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Les Innocents gAood read well written and interesting Sad and angering at times when considering how these women were forced to live in such hardship considering how these women were forced to live in such hardship the conditions t I read Shattered Dreams by Susan Ray s former sister wife Irene Spencer and was interested to read an alternative perspective on the same family It was especially interesting to et another perspective on Irene and on their shared husband Verlan LeBaron although having said that I think this book to be not as well written or humorous as Shattered Dreams Susan Ray also admits that there are times she condenses stories making you uestion the reliability However if you find polygamy interesting and want a book that ives the perspective of a child bride this book may well be interesting to you but I m afriad it won t be a regular on my re read list This book was so well written This book covers so much detail from start to finish I have a hard time understanding how a young irl could be in love with an older man as she was And the thought of sharing a man with so many other women is just ross But if that s all you Know Than It Is What than it is what is Really interesting story Excellent book I saw Susan Ray Schmidt on Rachael Ray one day and thought that seems like an interesting story I dont have a ton of time to read as I have a toddler but once I opened the have a ton of time to read as I have a toddler but once I opened the and began reading I had a hard time putting it down I found myself reading at every second I had to spare I havent read a book that had me so interested in continuing to read like this one before I was so ignorant as to what people in polygamous relationships The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States go through Lots of hardships in that type of relationship Susan Ray is an amazing woman in my opinion and Iive her all the credit I would highly recommend this book to anyone The only downfall in my opinion is the lack of pictures She has some pictures in the book but a picture of all the wives other than the front cover would have been nice I have searched online about this particular colony but there is not much to find When I was done with this book A RIVETING MEMOIR OF LIFE INSIDE ONE OF NORTH AMERICASMOST NOTORIOUS POLYGAMOUS CULTS She had no choice in the matternone of the irls did Her mission was to ive birth to and raise many children in devoted service to a shared husband Susan was fifteen years old when she became the sixth wife of Verlan LeBaron one of the leaders of a rogue Mormon cult who was engaged in a blood feud with his brot.

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Favorite Wife: Escape from PolygamyRead about he seemed like he was Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth genuinely aood person trying to do the right things That isn t to say that polygamy is acceptable and I would never condone it God doesn t want us to live that wayHowever I believe that he lived this lifestyle because he believed that it was necessary for celestial lory I noticed some reviews mentioned that compared to others Susan s escape was easy There is certainly to escaping than the physical There are also psychological chains that can make leaving any abusive situation extremely difficult And despite how difficult I think it was I think it could have been worse had susan been married tosayervilwho might had Susan married tosayErvilwho might have her blood atoned for leavingIn a nutshell wonderful book very much worth reading Well written and interesting Fantastically well written with vivid details that make it one of the best retellings I ve ever read I really enjoyed this bookit was so interesting to see the relationships between the wives and how their different personalities dealt with their rules of their lifestyleSome very sad parts too of courseI would definitly reccomend this book I ve also read Shattered Dreams My Life as a Polygamist s Wife her sister wife and together they really detail the Le Baron s polygamy and what happens when faith takes over reasonAside from all of that the book is amazing if only while we peek in at the day to day lives of these over worked under loved sacrificing women who along with poverty must cope with jealousy doubt lack of medical attention and the male dominated world of what is the original LDS faithThis book along with several others including Escape and Stolen Innocence My Story of Growing Up in a Polygamous Sect Becoming a Teenage Bride and Breaking Free of Warren Jeffs ive a very Clear Picture Of Just What picture of just what life means for the wives children and husbands who still follow Joseph Smith s original teachings and still live by section 132 of the LDS Doctrine and Covenants book the Mormon Church s LDS Sacred Texts the Book of Mormon the Doctrine and Covenant. Circumstances and the tough choices that are sometimes painfully necessary to preserve human dignitySusan Ray Schmidt was once a member of the Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times and the child bride of polygamist Verlan LeBaron in Colonia LeBaron in Mexico After eight years of marriage she left her husband and fled with her five children back to America She remarried three years late. .

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Irene Spencer sister wife wrote a book as well called Shattered Dreams My life as a Polygamist s Wife so I scooped it up immediately I have started the book and its reat as well however Favorite Wife is a better read in my opinion I now have about 4 people lined up to read Favorite Wife As I Could Hardly Stop Talking About It I as I could hardly stop talking about it I a hard time putting this book down Schmidt s introduction rabbed Me Right Away The right away The of her life was an emotional journey She had to row up uickly in a world that seemed to come from a history text I often thought I was reading a work of fiction instead of the truth I commend Schmidt for being brave enough to tell her story A reat read This review may contain spoilersI want to preface my review by saying that I have read several stories of individuals who have escaped polygamy I think it is important to acknowledge that each of these individuals possessed Hello, Snow! great courage and strength Each had his or her own uniue journey suffering various types of abuses and trauma No story is better than anotherThat being saidI very much appreciated this book Of those I have read it really tugged at my heart and it s one that I won t soon forget This book tells the story of Susan s life as a child in Colonia LeBaron in Mexico as well as her marriage and married life after marrying Verlan LeBaron Susanoes from her parents loving home to trying to navigate the complex dynamics of the polygamous lifestyle I felt what she felt in recounting her experiences There were several times when reading this book I cried There were also times when I was upset and outraged that any woman especially a very young woman actually a child would be subjected to all that Susan was Her story is enlightening her bravery in choosing another lifestyle for herself and her children is inspiringI found myself really wanting to dislike Susan s husband Verlan However I couldn t do it Compared to some of the other men within various polygamy A Little Dinner Before the Play groups that I have. Her that from 1972 to 1988 claimed up to two dozen lives In thisripping and elouent book Susan Ray Schmidt tells the story of rowing up on the inside and of her ultimate escape with her children from an oppressive and violent life Delvingdeeply into this mysterious underworld than any previous work Favorite Wife is a powerful account of the affairs of the heart coming of age under exceptional. ,