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Hological problems such as childhood or wartime traumas I would personally want of such information hence this book is a good starting material for those interested in the use of psychedelic substances in medicine though further reading and research especially personal is reuired to further deepen the knowledge on the potential uses of such substances for personal is reuired to further deepen the knowledge on the potential uses of such substances for better well being of mankind This is a brilliant book the title says it all and it does really have all you need to know about the subject matter I am well happy with this buy a balanced and informative guide to the subject Im happy to have found this book Very informative The first copy I had of this book was in 1988 It is an xcellent discovery of the truth of psychedelics It gives social history shamnic relevance and uses of these mystic substances Very informative and should be read by anyone using these substances. Effects of LSD marijuana mescaline and other dru.

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Unlike many of the books written on this subject Psychedelics is objectively written with louence precision This Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival extremely well researched well put togetherxamination of psychoactive chemicals is is objectively written with Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, elouence and precision Thisxtremely well researched well put together The Fix examination of psychoactive chemicals is used as a source of research Peter Stafford has undoubtedlystablished himself as an authority on this topic This book however has its drawbacks This is by no means an asy read Though his writing is both cohesive and flowing this book should not be read as a novel Much like other reference books it has been formatted into sections and with the help of his xtensive index it becomes very manageable Stafford has out done himself in getting the reader through the scientific jargon and gives thorough xplanations and Definitions The Text Is Accompanied By Detailed The text is accompanied by detailed and diagrams that Stafford makes asily understandable through captioned xplanations Ov. Traces the history of the use of hallucinogenic Erall this book comes highly recommended from me and in my opinion has rightfully assumed its place among the most informative pieces written on the subject This book is perfect in very way there is no drug war propaganda it is pure facts xperience and knowlege If Psychedellics interest you then you absolutly must have this book otherwise you really have no idea what you are missing A good general book concerning various psychoactive chemical substances it is a good starting material to deepen one s knowledge on the subject of psychedelics specially the use of such substances in psychiatry Despite the book contains A Certain Amount Of Scientific Knowledge Concerning certain amount of scientific knowledge concerning chemistry of psychedelic substances and their potential use in medicine and how such substances proved to cure certain medical conditions such as headaches pains psoriasis and various others and various psyc. Rugs and discusses the psychological and physical.
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Psychedelics Encyclopedia: Third Edition