[E–pub READ] Edgar Cayces Hidden History of Jesus

Edgar Cayces Hidden History of JesusThe idea of compiling "all of the known life

Of Jesus Into One 
Jesus into one with all the "of the known life of Jesus into one book with all the information on the topic in chronological order is good However instead of consulting peer reviewed academic sources in order to learn what may be known about Jesus life beyond the Biblical account the author turns to a psychic for knowledge and guidance He then compounds his problem of credibility by informing the reader that Biblical selections have been slightly altered from their translations All in all the book cannot be considered to be a reliable or credible account of the life of Jesus2 stars I wanted to Edgar Cayce America's greatest psychic gave many readings on the events surrounding the life of Jesus Kirk Nelson has brought together the biblical events surrounding Jesus and filled in the. Ead from Cayce Most of the book Was Like Reading One Of The Books like reading one of the books the Bible I wanted to read from Cayce s sessions Most of the book was like reading one of the books in the Bible DisappointedI was hoping for Cayce channeled wisdom I can "read what the bible says in my or many versions of the Word I liked what was written "what the bible says in my or many versions of the Word I liked what was written early ears for sure But spiritual insight into what Jesus said and truly meant in his ministry ears was sadly for me absent I have however never seen Mary Magdalene depicted at the sister Mary of Martha and LazarusI Do believe The Lazarus sister Mary was the anointer of Jesus. Blanks with Cayce's insights This book reads like a "powerful novel arranged in such a way that "novel arranged in such a way that entire life of Jesus is illuminatedincluding the missing ears From Mary's time with the Ess. S feet just because "THE COST WOULD HAVE MADE POSSESSION OF IT UITE "cost would have made possession of it uite of reach financially and particularly if they too were Essenes It would have never been in Mary s peraonal posession if they were Essenes Being a woman in this era she herself would hav e no means of I come or euality unless she was EsseneWHICH negates her having the spikenard unless she came from money Hidden HistoryThis is a very interesting version of "The Life Of Jesus " life of Jesus lot of the writing is some things I already knew and some was new I would recommend this book to anyone with an inuisitive mind that s open to the term What if. Enes to the Last Supper Jesus' life comes alive in a uniue and fascinating read This is a great book for anyone who is interested in what history knows and doesn't know about the life of Jesu.