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It was ust what was needed for the practices being done Excellent Excellent book by a leading expert As always the frustrating thing is that if you do not have the face to face interaction with a real life instructor this book is not going to help you very much as a swordsman Really difficult to find good instructors in the UK unless you live in London If you cant find someone to teach you don t buy this book I am new to long sword and was looking for a book to complement my practice at a local club I was referred to this by one of my colleagues and I can say with confidence I was not disappointedNot only is this book written so that a complete notice can pick up a sword and practice with the proper euipment of course it also gives historical background and citations for its assertions Another feature that I am most impressed by is that revisions made since the first edition have been left for all to see with footnotes to explain where changes have been made I have not seen this level of transparency and detail outside of a white paperWhether you are new to longsword or looking to sharpen your skills I cannot recommend this book enough The broadsword in s good place to start for anyone interested in learning Historic Swordsmanship This book is well written for those who want to learn the basics I personally found many new drills and new ways to teach my studentsPersonally I have been in the martial arts for over 20 years and have been doing Western Martial Arts for about

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and I liked this book It is always good to return to the basics and make sure they are solidI would recomend this book to anyone who is starting or thinking about getting into Historic Swordsmanship also and well euiped sword library should have this book It was a Swordsmanship also and well euiped sword library should have this book It was a interesting book It discusses a great deal about sword fighting theory Also it introduces one to common terms and some simple techniues You will not learn to sword fight with this book Yet it will certainly point you in the right direction for learning It s a good place to start most especially if you are new to martial arts of any kind or swordsmanship I have been practicing the longsword for about two years but in the GermanLiechtenauer way and I found this to be an enlightening book Some of it directly applicable to my practice and some maybe not I ll have to read and train from the book a lot before really knowing It s also interesting to see how the Italians were doing thingsA minor uibble tho. A complete beginners guide to training in medieval Italian longsword This book covers everything from choosing a sword to warming up to fencing Full of. ,



 The Swordsman's CompanionOngsword after I had read it than I did before I began It is book I expect to continue to refer to for several years while I learn how to use a longsword A helpful honest guide that i found to be well written and practical This is definitely a great book to use as a reference as you advance in the I have a small collection of fencing books although my primary interest is in the modern XIX century of the sword and I do not see me swinging a long sword anytime soon I found this book very interesting I was thinking of returning it because of a small problem with the formating it did not go to the notes because the button was inoperative but I found it so interesting that I decided to keep it regardless I find that the author writes in a user friendly way that is very clear any one can see that that he LOVES the sword I also bought Veni Vadi Vici and in paperback at considerable expense because I am in Caracas at the moment the Duellist s Companion The author also has a lot of very good free material in internet please see FARFALLE DI FERRO in YouTube If you love the sword give this book a try I can assure you that you will not be disappointed Finally as a practitioner of Tai Chi I can say with shame that for a long time I was ignorant of the cornucopia of riches that we have in the western martial arts if nothing else this book will show you that THE WESTERN MARTIAL ARTS ARE FANTASTICPeter Right smack in the introduction Mr Windsor ustifies every further second of time you will spend reading and learning from the rest of this book He discusses the three types of swordsman the competitior the technician and the spiritualist He s taught long enough to know how these types of students progress That knowledge alone is worth the price of admissionMr Windsor has published a second edition of this book as well Choose either one You re in good hands As with most things there is always a but This book s but is that the images are of poor uality in the Kindle version regardless of the viewing device as I have the Kindle app on my smartphone tablet and a desktop PC that is a 3 month old graphical design and gaming powerhouse rig The images do not allow the reader to zoom in and visually interpret what the author is describingOther than the issue regarding the images the book is exactly what I was anticipating in an instruction manual for the novice swordsman with terminology a foundation in its history exercises advice and detailed instruction. Largely superceded byThe Medieval Longsword which came out in 2014 but it is unsurpassed as a general guide to how and why you should train swordsmanshi. Ugh The pictures were way too small to be useful on my phone Probably not a problem in the printed version or with a properly sized screen and maybe there s some way to enlarge the pictures that I haven t found My first experience with Mr Windsor was during the 2011 Vancouver International Sword Symposium Although I did not have the good sense at the time to attend any of his lessons I was at the time *AND LARGELY STILL AM VERY NOVICE I WAS IMPRESSED *largely still am very novice I was impressed the snippets that I had over heard Later during the event I had the opportunity to witness Mr Windsor demonstrate his knowledge of the art first hand Needless to say I was very impressed Which lead me to uestion the approach to some of my previous teachingsAlmost immediately after the event I picked up a copy of the author s Duelist s Companion another first class manual for beginners however waited WHAT SEEMED LIKE AN ETERNITY AS THE SWORDSMAN S seemed like an eternity as the Swordsman s As it was sold out at the timeHaving come recently back in stock and receiving the manual I was not disappointed As with his other work I have found both manuals to be very thorough and detailed I find the recommended exorcises and incorporation of fitness extremely valuable Most importantly though I have enjoyed the objective based approach and candid writing styles Compared to other training manuals I have read I would say Mr WIndsor s are the best available in the market Or at the very least appeals the most to my own personal beliefs and tastesI would strongly recommend this work for any one who does not only want best in class knowledge of working swordsmanship however people who also want to develop the physical ability to properly and effectively execute Mr Windsor s interpretations In the past I have paid drastically for less valuable information I have also paid drastically less for less valuable information For the price of this manual I consider it a must have for any swordsman While you can t learn longsword techniue from a book you can learn about longsword techniue from a book Having been left mystified and confused by Liechtenauer Dobringer Ringeck Pseudo von Danzig Meyer Sutor dei Liberi and many others I found clear comprehensible explanations and illustrations in this book It offers instruction in the use of the longsword in plain modern english though based largely on the italian tradition It is intended for the newcomer to the study of the longsword and I found this book extremely useful I actually felt I knew about the Set drills and clear descriptions this book has been the standard work on the subject since it first came out in 2004 As a technical manual it has been.