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Amelia Bedilia meets Carl Hiaasen me of the time Amelia gave the bridal shower to a friend everything was mixed the bridal shower to a friend everything was all mixed and I uess funny except instead of a housecleaner it involved mobsters prison wardens pornographers and fish ladies I suppose I missed the humor1 12 stars Stand alone mystery featuring Sid Sleep Bifulco ex con who shunned the The Dressmakers Gift government s offer of Witness Protection and opts to set out on his own trying to stay away from multiple Mafia baddies who haveood reason to ice him since he rolled over on them After seven years inside he buys a small cottage on a river and hopes to begin leading a uiet life fishing something he s never done but which he became INTERESTED IN WHILE IN PRISON AND in while in prison and everything he could on the subject even to the point of learning how to tie his own flies But moving to small town America where everyone knows everyone else s business may not have been the best idea Sid s ever had Soon the uirky townspeople are nosing around and hit men are on the way to try to deal Sid a little retribution And a strange coincidence tying Sid to the local fishing uide was just way to. Wiseguy Sid “Sleep” Bifulco doesn’t need no stinkin’ witness protection program The mobster turned snitch who always put his victims ently to sleep before whacking them did his prison time and now has a new rural hideaway and a new avocation. .
Sleep with the FishesFusing at times leaving me to wonder which character was speaking or performing an action If You Ve Never Read you ve never read by Brian M Wiprud before I d recommend skipping this and reading Pipsueak instead Despite its faults Sleep with the Fishes is a uick and fun read Because I was working so many days in a row I chose Sleep with the Fishes because it seemed like a fun light read So it was OK for awhile But then I Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria got tired of everything having two meanings or zany wacky slip ups at every turn It was a mobster s Abbott and Costello and these days I don t have a long attention span for an entire book ofoofiness I couldn t wait for it to be done and while at the beginning I kind of liked Sid the reformed hit man and Russ the fisherman who s lost his wife by the end their charm had worn thin and I didn t really care what happened to them so long as I didn t have to read about them any Um It s about like fishing It s not like the Sopranos at all Not AT ALL That review written by Lee Child is very misleadingThe dialogue is so full of cliche the characters are breaking out in cliche zits that have cliche pus leaking out the. H on somebody And Sid needs to figure out these yahoos fast because with a vicious Mafia killer on his trail a warden on his doorstep and a highly incriminating videotape making the rounds it turns out that the simple life isn’t so simple after all.

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O implausible to believe I really didn t like this book very much I enjoy Wiprud s Garth Carson taxidermy series uite a lot but am not overly fond of mafia books to begin with and the humor in this one just felt very forced and mostly not funny I finished it because it was a very uick easy read but I can t say I would recommend it Not horrible justnot so ood My first B M Wiprud and I really enjoyed it If you like Carl Hiaasen then you will enjoy this uirky characters finding themselves in screwball situations which become twisted with every turn of the page The central charater learnt to fly every turn of the page The central charater learnt to FLY IN PRISON THAT SETS THE in prison that sets the of this enjoyable farce Finished 11 14 13 While I really enjoyed the Garth Carson novels by Brian M Wiprud Sleep with the Fishes left a bit to be desired Too many ancillary characters with little to no character description or character development Unlike the other Brian M Wiprud books I ve read this one isn t a mystery it s simply a comedy of errors Which isn t a bad "Thing But If You Re " but if you re for a comedic mystery this isn t itThe humor in this book felt somewhat forced The narrative was con. Trout fishing in a scenic river valley Except that a bunch of local yokels won’t leave him aloneFrom a sexy trout dealer in crimson hiking boots to a cop married to a pregnant porn star everybody in this little town has an angle a rudge or a crus. ,