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At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture jOn The Fence is Keri s second book in her Apple Creek series The first book in the series Through The Wall blew me away with its character insight and writing level On The Fence was good but I had some issues with parts of itShellie has been listening to her mother put her down her entire life Her mother belittles her and makes her feel as if she isn t good enough Wanting to escape that she heads to an old friends house for a little RR And maybe a hot fling on the side The instant attraction she feels when she gets near Riley are unmistakable Problem is Riley as been hurt and has become a reserved lonely version of himself Getting him to let go of his inhibitions and his guilt may take a little flirting and seduction something Shellie has never been good atThe book starts out with Shellie arriving on Riley s farm We are given a bit of background on the two and know immediately that they once shared an awkward kiss and the reasoning behind Riley s guilt I wanted to like himwanted to love himI love cowboys even ones that don t think that s what they are He was definitely drool worthy but I had trouble picturing him I did really like his personalitythe wounded man is something that gets me every timeShellie was a hard sell for me Maybe it s because I m a total opinionated loud mouth but I could never imagine letting anyone especially my family walk all over me like she did her mom So it s not that I didn t like Shellie it sust that we were so different So the beginning of the book was a bit rocky for me Some of it seemed hard to read like sentences weren t flowing right It was odd because I didn t have that trouble at all with the first book I ended up re reading several times to make sure I got the context and picture that Keri was conveyingI did enjoy the love between Shellie and Riley It was one of those long lost but now reunited loves Keri does and excellent Black Nationalism: The Search for an Identity job at the sexy scenes and making her readers suirm I especially enjoyed the bathroom scene at a friends BBwow Shellie s ability to make Riley tremble and let go of his past was definitely a page turner again and againBeing a novella means you need to hurry along the story and get to the point I think Keri does a greatob with this without leaving me feeling like the plot was rushed That s a breath of fresh air really because I feel that way with novella s a lot She doesn t sacrifice development of her characters in the story length at all The only aspect I thought felt a bit off was Shellie wanting a flower shop That seemed to come out of no where and with it being a novella was never really delved into Having said that I hope Keri writes something full length in the future as I would like to see what she does with timeOn The Fence is a good addition to the Apple Trail series with solid characters and a steady plot Pick this one up for a short fun read that will continue the story line first introduced in Through The Wall Apple Trailwhere you travel to might actually take you home I give On The Fence by Keri Ford 3 stars Shellie Chambers and Riley s book On the Fence started out wonderful The description of Shellie and Riley on the front porch the calves getting out and then with Shellie and Riley rolling around in the mud was my favorite part of the book Great beginning as it grabbed me right away I also loved them going out on the 4wheeler driving along the fence The story itself was Great And For A Short and for a short you get out on the 4wheeler driving along the fence The story itself was great and for a short book you get great idea about the characters and their backgrounds Their backstories were great too I ust rated the book ok because of a few pet peeves of mine 1 Things didn t work for me position wise I ll give an example For instance Shellie was wearing high black boots that came up to the backs OF HER KNEES HUGGING HER CALVES SO YOU KNOW her knees hugging her calves so you know they are tight Then her pants were so tight they looked painted on Then they are on the 4wheeler him straddled backwards and her laying down with her hooking her legs over the handlebars Somehow he is able to pull her pants down to her knees and then he is able to bend forward to her sweet spot I ust can t picture that working Her pants Boggs: A Comedy of Values just wouldn t be able to allow her to spread that far with 1 straddling around him and then 2 having her pants to her knees I have to believe in the smut to be possible Too bad there wasn t a mention of it being a struggle to get the pants off or add in some real moments like Shellie was trying to balance herself or she was uncomfortable or something It was a creative spot to have smut but I didn t buy into it being possible 2 The other part that bothered me was that there was a build up to them having sex in the truck and then in one short paragraph it was done It felt like a rush orust uickly added in 3 The whole book her momm was this villian that Shellie was afraid of Then in one moment she picks up the phone and makes demands of her mom and the thats it I was scratching my head thinking that she was kinda intimidated of her mom but she talked to her mom like it was any old day But all in all the story was cute and the characters were likable Thank God we are not the same people we were in high school shudders I d like to think that Riley and Shellie had matured along the way without the back story Nice uick read and I would recommend Review by Ivelisse Shellie Chambers goes to see her long time friend from high school Riley Hamilton to get away from her mother What she didn t expect were the feelings she got once she saw Riley again She decides she is going to go for it and try to have a fling with him but his past is makes it almost impossible She. Six years apart and my my things have changed Specifically his wider shoulders and tighter fitting eans Shellie Chambers is supposed to be on a uick relaxing break visiting her lifelong best friend Riley Hamilton Seeing his dimpled smile all over again has her thinking their friends only re. ,

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On The Fence Uninhibited in Apple Trail Arkansas #2Y know as the one who has the rich mother that nothing her daughter does is ever good enough so therefore she has to micro manage every aspect of her life Riley in Shellie s mother s eyes would be considered from the other side of the tracks because his family was poor and they always had to work for everything they ever got That is exactly what makes Riley and Shellie such great friends throughout their lives that is until Riley moves away and Shellie is left alone to deal with her mother with no relief in sight Well that is until Shellie decides to get away from it all and visit her old Friend Riley whom she hasn t seen in six years but has kept in touch with via e mails That is were they both discover things about the other person that they never noticed before Even though this wasn t a very long book which most of my friends know drives me nuts this book didn t feel rushed at all Which is what actually drives me nuts about most short stories I got to know each character and also got great insight into their past and present I didn t realize when I read this book that it was part of a series but that fact didn t come into play because I never felt lost like most people would umping into a series book You could read this book as a stand alone which was awesome but now I do want to go back and read book one to get to know the first two characters in the series On a scale from 1 10 I give this book a 10 and encourage everyone 18 plus to read this story and not feel connect to these two people I know I did because my best friend is the greatest guy I know next to my hubby that islol and he is someone that Riley reminds me of which I loveLink This is such a great little read you can t help but love it It has a great balance of romance heat and it s guaranteed to put a smile on your face This short story packs a punch in only a few pages Author Keri Ford did a fabulous ob giving me all the backstory and fabulous characterizations I needed without force feeding all the while keeping me invested in finding out what was going to happen to our hero and heroine Shellie has been molded by her mother into a mini me and has spent her life trying to find Mr Right but only if his wallet is fat enough You ve heard the phrase It s as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one right Well Shellie s mom lives by that mantra and has forced her daughter to do the same Not only that but Shellie s spent her entire life be Rating 78 out 10 GOOD READFirst line There was no way around it Catching Mr Right was damn hard workMemorable Scenes the four wheeler scene wow bathroom scene double wowShellie Chambers and Riley Hamilton are childhood friends The last time they saw each other was 6 years ago but when her mom is driving her bat shit crazy Shellie seeks refuge with the friend she knows will pull her back from the ledge But devil may care good times Riley has transformed into responsible and controlled Riley while Shellie is determined to have a little fun I did not take very extensive notes on Shellie s character but do remember she was another female character I really liked Keri Ford has a knack for writing likeable heroines I easily connect with and having read the third book in this series I know this is something that this isn with and having read the third book in this series I know this is something that this isn ust a fluke of the first two books I met Riley in the first book of the series and Was Immediately Drawn To immediately drawn to He s careful and intense One little thing I did miss was a little background on the change in Riley as I would have loved to know the cause for the change was but That S Me NitpickingLike THROUGH THE WALL s me nitpickingLike THROUGH THE WALL book was pretty short so both the stories in this series were fun and uick reads and left me wanting a little bit when finished However by bringing the characters back in the next books keeps you connected and I like those little peeks into how they re doingI really like Keri Ford s voice and style It s easy fluent and fun and every time I read her stories she puts a smile on my face In the span of 8 chapters Keri Ford gave me a wonderful character driven story with likable and developed characters subtle humor and enough sexual tension to set the pages on fire Favorite uoteAnd at that moment Riley s hand dropped to Shellie s thigh His large palm covered the top of her leg his long fingers rested between her thighs and she completely lost her train of thought He wasn t doing anything suggestive or dirty under the table but it was Building Ideas: An Architectural Guide to the University of Chicago just that his hand was on her warming her and zapping her words before they could even reach her tongue I first want to say I always read the reviews to books on Goodreads before reading a book I previously read Through The Walls by Keri Ford and I loved it I couldn t believe the ratings were only at 3 stars on Goodreads so I was a little nervous Well there is now a 5 star rating on there In fact I loved this one probablyust a little then the last one I fell in love with Shellie and Riley as characters and my complaint is this book needed to be longer I might need a follow up on these two The chemistry between these two characters in this book flew off my sony e reader I could feel the sizzle it seemed like These two were made for one another and they knew it It took a little convincing on the part of Shellie to let Riley know that he was who she wanted for always not Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) just a fling The intimate scenes in this book were hot and didn t leave anything out for the readerI recommend this book to anyone who likes contemporary romance or light erotica This is not heavy erotica where you are left wondering how some of that stuff was possible. He has responsibilities now and a sensible head on his shoulders Then Shellie turns up She’s saying and doing all the right things while lookingust right too She leaves him torn should he have her legs around his waist during her visit or do right by himself and keep her at arm’s leng. Llie realizes he has changed and not sure if she likes the change she sees in him and is destined to get the spark back into his eyes Can Riley deny her what she wants when in the past he never did beforeFrom the start I was captivated by this book it is a short lovely read Two best friends in high school who moved away from each other but still remained in contact and once they see each other This review posted at Guilty Pleasures35 StarsShellie has lived her life with an overbearing mother who has tutored her throughout her childhood on how to meet a rich man to marry She s never uite lived up to her mother s expectations and her mother truly did not like her best friend throughout her childhood Riley Riley had a reputation for fast cars loose girls and having a good time as a teen Shellie was always careful so she didn t disappoint her mother Riley and Shellie spent a lot of time doing things Shellie s mother wouldn t approve of but always had fun They shared one awkward high school kiss and wrote it off as a mistake It s now six years later they ve stayed in touch through email but this is their first face to face visit One Shellie initiates because she needs a break from her Mom s incessant need to find her a husband Both Shellie and Riley realized how much the other has changed but what they didn t count on was the sexual awareness they now have towards each otherThis being a novella things move pretty uickly for this couple but I still felt very connected to them because Keri writes them so well Within the first chapter you know a lot about these characters and can understand how much they feel the other has changed over the years Riley is much cautious and serious as an adult something Shellie finds hard to believe He finally admits that he had a life changing event happen during college It upsets Shellie that he never confided this to her but she wants him to let it go She tries to get Riley to have a fling but because of his past he refusesShellie is one of those women that I find hard to like It s not that I hate her but personally why would anyone let someone else berate them their entire life and still stick around for it as an adult She confides to Riley that she hates that her Mom does this to her Riley really hates it however she still gives in and does what her Mom wants her to do I ust don t understand why she puts up with how her Mom treats herIt s pretty evident from early in the story that these two have had a special friendship through the years When they finally give in and go from friends to lovers it s pretty darn hot and you immediately figure out where the title of the book comes from There s also a truly sexy scene in the bathroom at a friend s house WowI ll admit I read that through twice Keri has the amazing ability to draw you in from the start and even though this is a short story I never once felt cheated like I sometimes do with a book this size This is another good story in Apple Trail series with a book this size This is another good story in Apple Trail series I can t wait to read the next one Reuniting with Riley was supposed to lead to all kinds of uninhibited fun but Shellie never expected for him to be tamed Riley s a changed man these days Running a farm is a lot of work and *Responsibility But It Also Effectively Keeps Him Busy And Away *but it also effectively keeps him busy and away temptations that will lead him back to the life he once lived Although fun that life is littered with mistakes and regrets and life altering conseuences He s learned to enjoy a steadied life slow paced and productive yet he still yearns for some adventure Enter Shellie the girl that not only stole his heart long ago but the one who thrived on his particular brand of chaos Her mere presence is temptation enough but what she s looking for is something that only the old Riley can provide Will the new and improved Riley succumb to his old waysShellie came to Apple Trail to get away from a nagging mother who was determined to suck the fun out of her daughter s life Shellie also came to see Riley The last few years of online chatting haven t done him ustice when she see s him His physical traits have definitely enhanced the man she remembers but his demeanor has changed It seems that this particular bad boy has been reformed When a suggestion to do something a little crazy gets rebuffed by Riley Shellie knows that something traumatic must have happened Riley is so shaken by it that he has avowed to never be the carefree womanizing man he once was but why didn t he tell herI m beginning to see a pattern when it comes to Ms Ford s female leads Her heroines don t ust sit idly by while the Her heroines don t ust sit idly by while the love of their life screws up they take charge They are determined characters intent on breaking away from convention and taking what they want An admirable uality They also have a vulnerable side that when exposed can make them even determinedly dangerous The heroes are no wilting lilies either They Bulletproof Feathers just need the right woman to show them how to get out of having their own wayI really appreciate Ms Ford writing uniue world realities into her plotlines It helps to make her characters and their situations stand out amongst others in the same romance s Review Of On The Fence By Keri Ford I loved this story This is another story I read blind meaning I didn t read the blurb first I am so glad I didn t because when I found out about the reasons behind his transformation from skirt chaser to farmer I was like OMG Riley is the kind of best friend ever girl should have He gets you to live slightly on the edge without pushing you over it and causing you to loss yourself Shellie is that girl some of you ma. Lationship needs to add a lovers option in this small townFlings one night stands and lovers are a thing of Riley’s past He’d chased women took up drinking and possibly he couldn’t remember until smacking rock bottom He managed to climb out of that hellhole and had no desire to go back.