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At bad It gave me hope though that perhaps one of the books I m writing can be as bad as this and still get picked up by Disney and made into a classic movie Sorry Mary Rodgers This is a uick page turning read which was first published in 1973 and by 1976 had been made into a film starring Jodie Foster in the title role as shown by the cover of the film tie in 1976 Puffin dition which I picked up second hand uite recentlyThe book gives us a first person narrative of one day in the life Of 13 Year Old 13 year old Andrews who wakes up in the body of her thirty five year old mother after an argument where she complains about not being allowed to have responsiblity for herself and her mother says she will show her the meaning of that Far from freaking out Annabel is uite cool about it although she thinks that her mother s mind has gone jaunting off to possess someone lse such as Jacueline Onassis because Annabel s body is behaving as if Annabel is still onboardAfter the bodily form of Annabel departs for school with younger brother Ben whom Annabel persists in calling Ape Face and detests she has to cope with the various things her mother is meant to be doing including hosting dinner for her father s clients and attending a conference at school about Annabel s disappointing performance During the day there are various farcical occurrences such as the boy from upstairs on whom Annabel has a crush showing he various farcical occurrences such as the boy from upstairs on whom Annabel has a crush showing he in fact smitten with her mother certainly the Annabel possessed version and various run ins with the police forceParts of the story are very funny such as the case conference at school Other parts are just weird and don t work as the slapstick they are obviously meant to be such as her telephone conversation with the police when she thinks her brother has been kidnapped During the course of the story she learns not to take for granted what her mother does and to appreciate her little brother who is actually a sweet kidThe story shows its age in some aspects such as her insistence on being an adherent of Women s Lib in capital letters The contradiction is that the feminism is superficial her mother does all the things xpected of women at the time including doing the catering for the husband s clients doing his washing tc Also beauty is very much skin deep with the boy Annabel fancies being put off her while she wears braces and Annabel herself seeming to go along with the importance of physical attractiveness over other aspects There is also a run in with an unpleasant cleaning woman with racist attitudes though the story shows its liberal credentials when Annabel gives her the sackOverall it is a nice light read although the above attitudes make it of limited relevance to today s teenagers And obviously this is a portrayal of teenage life without the internet smartphones and all the paraphenalia of being a teenager in the modern world Having not seen ither of the film adaptations I gather there was a recent one than the one starring Jodie Foster I don t know if any of these issues were overcome Reviewed by Samantha Clanton aka Harleuin Twilight for TeensReadToocomI don t know about anyone lse but whenever I hear the words Freaky and Friday I automatically think back to Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis circa 2003 But this is a different FREAKY FRIDAY the original the better of the two in my opinion I kn I m not always on board with Disney films but one that I really liked in junior high school was the 1976 Jodie Foster film Freaky Friday It was only recently that I discovered it was based on a middle grade children s novel The story of a prim and proper mother and her willful precocious teen daughter G she wanted like watch TV all day and at marshmallows for breakfast One Friday morning Annabel’s wish comes true when she wakes up and realizes she’s turned into her mother But after a major washing machin. Dad Starting out how many stars do you guys want to give the bookEleanor 5Gwen 5Poppy 6Gwen Wait I mean 4Poppy SEH VENEleanor You can t give it 7 Poppy You can only give it 5Dad Have I ver made an xecutive decision before I m giving it 3 stars And there s nothing you can do about itEleanor Really You re giving it really three starsDad AhhhGwen Well it s a little less than 4El And way less than 5Poppy Or a lot of moneyDad I want you to know that I heard how many you think it deserves but this time I m giving it less than that To tell the truth I think it should be happy with 3 stars I was thinking about giving it 2And you know whatAll WhatDad I loved this book as a kid I specially loved the MorrisBorris stuff and the meatloafbeetloaf stuff I thought that was hilarious But there were some things that when I was reading it out loud I didn t actually read out loud to you because I felt like it was a little bit inappropriateEleanor ReallyDad YeahEleanor So that s why there were sometimes pausesDad Yeah I was thinking of how to say it so it would still make sense but not be uite so unsavoryEleanor So you didn t skip those parts you just said them in a childish wayDad Yeah For instance I didn t always like the way that the dad talked to the mom so I changed that a little bit And the cleaning lady She said some things that were racistEleanor What s racist meanDad Mean to people that don t look like you because they don t look like you Anyway the book s point was that being racist is bad and I like that point but I didn t really like the way they made that pointGwen What pointDad That being racist is badAlso there were times I thought the book got a little bit boring And some chapters just took a little too long for what I wanted at the time Did you guys feel that wayGwen YeahDad Gwen did you little too long for what I wanted at the time Did you guys feel that wayGwen YeahDad Gwen did you asleep while I was reading itGwen No I was awake the whole time Well maybe I did I while I was reading itGwen No I was awake the whole time Well maybe I did I t knowEleanor I understand about the cleaning lady but I didn t think the dad was talking mean or anything like that I mean he was only trying to say don t do so much for Annabel She needs to do things herself And I didn t mind that Sometimes parents need to do that for ach otherDad That s a fair point EleanorEleanor Then why don t you like the way the dad talks to the momDad There were some times where the dad acted like all the mom did was spend money and that the mom was stupid for not knowing how to clean shirts and the mom was stupid for not understanding math things like that I bet if you read it when you re older you ll catch what I caught when I read it this timeEleanor But I wouldn t call the parents mean Or Annabel mean Or the brother meanDad Well I agree with you on the brother for sure He was niceGwen Can I say that I liked the bookDad SurePoppy I loved the book and I love the wallDad The wall confused about where a wall was featured in the book What wallPoppy p0ints THAT WALLEleanor Well I liked the book and I want to recommend it to people I saw the movie when it first came out and thought it was great but the booknot so much This is one of those few times where the movie is better than the book Okay so I read this book for a reading challenge otherwise I would of never read it and just Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography enjoyed my memories of the movie This book wasn t written that great in my opinion and I felt like of the story was played out in the movie which made it interesting Odd for me to say that because usually the book is always better Guess it wasn t the issue in this case This is a no no I LOVE the 1970 s movie My siblings and I grew up on it But I just dragged myself to thend of the book this week I wanted to weep Books shouldn t be th. Annabel Andrews is tired of her mother telling her what to do She’s tired of being told to do her homework clean up her room and be nice to her little brother Ape Face If she were an adult she could do anythin.

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Reaky Friday is funny weird and surprisingly insightful This book was okay I haven t ver watched the original movie with Jodie Foster but the remake with Lindsey Lohan was much better than this book I was a little hesitant to pick this book up when I read that it had been published in the seventies but apart from some old slang words it was pretty much the same as a newer book I felt like this book just pushed its message across too hard It was so obvious that Mary Rodgers was trying to show kids that mothers do a lot and children should respect their mothers It felt very preachy and it took away from the story I didn t like what went down between MorrisBoris and Annabel Morris hated her and spoke about how ugly and horrible she was to Annabel herself as Ma but once she came home with a makeover he liked her And Annabel still liked him after all the bad stuff he said about her Kids are really impressionable and so I just didn t like how "that played out I was kind of shocked that there was a lot of bad language and talk of murderrape "played out I was kind of shocked that there was a lot of bad language and talk of murderrape this kids book Then there was unless you re a total retard you can figure out what you re supposed to say That was just wrong on so many levels and I absolutely despise that word I wouldn t let kids read it Some of the xchanges between the characters were just flat out weird I think it was supposed to be funny but it just wasn t I felt like Annabel s father spoke down to Ma a lot and it shocked me that Annabel referred to him as a cute man after he did I didn t particularly like Annabel as a protagonist The rest of the characters were okay but Ben was a real sweetheart At the nd Annabel s mother wouldn t tell her how she swapped their bodies how convenient for the author It was a uick and asy read and I did like the idea but it was just an okay read I wouldn t recommend it to kids or anyone lse I found this well loved x library book on the dollar table at a used bookstore That Edward Gorey cover just screamed Buy me Plus it was well you know a buck I ve never seen The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl either film version but I m familiarnough with the plot to know that at NO point in my Life Would I Have would I have wanted to switch places with my motherThough on closer Exile and Pilgrim examination in my illustrious career as a homemakerhousewife it seems I have donexactly that Damn That sucksRodgers used a kind of whiny rather scatterbrained delivery to bring to life her thirteen year old narrator It brought back memories of the rambling speech patterns my boys used as pre teens long before they became monosyllabic teen teens That s been a few years so yeah I had forgotten just how annoying it can be to listen to this chaotic chatter Another drawback though the pace is fairly frenetic some scenes drag on and on like when AnnabelMom has a meeting with Annabel s teachers AND while the nding ties things up nicely in just a few pages we never learn just how the little switcheroo was accomplished view spoilerYeah yeah we know Mom DID it but HOW And how can Annabel trust that she won t do it again hide spoiler Oh Good Lawd Just watch the movieAnnabel the greasy haired fashion missing daughter is absolutely in love like horribly painfully cringe worthy hero worship love with her mother s life But like most teenagersshe never listens to her mother s sage advice gentle chastises and constructive criticism Because reasons Instead she decides to spend her teen years with unkempt hair and terrible clothes After one particularly awful fight her mother does a little bit of behind the scenes magic and Annabel wakes up in her mother s body she is delighted Her mom has such a hot bod yes that was an actual observation of Annabel and the co. E mishap losing Ape Face and a terrible teacher conference Annabel starts to suspect that being an adult is not as much fun as it seems One thing’s for certain–this is one freaky Friday she’ll never forget. .
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