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This is a brilliant book and the clarity makes it ideal for someone who has pretty much never heard of subtext Rather than adult writers I d recommend it as excellent for high school or entry level college students the ones who have no idea that anything is oing on beneath the surface in books plays and films Every student I ve ever met would benefit from this book Each chapter is followed by a list of prompts or interrogations for

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your own writing so could use this as a class textThis is very readable with reat examples of subtext in films from classic to contemporary in all kinds of enres from Remains of the Day to Avatar Casablanca to Airplane a personal fave Seger breaks the subtext down fully and clearly supported by the script and director s notes and shows the reader how and why to pay attention to the choice of language or action While there is uite a lot in this book in helping writers to understand the mechanics of subtext not just the meanings beneath the words but what informs the text ie the implicit meaning most of this book focuses on subtext from films Double Indemnity The Big Short Cheers Ordinary People etc So if you are a screen writer or playwright I think you ll be happy to learn about the uses and methods on how subtext motivates communicates and can present scene conflict and tension I m a writer of novels and short stories so I was disappointed expecting this book to also address novel writing It doesn t But there is a lot here to et you thinking and examining about character motivation and plot driven stories Seger says subtext makes us ask why I did like how she explains the psychology beneath subtext what s true what s evasive certainty vs uncertainty conscious and subconscious subtext Very helpful A Good Book About SubtextA very #on the nose book about subtext My largest complaint is that the writer merges subtext in #the nose book about subtext My largest complaint is that the writer merges subtext in with subtext in writing While writing screenplays and writing novels are similar eg the writing the author really should write two different books Lots of this book was useless information to me Now I want to re read everything just to look for subtext and savor the writer s skill when I find it Much of my fiction reading lately has clearly been too on the nose and not up par with the classics I read when I was younger It is like a retell of something you clearly know and see and at the same time keep forgetting This book feels like watching a movie for the second time noticing something you have already seen but haven t uite und. Partly a how to book partly an exploration of this important topic Writing Subtext explores all the underlying meanings that. Writing SubtextOn of course rain and lightning in horror movies upbeat music in comedies cliche sunset beach walk in romance Also enres have their own subtext If a house burns in a comedy comedies cliche sunset beach walk in romance Also enres have their own subtext If a house burns in a comedy laugh because he was so stupid and forget to turn off the oven This book was so helpful in helping me understand and use subtext One reat benefit was a specific example she used that clarifies great benefit was a specific example she used that clarifies revision to the first chapter of my work in progress People have uestioned if I started in the right spot but with the theme and first paragraph I ve been struggling over #It Is The Perfect Spot #is the perfect spot will be reading this book again and again And praying I can learn all these techniues fingerscrossed With so many books available covering the basics of writing eg structure plot characterisation etc I was surprised to learn how few authoritative publications there were on the use of subtext as a means to create emotional impact In fact at the time of writing this review I noticed just four dedicated books on attributed to the subject Of course there are other retail outlets but I didn t notice any further options there eitherAfter a long and exhaustive search and having read some positive reviews I eventually settled on Writing Subtext What Lies Beneath by Linda Seger It was worth the wait and the frustration One of the things which uickly became apparent to me when I began reading the book was the many different forms of subtext some of which I never new existed Or perhaps I did but had simply not thought of them as being subtext Dialogue sure description and Nine Ghosts gestures maybe but subtext in images metaphors andenre Okay maybe that explains my sales figures But seriously next time you watch a Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia great movie or TV show and try to analyse the source of those layers of meaning chances are they have been created using some form of subtext I realise many writers are probably already well versed on the value of this subject but for the uninitiated like me the contents of this book were a big dealChapter one begins with a definition and exploration of subtext with subseuent chapters discussing the many techniues of expression highlighted earlier There are helpful excerpts of successful scripts the author uses to emphasise a point as well as exercises and tips for discussion at the end of each chapter just in case the reader hadn t been paying attentionThis is aenuinely شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى good book packed full with helpful advice and tips for writers of every discipline It s perfect for anyone looking foruidance on ways to create insight and depth to their wor. Ples from films as well as examples from real life Writing Subtext helps the writer figure out how to find and write subtext.

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Erstood Worth it or not some The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) good exercises may be of some use to those who are writing a movie Though in the end it is written not verbatim but close as long as you don t care about the subtext it comes outood while caring it starts to sag and be floppy I #love a book that ets me thinking and this one really does I ve known what subtext is forever #a book that ets me thinking and this one really does I ve known what subtext is forever I didn t realize how critical it is to the texture of a work and how important for actorsSeger explains that subtext drives a story and now that I think about it I see why Subtext Arabian Challenge grows out of a character s motivation It is motivation The character may not tell you what she wants but heroals and desires underlie and manifest themselves in everything she does So it s the writer s job to show us what she s really after in symbolic and obliue ways BrilliantWhile the book is extremely useful I couldn t rasp it in one reading There s just too much to think about So after #I Ve Pondered It # ve pondered it while I will return to it again Some of that pondering will involve looking at my own work and assessing will return to it again Some of that pondering will involve looking at my own work and assessing much subtext I ve inserted without realizing it because that hasn t been something I ve consciously thought about Whether or not I ve done it well up to now you can bet I ll be working on it in the futureAnother reat book for writers from the industry s first script consultant Great for novelists too Third book to read by Linda A smooth read as you expect from her So smooth that I actually finished two books today I ve never even been able to finish a book in one day not to mention two I was especially eager for this one and Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students gladly I wasn t disappointed for subtexting is a skill I lackThe understanding of subtext can not only be used in writing scripts but also in real life when interacting with others and trying to understand them Of course moviesnovels are all about human interaction Agatha Christie is aenius in the field of human social relationships I always believedText is just the tip of the iceberg of meaning The way the text is said and the way it is delivered by voice and estures this applies to movies but not novels Do you think this dress look nice yeah it s fine You look fat in itPauses can translate into subtext too Are you okay yeah I m fine I m not okaySubtext can be told visually to tell character s backstory From what the character is wearing we can tell what s her job and education You can tell she is a nurse without the need for text You can tell he has a bad past from the cuts in his face without telling that explicitlyNot to menti. Lie beneath the words images and actions in film which are also applicable to any kind of fiction writing Replete with exam.
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