavior Literally the next thing that comes out of her mouth is in a snippy tone And somehow Clara had not thought about Marsha as a love interest but had always thought he was attractive and did. Nt control That is until the invitations are sent outI never dreamed Id be selected They tell me its a privilege I should be honored But the fear in their eyes does.

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Until Midnight: A Dystopian Fairy Tale (The Crimson Fold Book 1)A great hybrid of Cinderella and Hunger Games Loved it so much and finished it within a few days I cannot wait and finished it within a few days I cannot wait the next novel Love Erin Bedford She is a brilliant author and I love reading everything she writes Her characters and world building drags ou in and holds اصطلاحات الصوفية ويليه رشح الزلال في شرح الألفاظ المتداولة بين أرباب الأذواق والأحوال you and her storytelling wrapsou up and doesn t let The Sceptics of the Old Testament you go She is amazing You laugh andou cry and Reinventing the CFO How Financial Managers Can Transform Their Roles and Add Greater Value your heart melts and breaks in all the feels that she leavesou with I m so glad I took the recommendation in a readers group to pick up her books I Haven T Regretted haven t regretted it and I have read everything she has written If Violin Fingering It's Theory and Practice Da Capo Press music reprint series you are a fan of The Selection series by Kiera Cass and love a good Cinderella vibed story with a darkish twist then this is the book forouUntil Midnight starts off with a poor girl who has recently moved into a new circle which is higher up in society She is chosen for The Party and what entails after this is a story Anxiety Between Desire and the Body you need to readThe FMC Clara has grown up working hard to survive and has a no BS attitude So she is the shock of the party when she doesn t hold back her opinions and kicks off her heelsClara is relatable because she stands up for the impoverished and the injustice in her worldThere were a few grammatical errors but only once did I have to re read a sentence to make sense of itThe twist at the end actually got me it was subtle and kind of just slips in which had me going what the I did not see that comingOverall this book sets up a great foundation for the series and I can t wait to see what Clara chooses to do in book 2 I really enjoyed this and I am looking forward to the next one The main character is very likeable and has a wonderful sense of social responsibility Overall good book to read was easy ngl didn t excite me too much as soon as I got through half the book as it went on a slow slope downwards after but it was still pleasant enough just not enough drama or sass for my liking good concept just needed a bit pazazz but again just personal taste From the first page until the end we are taken on a ride through a society that has skewed its values and turned upside down Lead by the elite and gought over by the poor chances for social mobility are few Clara is one who uestions and the one who s eyes we see everything through My only disappointment is that this is not a complete story of itself Will need to wait until book 2 to find out what happens next I enjoy a story that makesou think and Clara s story does just that Erin Bedford has This fairy tale has no happy endings only dark beginnings They call them the Crimson Fold High up in their castle they look down on my little world and wield a sile.