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Reckless: My Life as a Pretender iShe s done a great job ofncorporating normal ngredients but we still made a fun trip to the local asian grocer for some uniue ngredients We ve cooked about 15 recipes from the book and zero complaints so far Happy to finally be eating adventurous veg meals This Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is my favorite cookbook for simple flavorful meals And by the way the recipes are vegetarian Beautiful pictures Lay flat binding which means when you open the book to a paget friggin stays open As t should be for all cookbooks but all to often s not All the rec This s another all to often s not All the rec This s another book from Meera Sodha My husband and I are not vegetarian but trying to cut back on meat like many others Meera s recipes are straightforward healthy and DELICIOUS We don t miss the "meat at all So far we ve made the Sweet Potato and " at all So far we ve made the Sweet Potato and Bibimbap twice because t was so good and also the Amritsari pomegranate chickpeas which we served with some roasted chicken pieces but were absolutely delicious Bulls and Burglars in their own right I could eat from this book every night of the week and never get bored I already owned Meera Sodha s Fresh India and lovedt So getting East was an absolute no brainer And I m so glad I did It s so great to have a cookbook full of diverse recipes from throughout Asia that I can cook without having to worry about finding replacements for meatfish based Rambles Around Folkestone: And Other Special Articles (Classic Reprint) ingredients As always Meera Sodha gives greatnstructions writes n the loveliest way sharing stories which make the recipes all the appealing Excellent book I love to cook and generally spend a lot of time figuring dishes that will work for me best things about this book1 I have made 6 different recipes all have appropriate levels of techniue and spice2 I was able to Make Recipes Under 1hr Start recipes under 1hr start finish note about myself I have cooked for awhile but I believe even f you haven t you will be able to use this book3 Excellent mix of flavors for vegetarianvegan folksOverall excellent One note Stevie ingredients do need to be found so that might be the only complicated part but I liven the Bay Area so t sn t an ssue I ve been using this cookbook now for about a month and have made at least 10 recipes It s fantastic I m a pretty competent 60 year old cook and mostly vegetarian and love both Asian and Indian food and not afraid of spice Her combinations both of spicing and of ngredients are spot on and I have really done no moderations to proportions of any kind When she says serves 4 t s right on When she says 1 Tablespoon again yes perfect I do a lot of cooking and tasting of my food and always make note. THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER AND BOOK OF THE YEAR'Enticing Moving into Meditation: A 12-Week Mindfulness Program for Yoga Practitioners inviting and delicious Vegan and vegetarian dishes that are hard to resist and why should you' YOTAM OTTOLENGHIModern vibrant easy to make food Easts a must have whether you're vegan vegetarian or simply want to eat delicious meat free foodDrawing from her 'New Vegan' Guardian column Meera Sodha's collection features brand new recipes nspired by Asian cuisine from India to Indonesia Si.

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For the US version to come out because of how much I love Meera Sodha s style of food and cookbook writing She has an easy honest style that shines through n the headnotes and she somehow makes exactly the food my family and I want to eat The recipes are ent I m vegan and t s a very rare thing for me to buy a non vegan cookbook But I got this out of the "library and t was really fantastic so I bought a copy Here s "and Keep Smiling Through it was really fantastic so I bought a copy Here s I ve made so far carmelized fennel and carrot salad with mung beans and herbs rutabaga laksa ben ben noodles peanut butter and broccolini pad thai mouth numbing noodles with chili oil and red cabbage white miso raman with tofu and asparagus clay pot noodles with beets and smoked tofu shitake pho with crispy leeks udon noodles with red cabbage and cauliflower food court singapore noodles honey soy and ginger braised tofu I used agave syrup chile tofu spring vegetable bun cha mashed potato paratha and black dal Everything was good almost everything was extremely good There are still many recipes that I want to try but I ve think I tried enough to write annformed reviewThe book Strange Travelers: New Selected Stories is beautiful very high uality with pictures for almost every recipeSome recipes call for specializedngredients I Started With The started with the that didn t and I was so enthused by the results that I started picking up the Miss Darby's Duenna ingredients I d need to make the othersSomeone commented below that you have to convert from metricn order to make the recipes but that Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses for Every Type of Body isn t true at least with the version of the book I receivedn the USHighly recommended I was a fan of Meera Sodha before I bought this book and I ve been uietly raving about Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice it to friends sincet s purchase The recipes are really easy to scale up I sometimes cook for 12 people or down mostly t s just me The ngredients are mostly not that hard to track down a large supermarket will do nicely and suggested substitutes are given I ve found t so easy to use the recipes as a springboard and build on them as well as cooking the original At a time when we know eating less meat and dairy has a positive mpact on the climate these recipes really liven up both plate and palate In general they are uick to prepare and cook always a bonus If you want to extend your repertoire beyond tofu or even The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied: April–September 1833 increase your range of what to cook with the stuff recommend the Bahn Mi this will soon turn out to be your go to cookbook Can t wait to get cooking Realistic lists ofngredients I hate recipe books that reuire you to use 48 different tems to make one meal Beautiful photos and great nstructions. D sweets all practical and surprisingly easy to make and bursting with exciting flavours 'Meera can take a packet of noodles some peanut butter and a hunk of tofu and work magic East s the vegetable book for people who aren't vegetarian A joy I want to cook every dish' DIANA HENRY'Fabulous' NIGELLA LAWSON'She has a seemingly magic ability to tell you exactly the detail you need to make a dish sing This book s a godsend' BEE WILSON SUNDAY TIMES. S Barely 1 recipe here that would get under 5 stars from me Fabulous book One caveat from the description I had the Mr. Monk and the New Lieutenant idea that these would all be FAST recipes to make That s not really the case with most They aren t hours long laborntensive but do plan to spend most of an hour with prep and cook for most of these I cook for a large crowd of old and young mostly vegans I have made almost everything No Will of My Own: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity Personhood in this marvelous cookbook Without fail the recipes are delicious beautiful and easy to make So many recipesncluding the Bombay Rolls SUMMER PILAU NAPA CABBAGE OKONOMIYAKI AND FOOD COURT SINGAPORE Pilau Napa Cabbage Okonomiyaki and Food Court Singapore have Become Staples I Return To staples I return to and again I have at least a hundred vegan cookbooks and I would trade them all Armagnac: The Definitive Guide To France's Premier Brandy in for this one I felln love with Meera Sodha with her India and Fresh India cookbooks but with this one she has created a masterpiece I have given many copies away to friends and family My copy s already looking so well loved I may need to buy myself another copy Thank you Meera for bringing us flavorful bright fun and delicious food for the whole family The accessibility of these recipes s what delights me not a massive shopping expedition brought us all the major components of some truly lovely meals and Meera presents them Bullwinkle and Rocky in a straightforward way I would happily recommend this book for experienced cooks but also for beginners people starting out as veggies or vegans people starting out cooking beyond their usual tastes and techniues I just received this book yesterday so I haven t cooked anything fromt yet but I did want to let future purchasers know that the version being sold by right now Kamus Bahasa Indonesia is the UK version If you re not comfortable converting grams to cups or know that an aubergines an eggplant or mangetout are snow peas "You May Want To Wait To See "may want to wait to see a US version comes out That being said I have Meera Sodha s other two cookbooks and cook from them all the time I couldn t wait to order this one She has a gift for taking recipes that might seem Pandora Gets Lazy intimidating and making them approachable fresh and absolutely delicious We are not vegetarian or vegan but do try to eat a primarily plant based diet I gave this book a fast perusal last night and the pictures were beautiful the writing style the same warm generous spirit I love about her other books Every recipe looked like something I would love to try ranging from Indian to Thai to Korean I m really looking forward to cooking from this book As a previous reviewer mentioned thiss the UK version of the book But I didn t have the patience to wait. Ngapore to Japan by way of China Thailand and VietnamWith 120 practical and mouth watering recipes learn how to make ROASTED PANEER ALOO GOBI for a uick Monday night dinner CARAMELIZED ONION AND CHILLI RAMEN straight from the store cupboard THE SODAH FAMILY MASALA OMELETTE to serve up a home made brunch SALTED MISO BROWNIES as a sweet treatThere are seasonal specialities warming noodles and curries tofu and rice dishes as well as salads sides an. .
 East: 120 Vegetarian and Vegan recipes from Bangalore to Beijing

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