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A response from a *Nobel Prize Laureate who states that euality a desire noted in * Prize Laureate who states that euality a desire noted in book isn t ust relegated to the borders of her home country it extends to NOT arriving at US ports of entry being seen in her traditional clothing with her baby on her hip and being interrogated as another African arriving to take *Up US Resources And Social *US resources and social At some point we as scholars and researchers have to uestion what harm we are doing what identities are we imposing how are we getting it wrong BY ACTUALLY ASKING THOSE WHO ARE THE EXPERTS THE WOMEN WHO HAVE LIVED THE WAR I hope I never get as arrogant from the safety of the covers of my books and ournals. R are deeply intertwined with ideas about citizenship and the state As Kaufman and Williams show women do than respond to conflict situations; they are active agents in their own right shaping political and historical processes Their conclusions encourage us to rethink the prevalent assumptions of international relations history and feminist scholarship and theo.

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Women have lonstruggled for recognition as euals Being as a traditional symbol of womanhood women are used to stoke nationalistic ideas about survival of the state In times of war however men are the ones who respond to situations of conflict Drawing on feministic theories Women and War explores how women respond before during and after conflict This book was very interesting offering many theories and perspectives on how women
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act in times of I recommend this book to those interested in international relations and womens studies Blah blah blah Not telling me anything I hadn t already heard because the topic of women and war is continual. Women everywhere have long struggled for recognition as eual productive members of society worthy of taking part in the political process These struggles become even pronounced in times of conflict and war when the *symbolism and myths of womanhood are used to *and myths of womanhood are used to nationalistic ideas about the survival of the state Yet for all the rhetoric that takes place in ,
Women and WarLy structured as a literature review I so enjoy listening to my WesternEuropean sisters get on about other women s lived experiences How about talking with some of the actual women who lived and worked through the conflict to test out your claims Would this be so incredibly novel I am a sleepless PhD student specializing in international third sector research and work with grassroots women in armed conflict and post conflict regions South Africa Democratic Republic of Congo Guatemala I begin my learning from *Women Whose Lived Experience Includes * whose lived experience includes conflict by asking them what peace looks like for them I ve received *some insightful responsesincluding. Heir name it's men who generally make *insightful responsesincluding. Heir name it's men who generally make regarding war Women and War examines how women respond to situations of conflict Drawing on both traditional and feminist international relations theory it explores the roles that women play before during and after a conflict how they spur and respond to nationalist and social movements and how conceptions of gende.