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S after the inmate died The gimmick has been sed before but Cornwell keeps it tightly wound Forward until the end of the book It s a page turner for sure You think you ve figured it out but details come out And it gets very scientific which really helps push you closer to the edge of not wanting to stop reading it That said the technology is almost 25 years old compared to today s standards so it s nothing earth shattering at this point It was something to read in the 90s to truly get the best impact Still a good read today I m sure2 Kay and her niece Lucy continue to play the game of mouse and cat so to speak I m not sure who is the mouse and who is the cat any But what s fun here is that Lucy endsp helping on the case despite the risks And it call comes down to computers which again are much advanced in the last 30 years Reading how people thought back then how they interpreted and stored files is amusing for someone in the technology field I read this shortly after it came out but I was still very close to technology way back then The series is still solid at this point And I d recommend this read for someone who isn t too particular about tools and techniues in the fields of investigation criminology computers and DNA changing significantly over the years Enjoy this for the puzzle it was at the time not the slightly slower path it would be today All in all as much as she annoys you Scarpetta is one of those people I wish I knew in real life A bit too brilliant in some ways tho About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creatorspolldaddy poll9729544 polldaddy poll9719251 Number four in the Dr Scarpetta series and for me the best to dateI found this book to be a bit of an on the edge of your seat type thriller that the other threeI found the whole premise of the book intriguing A death row prisoner is executed and the Dr Scarpetta is called on to do the autopsy Everything seems to be straight forward Scraps of Life until fingerprints start turningp at the scene of recent murders that belong to the executed prisonerWhen the police investigate they find a lot of missing evidence from the office of the Chief Medical Examiner Dr Scarpetta finds the she is Peter Pan -- BookDna Famous Childrens Literature under suspicion More information comes to light that further implicates Dr Scarpetta With the help of her friends Detective Pete Marino and FBI Agent Benton Wesley Dr Scarpetta embarks on a fight to clear her name and to discover how a man that she did an autopsy on is out there killing peopleThis book took a hold of me right from page one and kept me heldntil the end There s enough dead ends to keep you guessing and keep you readingNot so much in the way of solving by forensics It s about old fashioned police work An engrossing read and I give it a five star recommendation Scarpetta reminds me somewhat of Bones But s likable version A little human I enjoyed this and the relationships she has was everyone including her niece Lucy I only really read this as I was sick the other day at work and needed some way to keep awake in the evening of my long day with nothing to do With the small choice available in the staff room it was either that James Patterson or the Twilight books Tough choice I m very rarely without a book or two on my person so fool meIn the interests of disclosure I actually Getting Out (Getting Out used to read the Scarpetta novels when younger probably read about the first 6 or 7 but eventually gavep when I realised I didn t care enough Much like Patterson s Alex Cross books It was only at the very end of this That I Realised I Have I realised I have read this before That it took me so long to realise says a lotWhat I now remember is that Cornwell s prose is rather dull bordering on tedious at times and Getting Closer (Getting Out unnecessarily bogged down in technical jargon in this particular case loads of talk about UNIX which becomes very annoying It s all rather perfunctory as we cruise through the story which though at times interesting never really gearedp any excitement or suspense Everything plays out and then after a few small revelations it ends in an nsatisfying manner with little in the way of closure leaving the way for the next 3 books she wrote to continue on some "of the charactersWhen you add the fact that Kay Scarpetta is actually "the charactersWhen you add the fact that Kay Scarpetta is actually an nlikeable character and her niece Lucy profoundly annoying it just makes it all a little difficult to engage with I think I ll avoid reading any of them again in the future The Strangest Things in the World unless really stuck for choice nothing will ever make me read the rest of the Twilight books This will be returning to sit on the shelves at work rather than my bookcases. Stato condannato Cosa legaesti due fatti avvenuti a più di dieci anni di distanza e ai ali faranno seguito numerosi altri delitti Chi è lo spietato assassino E soprattutto perchè Kay Scarpetta è la principale sospetta. E whether she continues to be my favourite I ll see when I get there and this is the first book where she really gets to shine and show her future potential If she was a whiz with UNIX I can t wait to see how she deals with today s computer technology I m nowhere near p to date with this series so no spoilers about what s happening with her or any of the other characters in the commentsAnyone who knows me knows that I am concerned about climate change and can see its effect on Melbourne s and the rest of Australia s weather the winters are getting shorter and warmer and the summers just keep getting drier but I still wouldn t want to live through winters like Cornwell s Scarpetta does Melbourne s traffic is bad enough we really don t need to add snow to the problemThroughout this book and to a lesser extent All that Remains Scarpetta is constantly paging Marino and then bemoaning the fact that he probably can t find a payphone to call her back all I keep thinking is I can t wait till he gets a mobile it s going to save him and Scarpetta so much time and annoyance possibly even save lives like in All that Remains when Pat Harvey has to go searching for a phone after Abby is shot maybe if she d had a phone in her pocket Abby could have been saved Going straight to the home library for The Body Farm for bedtime tonight I forgot how much I enjoy Patricia Cornwell s Scarpetta series I started reading them many years ago out of order and now I ve gone back to the start to correct that I think this is my favorite so far probably because I just love her niece Lucy We find out Enathu Suya Saritham uite a lot about her backstory and Kay s in this one And I just love Merino and as I get to know him too If you re interested in forensics you ll likely learn a few things from each one of these books The main characters have great chemistry and you ll laugh a few times as you read Cornwell knows how to paint a picture with words too A dynamite series and really glad I decided to go back to the beginning and read them as they should all be new to me from now on One note re the audiobook CJ Critt is a terrific narrator for this series but I got hold of one through ILL read by Donada Peters Big mistake to have a British narrator I love British everything and prefer British lit to American but this takes place in America and Merino in particular just doesn t sound authentic with a British accent lol There was something slightly off putting about this fourth novel in the Kay Scarpetta series While key personal details were skimmed over trivialized and told post the actual events in past novels in Cruel and Unusual Cornwell killed off an important if not often seen character between books dropping the news in an offhand manner and never actually dealing with it or its implications for her heroine Granted the focus of the series is not on Dr Scarpetta s personal life but when said personal life becomes central to both the current case and the lead character s very personality then the issues which shape Kay as a person need to be explored on a deeper levelSpeaking of Dr Scarpett a personal life having an impactpon Cruel and Unusual s cases this seems to be a pattern for Cornwell her heroine gets way too involved in her work Given the nature of her responsibilities their depth and weight this is to be expected to a certain degree but to feature Kay as such an integral part of every single crime whether she s a potential victim a victim s friend or a suspect by Cornwell Edificios mágicos using this approach too much it s going to become staid and predictable Rather the plot device should be saved for special books should besed sporadically and should be something that is nexpected readers "At this point estion is just how is Dr Scarpetta going to wind p in "this point the estion is just how is Dr Scarpetta going to wind Viking Slave (The Beast Kings Slave, up in this timeFinally despite multiple murders some of which hit a little too close to home for Cruel and Unusual s heroine the novel seemed to move much slower than some of Cornwell s other Scarpetta books It wasn t reallyntil the last fourth of the book when the pace seemed to pick Bonsai from the Wild up when the suspense seemed to really pull in the reader Plus because of the nature of the clues the hacking the feathers the average reader in all likelihood would struggle to follow their trails and could very easily get bogged down in all the technical jargon bandied about Essentially this novel wasn t as reader friendly for those who like to attempt to solve the cases right along with Kay As a result Cruel and Unusual wasn t as entertaining of a read While the series strengths are still there the varied natures of the homicides the friendship between Kay and Marino and the great mix between science and psychology there were flaws to be found the biggest of which is the fact that at the end of this book the murderer is still at large and after than four hundred pages nothing feels resolved whether professional or personal for Dr Scarpetta Review Cruel Unusual by Patricia Cornwell the fourth in the Kay Scarpetta series was a solid book with a little edge than some of the others hence the 4 rating Two key parts of this one that appealed to me1 Scarpetta learns about the prison system in particular how a newly killed inmate s finger prints could showp on a dead body several day. Uella fredda notte di dicembre Poche ore prima è stato ritrovato Graveyard Shift un bambino di tredici anni col corpo orribilmente mutilaton episodio di violenza sessuale che mostra inuietanti affinità con l'assassino per cui Waddell è. 35 StarsChief medical examiner Kay Scarpetta gets embroiled in another murder case when she is called in to perform an autopsy on a convicted killer named Ronnie Waddell who has just been executed on death row Things get complicated soon after when another GameMaker Studio Book - RPG Design and Coding unthinkable crime is committed leaving a young boy dead and brutalized in the same fashion as Ronnie s previous victim It seems to imply a copy cat is on the loose either that or the wrong man was just executed for a crime he may not have actually committed all those years agoThis 4th installment has been my personal favourite of the Kay Scarpetta books I ve read so far I was intrigued by the premise and the whole idea that a convicted killer may actually be innocent thing It was interesting and engaging and I liked how the story played out Sadly I m still completelyninterested in Kay herself To me she s such a flat boring character I just can t seem to find anything appealing about her Thankfully the I read the I m warming to secondary characters like Wesley Benton and Pete Marino but even then I wish my enjoyment of the characters was so much established by now I kind of figure if I don t love them all by book four then I probably never will This book made me feel like I d missed a book between this one and the last one I actually stopped and double checked because some very major things in Kay s life seemed to have happened between books and they are just sort of The Diary of Jack the Ripper unceremoniously dropped in our laps I hope these events at least happened to make way for other potential things to happen view spoiler Basically in the first chapter you find out that Mark who had been a love interest for Kay over the past few books had been killed That s it no pomp or circumstance It happened and we missed it Oh and sheit smoking I know these books are about the work Kay does but if you introduce major characters I would hope we would see where their relationships with Kay go At least now I hope there is potential for a romance with Moreno I like him and have since the beginning I know she keeps trying to present him as a fatherly type figure but it doesn t come off that way He comes off as a man protecting the women he loves Although I don t know why Kay is kind of Brendas Private Swing unlikeable but this isn t a spoiler so hide spoiler Cruel Unusual is incredibly exciting I couldn t put it down I passed the last three days being tremendously entertained by book 4 in the Dr Kay Scarpetta seriesScarpetta is slowly recovering from the death of hernreuited love Mark James FBI agent who was killed in a terrorist bombing in London in the previous book She is going about her duties as Virginia s Chief Medical Examiner emotionally numbed However several cases of murder begin to interest her especially since they appear linked to a killer Ronnie Joe Waddell He could not possibly have committed them although his fingerprints were found at the various sites of the murders and the brutal manner of killing he had done were copied perfectly But Waddell was executed by electrical chair at the local prison on the same day the first body mutilated in the same style as he was known to do is found Before long other bodies are turning p and "Scarpetta is in the middle of the investigation by confused police and the "is in the middle of the investigation by confused police and the Is it a copycat at work or was it possible Waddell escaped from his cell and another man was executed in his place Was Waddell s body supposedly lying in the morgue misidentified And was important confidential information about Waddell s murder victim stolen from the morgue s computerized files about the case Is someone on Scarpetta s medical staff breaking into her computer Soon Scarpetta is being accused of a variety of felonies and malfeasance by her boss and she is being vilified in the front pages of the press She is certain to lose her job if she can t find the mole in her department if there is a mole or maybe even if she does ncover a conspiracy she will still be out of a job from a lack of confidence in her abilities The miseries keep piling Crown Mitre upShe remembers how her niece Lucy was able to track down a previous intrusion into her computer before previous book so reluctantly she asks her niece to comep again to Virginia from Miami Now seventeen Lucy begins to crack open the mystery of whether Scarpetta s computer was secretly "TAMPERED WITH BUT WILL SHE ABLE TO HELP BEFORE " with but will she able to help before die or save Scarpetta s job This novel is a wild twisting rodeo from beginning to end I regret only one thing it ends with an important plot thread dangling dangerously So obviously gentle reader I will be continuing to the next book in the series SPOILERS 263 One of my favourite Scarpetta mysteries and another that gets to keep its five star rating It sets Amagami Precious diary, up a long running battle between Scarpetta and Gault and her continuing problems with the politiciansher bosses I had forgotten the way things big things happen off screen so to speak and was practically having a heart attack when Mark s death was casually broughtp which left me thinking I d somehow missed a book Then I remembered things happen in the time that passes between the books and I calmed downLucy was my favourite character for a long time I forget what happened with her from around book 10 so I m not sur. Mentre Ronnie Joe Waddell sta per salire sulla sedia elettrica la dottoressa kay Scarpetta è intenta ai preparativi necessari per eseguirne l'autopsia Ma la morte dell'uomo non è il solo evento di cui Kay debba occuparsi in. ,

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