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Ars later a burning example of the Christian life I recommend "this book to all children of God but especially to that child who seeks a fuller fellowship with Jesus Christ From "book to all children of God but especially to that child who seeks a fuller fellowship with Jesus Christ From Taylor s letters and journal Written by his son Really gives simple how "it s of his secret a scripture comes "s of his secret A Scripture comes mindto cease striving Hudson found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to live the Christian life by self effort When He yielded and surrendered and became aware of God s presence he has divine power to do what the Bible says we are to doSee also the CD set for the 60 Day Challenge by Dennis Clark of Kingdom Life church This book about one of the modern heroes of the Christian faith should probably be unofficial reuired reading for all Christians Before I read it I had heard about Hudson Taylor many times but had never taken the time to read about the man and his mission This book was penned by his son and daughter in law in 1932 and the literary language of the times is uite evident throughout the book Many direct uotes by Mr Taylor himself were included which had even uaintly archaic language which is why I gave the book four rather than five stars At times I had to push myself to get past the distinctly old fashioned literary style but having read mostly from the KJV Bible I was helped in that regard I did find myself at times longing for a contemporary writing style but the story was so strong and compelling I found myself turning the pages nonetheless I think any attempt to modernize this particular
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the first ve read of the many available on Hudson Taylor and the CIM would actually detract from its sense of immediacy of being very close to Hudson Taylor himself I recommend the book to any Christian who wants to learn about the remarkable faith of a deservedly famous historical missionary as told by his son and containing many personal uotes by Hudson Taylor himself I read this book first as recommended by Warren W Wiersbe in his book Living With the Giants. R said Fruit bearing involves cross bearing There are not two Christsan easygoing one for easygoing Christians and a suffering toiling one for exceptional believers There is only one Christ Are you willing to abide in Him and thus to bear much fruitNow with a new foreword by George Verwer.

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Y inspired by a longer version by the same authors of the same biography in the past I advise the reader to note the warning implicit in the expression Mass Market Paperback Hudson Taylor remains in my estimation a spiritual giant and an adult version of his story needs pages than this "edition supplies a wonderful story of the faith "supplies A wonderful story of the faith Hudson Taylor in reaching China as a missionary in the mid 1800 s He relied on prayer to provide his financial resources for the mission Rarely in the world s history has such great faith existed in a single man Few today place such trust in the Sovereign God of the universeAlthough in an earlier style of writing it is an easy read for anyone accustomed to reading the Holy Bible in a version such as the NKJV Excellent and inspiring story of Hudson Taylor whose secret was prayer At 21 he left for China with little backing and uickly learned to read and speak the language no small task Similar to the Apostle Paul who took the gospel to Europe Hudson was driven to reach all of China His inland Mission continues today Through the years Hudson suffered severe depression possibly due to his family hardships I note this problem is similar to those who embark such missions and also be a caring father Livingstone in his African mission is another such exampleThis book is definitely worth reading Lynn Berntson I was reuired to read this as part of a biblical missions class I took and wow Its a heart warming tale of an ordinary man who made himself wholly available to God "with dramatic examples of God s supernatural provision and direction Its a direct challenge to Christians to give themselves wholly to "dramatic examples of God s supernatural provision and direction Its a direct challenge to Christians to give themselves wholly to and share in the great adventure of the Great Commission This Work By HT S Son Brought To Light The Means by HT s son brought to light the means the success of the subject s ministry to China Having read it I now have a stronger desire to pray believing God is sufficient for all my needs Hudson Taylor s life of reliance on God is still over a hundred ye. Truly would fuflillall He promises in Scripture For Christians longing for the inward joy and power that Hudson Taylor had they can find the secret to it hereThe secret it turns out is available to any who call on Christ's nameAn easy non self denying life will never be one of power Taylo. Lots to learn from the life "of this famous missionary I m glad he finally came to understating of the gospel later on "this famous missionary I m glad he finally came to understating of the gospel later on life and stopped being performance centred as in his early days After several chapters that held my general interest the chapter The exchanged life showed me that there is a greater and deeper walk available for every Christian who will but ask seek and nock Hudson Taylor represents a genuine New Testament Christian I have only met two of these and I want to be one There are plenty of other helpful reviews on the content of this book of which I have little to add other than my agreement with their positive comments However there s very little in the way of reviews of the Kindle version of this book which I thought I would now addTwo things to say about the Kindle editi Hudson Taylor set the example for missionary work Don t just go to a foreign place learn the culture and language and adapt to it without sacrificing one s principles Don t be a condescending foreigner who thinks heshe nows than the locals Don t be set apart but live among the people Dress like "Them Eat Their Food "eat their food at home in their country I read this book in seminary than became an Army Chaplain putting these principles to work in the military Besides this Taylor s life was one devoted to Christ and for simply an inspirational read this is an excellent book It is a classic A great read and on I got it second hand for such a low price plus postage of course It is written in an easy to read fashion and IS VERY INTERESTING WHAT A CHALLENGING LIFE HUDSON TAYLOR very interesting What a challenging life Hudson Taylor yet the Lord was with him I am a great fan of both James Hudson Taylor and his official authors Dr Mrs Howard Taylor However I found this edition frustrating and disappointing It is not made apparent on the covers or the publisher pages that this is a very cut down version of the original biography Inside the story though the omissions become evident eg in the footnote on page 118 Having been hugel. A spiritual biography of the father of modern missionsHudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret poses one uestion What empowered Hudson Taylor's ministry in ChinaThe answer is unfolded in these pages Written by Taylor's son and daughter in law itshows us a man withfierce faithwhobelieved that God. Hudson Taylors Spiritual Secret (Moody Classics)