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There was not much to enjoy here *The Lack Of Insight Displayed Was Disappointing *lack of insight displayed was disappointing bit of insight goes a long way If you like your characters dull and uninspired This is the book for you Yet another movie I came across on Netflix that turns out to be based on a great book It s a debut novel filled with suspense obsession complicated friendships guilt forgiveness and redemption Set in Japan the story follows Lucy working as a transcriber when she meets a Japanese photographer Teiji with secrets of his own A fellow expat Lily comes in to the picture looking for a friend familiar with the Japanese culture and language Three does indeed become a crowd but "I WON T REVEAL SPOILERS I " won t reveal spoilers I recommend both the book and film Is there anyone else I can mention beyond Highsmith when comparing literary noirish tales of unhinged characters in a domestic setting That

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how it throughout but one of her lesser works perhaps Earthuake Bird is another one of the books recently saved from being donated to a book sale without ever having been read This period cleansing has forced me to finally read some really very good books over the years and yet this isn t one of them Serviceable generally entertaining an easy read that still forces the reader to ask uestions about the events and the narrator the switching between first and third person mid sentence was a particularly interesting element to Susanna Jones s protagonist but never entirely engaging and certainly not what I would call very good Of most interest is the portrait of Tokyo from the perspective of a foreigner who isn t just a tourist but who even after immersing herself in the city and its culture and way of life for seven years still sees the place with foreign eyes This at least marks it as a somewhat uniue experience for a western reader of fiction I will have a job convincing the police that I am innocent but one thing is indisputable If Lily had never met me she would be alive now It would seem that death follows Lucy Fly around For a young woman she has had too many people she nows meet an untimely demise She is aptly named because when people talk to her about rooting down in a place she will correct them and say people don t have rootsthey have legs She grew up in the Yorkshire area of England and as soon as she possibly can she flees to Japan because it is someplace completely different from her pudding and ginger beer upbringing She loves her simple life She has a job as a translator that gives her intriguing word puzzles to unravel She has a few friends really the right number and she has a boyfriend who is strange and wonderful Everything is going fine until she meets Lily Bridges A taste of home a Yorkshire girl who talks incessantly about the very place that Lucy wants to forget She is asked by a friend to help her find a place and settle in Lucy isn t the right person for this type of favor She is self sufficient and doesn t really like the lack of that in others Still she decides to help Teiji is a photographer a photographer who never sells his pictures He has file folders brimming with wonderful evocative photographs but they are his and not for anyone else He likes the odd intensity of Lucy s eyes They meet because he finds her on the street in the lens of his cameraLucy hasn t introduced Teiji to any of her friends She is the golem and he isprecious She doesn t want to share him because he ishers and hers alone He works in a noodle shop and sometimes she likes to watch him without him nowing she is there She is obsessively protective of him because to lose him is something she doesn t even want to contemplate There is a murder and Lucy is the perfect suspect The novel centers around the police and also the reader trying to sort out what is true what is partially true and what is absolute delusion The truth is sometimes a chimera The writing moves between first person and third person which has been confusing to some readers but I didn t experience that problem It makes perfect sense to me as I start to discover that Lucy is experiencing some disassociation from her life She is an unreliable narrator and some things she tells us are easier for her to share with some distancing of the narrative As the plot unfolds we have to weigh everything that has been revealed to us and determine if we believe what happened really happened I also watched the movie version of this novel from 2019 starring Alicia Vikander They made some revisions to the plot including transforming Lucy from being English to Swedish This might be because Vikander is originally from Sweden and her particular accented Japanese would make sense There is one death that was changed for the movie and I m so glad they made that modification It added a compelling aspect to the subplot. Emselves from each other and me When Lily disappears and her body is found dismembered in Tokyo Bay Lucy becomes the chief suspect and the focus of an intense police interrogation through which she narrates her life story From her unwelcome birth through her painful Yorkshire childhood Lucy illuminates her growing fascination with music and language both of which helped provide her means of escapeBut Lucy now must struggle to prove her innocence in the murder of Lily Alas the first pe. Lucy Fly is a translator *who has lived worked in Japan for ten years The story opens as she *has lived and worked in Japan ten years The story opens as she taken into uestioning by police about the murder of her missing friend Lily although it soon becomes apparent that Lily wasn t uite as much of a friend as she may have appeared Lucy s narrative looks back on her life in Japan how she came to be there the development and in some cases demise of number of friendships including her acuaintance with Lily and her relationship with her lover Teiji The Earthuake Bird is ostensibly a mysterythriller focused on the uestion of whether Lucy illed Lily but to my mind it is much of a character study exploring the complicated psyche and motivations of LucyI didn t really like Lucy at first despite feeling that I had certain traits in common with her which would normally make me like a character even if they re meant to be horrendous However the further the story "progressed the I began to warm to and sympathise with her "the I began to warm to and sympathise with her as I continued to find her behaviour and decisions strange for example view spoileron Sado Island it really seemed that she was encouraging Teiji to cheat on her with Lily and I couldn t think of any explanation for this unless she was simply being deliberately self destructive hide spoiler If you ve read one thriller with an unreliable narrator sometimes it really does feel like you ve read them all And I found this one overly mannered and not particularly convincingAlso I still can t uite forgive the author for the sentence I crawled on top of his ice body rocked him back and forth until the ice turned to water and his icicle penis melted inside meNote this is not Abominable Snowman smut fic I would give this book 25 stars if I could It wasn t than okay but it had some interesting bitsFirst I felt the title was forced on the book The writer mentioned the possibility of a bird that might be singing during earthuakes and who may not even exist like twice throughout the whole book I didn t feel it was relevant unless it s a sign that the narrator was mad in which case it was unnecessary Lucy had bigger issues than possibly hearing a nonexistent birdSpeaking of Lucy I absolutely hated that Jones made her We Sell Drugs keep switching between the first and the third person during her narration There was no pattern for the choices it was simply annoyingThat being said the story was interesting Not much happens in real time the book is mostly made up of flashbacks but Lucy s point of view is interesting I liked her perception of everything sheept putting everything people cities countries etc in boxes of clich s so she either loved them or hated them I liked her insecurities Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ kudos for Jones for not making me roll my eyes at those and I enjoyed her mild obsessivenessThe ending was weird for me I would have preferred a different oneAll in all this is a differentind of story and it s uite short It will Literature of Africa keep you interested albeit not completely engaged It was probably meant to be this way More Confused than Clever 1 Stars This was a book of confusion It was filled with confused characters it seemed confused as to what genre it wanted to be and I am confused as to why the terrible books win the CWA award winners for best new authors Plot Summary Lucy is British Lucy escaped her life by going to Japan Lucy is morose Lucy is obsessive Lucy has friends and Lucy loses friends Maybe Lucyilled her friends My Take I thought this book was a hot mess For the most part it was book of confusion but lets start with the positiveDespite my obvious dislike the author is not a bad writer Her style is not amateurish She appeared to have a plan with this novel and she stuck with it Unfortunately I liked very little of it Although I wasn t enjoying the majority of the novel the fact the writing itself was good and the fact book was relatively short ept me from putting it down and giving it one starJust having uality writing skills does not translate into a great novel For the most part this was a character novel A bad character novel Lucy was the major character with two secondary characters None were well developed and but worst of all each lacked insight into their own actions and emotions Lucy was morose and broken Generally I would not take issue with that but Lucy had no sense of who she was and failed to develop through the novel She failed to grow and learn from her experiences It left me feeling that the events were a waste of my timeThe story contains a mystery Instead of being explored it is simply revealed As we near the end of the story the author tells us that we have been in the middle of a second mystery the whole time Given the character s lack of insight its no wonder it took the characters by surprise A reader who does not lack insight saw it coming a mile away Final Thoughts. Susanna Jones's debut is a thriller set in Tokyo where 34 year old Lucy Fly an English expat who translates tedious technical manuals has agreed to help a new arrival Lily Bridges navigate her first confusing weeks in Japan Like Lucy Lily has also fled an unhappy life in Yorkshire but as Lily insinuates herself into Lucy's life Lucy finds that she has gained a friend but lost her sometime lover Teiji I had been in possession of a lover and a friend Now I had neither They had stolen th.
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That was better than the book biggest alteration in the movie was to the ending I MUCH preferred the ending in book and many movie watchers found the ending of the movie to be one of the weaknesses My recommendation for those who are interested in this story is that they should read the book first and then watch the movie They will still enjoy watching the book come to life on the big screen but they will certainly be shorting themselves by not reading the book first The dust jacket blurb compares this book to The Wasp Factory and The Sculptress I haven t read the Minette Walters book but I have read the Iain Banks book and even though it is considered have read the Iain Banks book and even though it is considered classic by some and a piece of filth by others it is in my mind not the best comparison I think The Earthuake Bird has a broader appeal to a larger audience I ended up really liking Lucy Her eccentricities are ones that I have sympathy with Her obsessions her desire for privacy her inadeuacies at interacting with people her fears of public exposure her desire for intimacy are all things that I think most introverted readers will identify with If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account In The Earthuake Bird police officers come to take translator Lucy Fly in for uestioning in the disappearance and likely murder of Lily Bridges a woman recently arrived from England Lucy refuses to answer most of the officers uestions even if they might help her While confined by the police Lucy considers her past and how became a murder suspectTen years ago Lucy Fly left England for Tokyo cutting off all ties with her family The only girl out of eight children always told she was strange she had sought refuge in isolation and in fake languages As an adult it was natural she sought a country where she could escapeEven in Tokyo Lucy had few friends just a co worker the other members of a string uartet in which she played cello and occasionally other ex pats that post often exasperated her Yet when she met amateur photograph Matsuda Teiji by stepping into the frame of his picture she became caught up in the relationship though it was often a mystery to her and he seemed to set the terms of their contactThough Lucy was uninterested in seeing anyone else her acuaintance Bob asked her to help a new arrival Lily Bridges who spoke no Japanese find a place to live since Lily seemed overwhelmed and anxious Lucy reluctantly agreedLucy s traumatic past her relationship with Teiji and her budding friendship with Lily layer and intersect opening up childhood wounds that echo in the present But do they make her a murdererThe Earthuake Bird is written in economical elegant language and offers a lovely view of Tokyo from the perspective of an outsider Its commentary on translation and in living in two languages is also interesting To some extent the book is a commentary on the tendency to rewrite and reinterpret memories and the past and the possible danger involved I also liked the idea of Teiji experiencing the world so completely through photography and how that affects LucyThe mystery element of the story was less compelling We now from the beginning that Lily is missing and likely dead What happened to her is wrapped up in the final pages of the novel Arguably the mystery wasn t the point but it was positioned that way so I was expecting a little Further the author used some techniues such as the similarity of Lucy and Lily on the page that had no conseuence in the narrative Additionally another freuently used device which I won t describe to avoid spoiling it for anyone who cares seems like it will be very important but also has no resolution or explanation by the end of the novelPeople who are interested in a portrait of Tokyo or a unreliable narrator s excavation of her past will likely enjoy The Earthuake Bird Those who are looking for a conventional mystery though will be disappointed This haunting novel is set in Tokyo and concerns the arrest of Lucy Fly a British translator who has lived in Japan for ten years for the murder of a British auaintance of hers Lily Bridges This is not really a crime novel though in the traditional sense It strays into the lit fiction genre as Lucy recounts the story of her life her relationship with Lily and her obsessional love for Teiji who she finds taking photographs in the street one dayLucy is een to leave Britain and has no contact with her family whereas Lily fi A bizarre and unreliable narrator makes this a rollercoaster ride Could she be responsible for the disasters that follow her or is she just a paranoid narcissist I love when characters refer to themselves in the third personit gives me the shivers I m not guilty but I m not not guilty great line. Rson she must convince is herself The defendant must decide how to plead And here is my plea Not guilty but not not guilty I of all people should not be too hasty to judge As she probes ever deeper into the enigmatic mind of Lucy Fly Susanna Jones creates a brilliantly rendered drama of psychological suspense in which the ghostly vestiges of guilt the thin line between love and obsession and the seeming clarity of language combine to cloud the judgment of both character and reader ali. The Earthuake Bird