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Dark disturbing creepy fabulous The entire cast Of Characters Are All Seriously Eually Flawed characters are all seriously eually flawed I think the ending is open to interpretation by every reader which adds another cool element to this book Enjoy YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE YOUR CHILDREN ALL GONE is probably not a book for everyone but I found it to be fascinating While this book has elements of horror it s rooted in the evil we perpetuate against each other A central theme here is the cruelty and indifference practiced by children family members and neighbors All of this occurring in the oddly isolated German village of Hemmersmooor a place where atrocities and secrets go hand in hand The real place where atrocities and secrets go hand in hand The real of the town are the people but I also love how Kiesbye sprinkles monsters of the town are the people but I also love how Kiesbye sprinkles his wonderful magic with rumors of witches and ghosts appearing from time to time in various locations in and around the village Another intriguing aspect of this novel is the sort of matter of fact narrative of murders and deaths which feels very European in the telling YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE YOUR CHILDREN ALL GONE reads like a Grimm s fairy tale brimming with some uncensored madness In August I read a book called The Bone Mother which really was very similar to this book in regard to the European stylings of story telling myth horror and history At any rate I greatly enjoyed this offering from Stefan Kiesbye Even though this takes place in Germany I m sticking it my true grit aka fucked up white trash shelf I guess America doesn t have a monopoly on twisted Appalachia type folks although there is an element of old world charm here that is generally missing from my dentally impaired and radially excelled countrymen and women The book opens in the modern day A guy returns to his hometown after years away to find it being overrun by yuppie types but with some of his old friends still making up part of the local color A girl he new growing up has died and he and three of his friends are the only people who go to her funeral The funeral ends like any good funeral should with one of the mourners lifting up her dress showing everyone she isn t wearing any nickers and pissing on the grave There is then a minor physical altercation You d almost think this was taking place in Ireland instead of Germany with these inds of goings ons The book then jumps back forty years or so to give a series of chapters that each tell a different story about the town and children growing up there The chapters are told from the point of view of the different ids who would be taking part in this funeral either as the mourners or as the stiff After the first couple of chapters you start to catch on to the idea that none of these stories are going to end well Not that the ids are going to come to a bad end necessarily but that something fucked up is going to happen to someone in each of the chapters The book straddles the line of being super natural but you never really High Heat know and I think you get the feeling that there is nothing super natural going on except that some backward ignorant types take some refuge in believing in ghosts and curses and things like that instead of facing up to the fact that the whole town is a bunch of borderline psychopaths Just look at the matter of fact way that the Thanksgiving contest is told in one of the first chapters and the almost flippant way it s mentioned in some later stories The book is blurbed with nods to Shirley Jackson which is a code word for The Lottery which is really the only Shirley Jackson story that anyone ever means when they say Shirley Jackson and Stephen King s Children of the Corn The first allusion has some validity The second is nonsense but it goes well with the creepyid on the cover of the book These aren t stories of weird ids holding a town captive with the terroristic antics of scary pre pubescents it s a story of a fucked up town just told from the perspective of a group of ids If you had to relate this novel to a Stephen King work The Body would probably be a better one but without any of the heart felt nostalgia or maybe that is just in the movie I ve only read the story once but seen the movie many times so my memory isn t necessarily good here Grumbling about the blurbs though is just about the only thing I can complain about for this book For a two hundred page book there is a high density of fucked up things going on but it never felt like I was being hit over the head with shocking scenes over and over again but now that I m thinking of all the things that this book had in it I m fairly amazed it was all able to fit into a satisfying short novel Good stuff this book was an easy near five stars for meit opens with a funeral scene in rural germany three men and a wom. Was wenn die Vergangenheit nicht vergehen will und die Toten eine Ruhe finden »Hemmersmoor« ist ein Schauerroman über vier junge Freunde deren unschuldige Spielereien in die dunkelsten Winkel der menschlichen Seele führenEin leines Dorf im norddeutschen Teufelsmoor Jah. ,
HemmersmoorAn attend the burial of a woman a childhood friend there is an awkward conversation sprinkled with resentment and innuendo at the close of the prologue the woman triumphantly pisses on the graveeveryone s got grudgeswhat follows is a series of short stories alternating between the perspectives of all five characters as they dispassionately recount the horrific to the reader childhood experiences occurring in their deliberately insular village of hemmersmoor they are all told in first person past tense so it is unclear whether they are remembrancing things past as adults or narrating the stories as children but i prefer to think that they are told in the voice of a child self reflecting musing on things just past with only themselves as audiencekids are scary you now this rightand this village helps to foster the scary small villages cut off from the rest of the world make their own rules here murder is just another word for justice and superstition tradition folklore and magic have the power to shape destinies there will be incest arson facial scarringcharacter assassination cannibalism and soul stealing just to begin withthe stories are narrated in a very straightforward matter of fact manner this is german horror after all it is uietly chilling rather than going for grand gestures there is casual violence undercutting these stories without any real emotional response awful things happen and life goes on there is an emphasis upon the erasure of the past Nobody shed a tear for the youths and what had happened to the people who had lived in the camp before them nobody was interested in either Despite the photo in my living room despite the vans that had delivered groceries to this other village on a daily basis and despite the railroad track that led right through it nobody in Hemmersmoor could say who the people in the camp had been Nobody remembered the ones who had lived there slept in the barracks and died There had never been such peoplewhich is probably the scariest thing of all atrocities should leave emotional scars but here their fading is taken for granted life goes on murders become barstool anecdotes and while individuals remember and will eventually piss on your gravethe life goes on murders become barstool anecdotes and while individuals remember and will eventually piss on your gravethe at large will have all but forgotten or consigned your suffering to legendthis book comes highly recommended from me a very under the skin ind of book that has a true shirley jackson feel and not just that nee jerk name drop that comes when people want to describe literary horror christian s chapters are particularly good just complete bland teenage sociopathy brrrrrrand i am a little disappointed that i have an advanced readers copy from ALA reading the other reviews of this on here it seems the published book has a feature Mine Lacks One Which lacks one which am going to confirm at work today watch this spaceokay readyoh it s just a regular book doo dee doountil you hold it under the lightcan you see that so cool i love detailscome to my blog Creepy and unsettling Your House Is On Fire Your Children All Gone is about a village of the damned the mouth to Hell located in what was West Germany after World War 2 Hemmersmoor is the town and its young people are as depraved as their parents and ancestors No one ever prospers here Incest rape child murder the town embraces it all Nausea is the prominent feeling I had as I read so I couldn t recommend this unless you have a strong stomach The author has power and the character of the boy Christian is the epitome of a psychopathic monsterI was going to give it 2 stars but has to nudge it up because he included my favorite uote from my favorite story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The Adventure of the Copper BeechesIt is my belief Watson founded upon my experience that the lowest and vilest alleys in London do not present a dreadful record of sin than does the smiling and beautiful "Countryside Look At These "Look at these houses each in its own fields filled for the most part with poor ignorant folk who now little of the law Think of the deeds of hellish cruelty the hidden wickedness which may go on year in year out in such places and none the wiser if one of the ironies of the human condition is that we race through childhood unaware only to spend a lifetime trying to get it all back the avid reader enjoys a parallel irony in that we burrow deeper and deeper into analysis and critical thinking only really to try and fully recapture the childlike sense of being lost in a story i m generalizing but go with me on this impossible to shut down the critical mechanism though you can t unring a bell once you ring it never again do words register as visceral physical wholly present things you hit a clunky passage an unforgivable trope or. Re nach dem Krieg Eine Kneipe wo die Alten von Wiedergängern und Irrlichtern reden Ein Gutshaus dessen Besitzer die Menschen im Dorf verachten und manipulieren Eine alte Fabrik nach der niemand zu fragen wagt Hier wachsen Christian und seine Freunde auf in einer verwunschen. Some such other roadbump the illusion s gone so it s great to find those books that feel as pure storytelling that manage to hoodwink goose the reader to slightly mute that damn ringing your house is on fire your children all gone does a great job of it haunting elegiac stories set in the same small german town all full of creepy ids rape games and loads and loads of thanos eros highly recommended to y all who dig campfire tales stories which may or may not be ghost stories and a daily whiff of the ineffable THIS IS EVERYTHING I WANTED WE have always lived in the castle to be ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE TO BE tiny village Hemmersmoor Is Full Of Hemmersmoor is full of and as children grow up and tell their stories these secrets are revealed peeled away like layers of an onion to slowly and uietly expose the dark heart of this poisoned community The story is beautifully written Its elegant uietly detailed writing flows as easily as fresh blood and I flew through it That said Your House Is On Fire Your Children All Gone left a bad taste in my mouth Personally when I read horror I want to be scared even shocked at times but I also want at least one character that I can sympathize with and this book lacked that across the board There is no sense that the atrocities in this book meant anything There is no summation no climax Instead at one point they just stop It s not scaryit s just sad Hey uick who am IFour stars Four stars Hey this book four stars That book four stars A very merry four stars to me To who To you Last Sunday s Walking Dead episode The dessert menu at my apartment on Thanksgiving This cup of coffee in front of me Four stars four stars four stars Yeah we ve all lamented the star situation before and maybe wish we d never started using them to begin with but I must applaud something about this really likeable book Guess what I really liked it I can t even begin to argue with that statement and it is actually the perfect description of my feelings in as few words as possible This is four y than most fours in its completely immaculate four star ness to me All of this is an elaborate attempt to regain a bit of my star rating authority after my recent four star granting bender assuming said authority ever existed to begin with It didn t No matter where you are on this or any star related subject please let me assure you that I still really like you Four stars This is one of those spooky ooky f d up books that I would feel bad for reading ya now like I m somehow becoming one of those obese American housewives who ignores her asshole children to drift off into her unfathomably perverse interior world of marrying death row inmates and banging werewolves and vampires and whatever such blood thirsty gobbledygook she comes up with if the writing wasn t so purdy and the authorial voice so confident You Lots of Hearts know creepy taboo tumbling physicalsexual violence drenched books which crawl inside the heads of psychotic people as they pretend to be all rational and talk about their nonexistant feelings and stuff Also there s some maybe ghosts maybe the Devil etcAn isolationist German town s sociopathic citizenry all weave in and out of each others lives in consistently terrible ways And it is spooky There are a gazillion variations on campfire stories here but told from several different yet eually cold dry first person perspectives Basically this book is sort of like what would happen if you stitched together Soren Narnia snifepoint tales into one larger narrative framework Oh and it is good Have I mentioned that I really liked it I did Hell I would even read an actually long book by this guy I simply cannot wait for the awesome movie version that Hollywood will sadly never make Oh one thing this book did not remind me of the X Files Umm at allPS Thanks for the rec aren I now I had already voted for that review but gr stolededed it Is a conspiracy Buaaaah I was drawn to this book by its title you can t deny it s catchy and the creepy cover The book is creepy indeed a collection of stories narrated by different characters who live in a small German village and are both victims and perpetrators of acts of violence I can t say I enjoyed this book I mean some stories were entertaining but the overall feeling I had reading it was pointless violence and lack of realism You Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss know theind of situation in which you constantly ask yourself uestions like yes but why or how comes no one ever found out or why is there literally no police in this town I didn t hate it but I guess I expected a little bit a little Lovecraft maybe a little Gothic Anyway as I said it felt pointless I m sure many people would disagree though so if you really like this Don't Hex with Texas kind of story you should definitely give it a tr. En Atmosphäre aus Aberglauben Inzest und Brutalität Tiefschwarz und erschreckend direkt schildert Stefan Kiesbye das Leben dieser jungen Menschen und des Dorfes Dabei macht er uns vertraut mit den Abgründen die hinter jedem Fenster und am Ende jedes Feldweges lauernönn. .