E–book [Dialektik der Natur] Ä Friedrich Engels

Kitab n b l mleri aras nda pek bir ba lant yok San r m el yazmalar ndan derleme yap lm Ayr ca elektri in do as "zerine olan b l m biraz s k "olan b l m biraz s k yd a k as Verdi i rneklerde esir den s z ediyor Michelson Morley deneyi ile esirin varl ispatlanamad i in bu k s mlar da dikkate almamak erekiyorDiyalekti in yasalar zerinde daha fazla durmas n beklerdim Ama Olsun Goministsin 4 Y Ld Z Benden Sana This olsun Nine Ghosts goministsin 4 y ld z benden sana This a challenging read mostly because of the science discussed in the bulk of the book I understand core concepts interactions on a basic level but Physics Chemistry are not strong points for me That being said the core concepts of materialist dialectics are what I wasoing for assuming Iunderstood what I read I believed this book helped tremendously I wanted a better understanding of how Marxists Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia ground their worldview what helps them arrive at their conclusions Some of the concepts I feel I have picked up on by reading Marxist literature ineneral this book confirmed some of what I felt I picked up on brought other things to light I m sure others have better understood the book can شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى give a better review By no means does this book mean you have a thorough understanding of dialectics but I believe it s aood starting point The shortcomings of the book are pointed out in the preface but they do little as best I can tell to interfere with the overall messages in the book A ood read I recommend it for anyone with leftist leanings Do a bilimleri alan ndaki bulu lar n s recini bilim felsefesi ele tirisi ile ele alan ve bilim alan nda diyalektik materyalizmi kullan labilir k lan bir kitap Bilim felsefesini kavramak i in ok iyi Somut bulu konular n n 19yy ait olmas motivasyonu d rebiliyor ama felse. Karya berikut ini sama sekali tidak berasal dari suatu dorongan kalbu Sebaliknya temanku Liebknecht dapat bersaksi akan usahanya yang keras untuk membujuk diriku mengarahkan sorotan kritik pada teori paling baru Herr Dühring mengenai sosialisme Sekali kuputuskan untuk melakukan hal itu ak. .

Dialektik der NaturFenin kavranmas i in de somut konular n ncel i in basit olmas daha faydal da denebilir This is not exactly a book it is a collection of notes and this is it s main problemFirst of all these notes are loosely connected to each other mostly chronologically making it a book hard to read Moreover Engels had not the chance to revise his notes due to his death For example in the first chapters Engels seems to embrace the old Lamarkian theory of Evolution and has a limited knowledge of Darwin In the last chapters Engels is by then a Darwinian evolutionist after carefully read the lastest development Had the chance of revision Engels would probably omit some of his early notes Engels main oal is to support the claim that nature follows the principles of dialectic materialism The problem is that many of his scientific examples to stengthen his claim are now considered absolete like the existance aether and this may alienate many scientist readersOverall it is a valuable book for every scientist and a marxist because between the lines teaches the principles of dialectic materialism But it is not the best book to read for marxist philosophy of science especially for begginers Benden nce bu kitab yorumlayanlar n da belirtti i Zerine Ileri Marksizm zerine ileri zeyde ara t rma y r tenler i nemli kaynak olabilir ama Marksist ideoloji veya kuram renmek i in yanl bir ba lang olur Engels e ait pek ok makalenin birle tirilmesinden olu an kitap Engels in do a bilimleri hakk ndaki r lerini ve diyalektik materyalist felsefesini i eriyor Benim as l merak etti im ise u Marksist bir fizik i Marksist bir kimyager Marksist bir biyolog veya Marksist bir antropolog bu kitab okudu unda ne d n yor D nemi. U tidak mempunyai pilihan lain kecuali menyelidiki teori ini yang mengklaim merupakan buah praktikal terakhir dari suatu sistem filosofikal baru dalam kaitannya dengan sistem ini dan dengan demikian memeriksa sistem itu sendiri Karenanya aku terpaksa mengikuti Herr Dühring ke dalam wilaya. I inde bile tart mal kabul edilebilecek iddialar var Bug n Engels in bu kitaptaki a klamalar n Marksist bilim insanlar nas l de erlendiriyor Marksizmin bir s m r at ma ve yabanc la ma kuram olarak sosyal bilimlere olan katk s yads namaz Ancak onlar n 19 y zy l d n r olduklar da hep akl m z n bir k esinde bulunmal This book was never published in Engels life and is actually a collection of notes he left behind from his studies of the natural sciences in the late 19th century It has some interesting sections for those interested in philosophy and history of science The scientific sections are dense but they sometimes end without a conclusion and then the reader is thrust into the middle of a different topic It would be interesting to read a very thorough commentary
of this book 
this book explanations for those of us outside the natural sciences This is one of the best books on the Arabian Challenge general laws of nature which has not been refuted so far Aood read of research students in science since it ives an integrated look into science subjects and very very informative Sure some theories are outdated and whole chapters Electricity for instance are obsolete but applying dialetical reasoning to the natural sciences and expanding on the part whole chapters Electricity for instance are obsolete but applying dialetical reasoning to the natural sciences and expanding on the part by labour in the transition from ape to man is wholly fascinating and worthwhile Engels flexes his understanding of physics mathematics and even chemistry here but also reminds us of what an exceptional thinker he is the pages about the radual perfecting of the human hand are truly something Grab a friend with a STEM background and read the shit out of this I try to ive the benefit of the doubt but this really is crap even by the standards of its tim. H yang sangat luas di mana ia berbicara mengenai segala hal yang mungkin dan mengenai hal hal lain pula Itulah menjadi asal usul serentetan karangan yang muncul dalam Vorwärts Leipzig dari awal tahun 1877 dan seterusnya dan disajikan di sini sebagai suatu kesatuan yang berangkaianF Engels.

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