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Sire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder lives up to its title with lots of desire and lots of deception Don t be misled by the bodice ripper cover art This one has some meat to go with all those jiggling potatoesSarah is a young and beautiful university professor worried about her career who wants to be pregnant and soon tick tock biological clock Her husband Dan a young and beautiful doctor worried about his career is happy to oblige whenever Sarah feels fertile Like all married couples they bring their pasts with them baggage at best wreckage at worst Sarah had a tough childhood a mother with a drinking and drug problem problems that have a lasting effect on Sarah and her marriage Both Sarah and Dan face serious problems at work problems that also affect them at home Then there is Sarah s best friend Isabel a young and beautiful Latina and like Sarah a college professor worried about her career Izzy has a husband a young lover and three ids She is not a great mother She too has a past a gangster father who abused her in childhood She is not a nice person although Sarah doesn t now it And then if this isn t complicated enough Dan has a past that reappears and threatens his marriage When Sarah s boss and mentor turns up dead in unusual circumstances and then someone starts leaving threatening messages for Sarah the story turns into real intrigue The uestion is can love between Sarah and Dan and Izzy and her young lover conuer allDesire and Deception is a full length novel which gives the author time to develop the characters explore their back stories and introduce interesting side characters There is a scary security guard at Sarah s school who eeps showing up whenever there is an incident In a mystery thriller everyone is suspect Is this guy a threat or a friend Dan s mother a uirkyself determined woman of a certain age provides a fun counterpoint to Sarah s experience with her own mother But let s not forget this is an erotic novel and the author delivers the goods The young and beautiful main characters put their physical gifts to good use often Buchbinder happily shares the full details of these encounters and I happily read the naughty parts with my imagination working full timeThis is a nicely written tightly structured story It rides a fine line between eroticismromance and thriller Even though I poke fun at the main characters being unrealistically attractive I did not have any trouble imagining them in everyday situations nor in extraordinary dangerous circumstances The conflicts faced by the characters are serious and as a reader I began to take sides even as I pondered who dunnit Without giving anything away I can say that the author does not shy away from the moral ambiguity that is real life and that adds greatly to this book For those who enjoy a good plot that adds dimensionality to the erotic scenes Desire and Deception is for youReviewed by Mstr JakeDIVA RATING 4HEAT RATING Flame Sharon Buchbinder ept me on the edge of my seat with her incredible writing and storytelling And when I thought Oh yeah she added another twist and turn Grab this book and go for a ride "Good job SMOKIN HOTBook Desire and DeceptionAuthor Sharon BuchbinderGenre Erotic Romance Erotic Romantic Suspense Erotic "job SMOKIN HOTBook Desire and DeceptionAuthor Sharon BuchbinderGenre Erotic Romance Erotic Romantic Suspense Erotic ThrillerLength NovelThere is so much happening in DESIRE AND DECEPTION by SHARON BUCHBINDER that I feel I could write a review that is five pages long The momentum just eeps building and building throughout the book The story line eeps getting and complex as you go If you like your sex scenes smokin hot your suspense edge of your seat and your thrillers fast paced this is a book your sex scenes smokin hot your suspense edge of your seat and your thrillers fast paced this is a book will thoroughly enjoySarah Wright Rosen is a professional woman working at the local college What I liked so much about Sarah is the growth this character went through in the book She started out a little wimpy but grew into a strong fierce woman that when faced in a dangerous situation stood her ground and even pulled her gun when neededI had a problem with Dan Sarah s husband I m still not sure I like him very much He is a busy good looking doctor that seemed to me selfish and demanding when it came to his opinions and needs Through a series of events in the book that made me want to ick his butt he was forced to back down from some of his opinions and support his wife and the remarkable circumstances she found herself in or possibly lose herThen we have Izzy the princess of a Mexican crime boss What a great character She works as a professor at the college Sarah works at and they are best friends Polar opposites really do attract Sarah being such a nice person Izzy is her exact opposite She is spoiled and deadly As you get further into this story you start to learn of the deplorable acts perpetrated against Izzy as a child and the reader gets some insight into why she is the person she is and why she likes her sex rough and under her control I really enjoyed the interaction between these characters because I felt through Ms Buchbinder s writing Izzy was in some way reaching out to Sarah to get a little normalcy I truly believe that although Izzy would make fun of Sarah she also felt drawn to her because she new Sarah was the one person that she could count on for anythingI must say that one of my favorite characters in this book was Dan s mother Gert We met this eccentric older woman a couple of times She is a bright humorous spot in this book that takes some very dark turns I went into this book blind I had not read any reviews because I like the book to unfold for me as I read it I am totally blown away with the direction this book took Without giving any of the plot away I must say that never in my wildest dreams would I have thought an erotic book would have such an interesting intricate plot and be so full of twists and turns This was a really great rea. Will do her bidding up to a point Despite the mind blowing sex he can’t and won’t murder for herAs Izzy’s nosy parker friend and colleague doggedly follows an obscure trail of clues about the department chair’s death Izzy is forced to choose between reverting to the ways of her unredeemable father or becoming the extraordinary woman she sees in Sean’s loving eye. Reviewed at Library of LightsDate reviewed 27 April 2011Review link s organized crime sexy passion and strong characters in Desire and Deception by Sharon Buchbinder This is my ind of literotica and I absolutely adored Ms Buchbinder s work Desire and Deception is definitely a eeper and I wouldn t mind reading it over and over again when I m in the mood for some sizzling romanceI find myself b 3 12 starsWhile on a working vacation Dr Sarah Wright Rosen and her husband Dan make the gruesome discovery of Sarah s boss Bobbi s body Distraught over the discovery Sarah is determined to prove that Bobbi did not die while riding drunk on a jet ski as the official ruling states but that foul play was involved Dan is not thrilled with Sarah s determination He is busy with his own problems at the hospital where he is a doctor and can t be bothered to help with the investigation Back at her job teaching at Balti Metropolitan University Sarah pursues her investigation all the while dealing with her problems getting pregnant and leaning on her best friend and fellow teacher Izzy Ramirez Izzy Ramirez has an agenda of her own sexy and irreverent she is the daughter of a South American mafia boss mother of three children has an active sex life with her husband and a boy toy grad student on the side What Izzy wants Izzy gets and no one stands in her way not her husband best friend father children or loverSarah and Izzy s worlds collide taking them both in directions that neither would have anticipated and leading them into paths far from what they are comfortable with Desire and Deception is a mystery wrapped in erotica all the while dealing with the everyday hopes dreams and problems of two women who are friends but different as black and white Sarah is strong in her beliefs of right and wrong a bit wimpy when it comes to her life with Dan and na ve beyond belief Izzy has no beliefs in right and wrong to her it s simple she is what is most important and will do whatever it takes to make sure everyone around her is on board with that thought Sarah s husband is at times overbearing and arrogant at other times loving and supportive hard to get to now and even harder to like Izzy s husband is your typical Latin lover sexy and strong except when it comes to dealing with Izzy also hard to get to Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey know and hard to like There are a number of supporting cast of characters we don t get tonow much about them other than how they relate to our two heroines The story moves in and out of the mystery of Bobbi s death Dan and Sarah s lives Izzy and Tomas lives and a few side trips to the seedy world of human trafficking While the blurb for this book says it s a mystery and sort of discovery of themselves for Sarah and Izzy make no mistake Desire and Deception is thinly disguised erotica There are many different plot lines going on at one time too many to try to eep up with and you tend to just get lost in the business of it all There is no mention in any of the blurbs that you are about to read a book that is heavy on the erotica this is uickly discovered not 3 or 4 pages into the book with an extremely graphic sex scene Don t get me wrong I read and enjoy erotica I just didn t now that sex scene Don t get me wrong I read and enjoy erotica I just didn t ЯED know that what I was about to read I suppose you cannot technically call this erotica there is a plot line and an attempt at getting tonow the characters outside of the bed There was a decent mystery going on with Bobbi s death but there was so much else going on to get into it and just when you seemed to be settling down to the story there would be a random sex scene thrown in I actually had to put this book down twice and walk away to read something else because I was just so overwhelmed with all that was going on I couldn t get into the rhythm of it I think two decent books could have come out of this one erotica one a suspense of this one erotica one a suspense but trying to combine the two just didn t work for me If you enjoy some steamy erotica this is the book for youMember of the "Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team Buckle your seatbelt and hold on cause "Romance Guild Review Team Buckle your seatbelt and hold on cause mystery will take you for a wild ride and the passionate love scenes will leave you all hot and bothered Can t wait for the seuel from the preview I ve seen it will be EVEN BETTER NOTE Four stars is the highest rating I give unless a book CHANGED MY LIFE so this is high praise from me This was a Paranormal Romance Guild Dual ReviewSometimes you sit down open a book that you have been told is an Erotic Romance and are somehow introduced to a story you did not uite expect This is exactly what happened to me for this review of Desire and Deception Ms Buchbinder has written a novel mixed with love murder intrigue sprinkled with a pinch of humor to have cooked up one heck of a busy storyWe have two young women both professors at a local college Each has their own story to tell as their lives intercept for this story Izzy is a Latina daughter of a Mexican crime boss with a husband a lover and 3 children Sarah Wright Rosen newly married to handsome Doctor Dan Rosen has one agenda to beat the biological clock and have a baby So our story beginsThe first hint of trouble Sarah is embroiled in finding the dead body of her boss and mentor drowned Sarah was fishing with her husband after a business event she attended off the coast of Florida and reeled Bobbi in on her line Sarah being a black and white type person is not satisfied with the police blowing it off as an accident She returns back to work to find notes to her from her deceased boss implicating a tenured professor of wrong doing Sarah sets out to find a iller and Dan is not at all happy with it as terrible acts of violence towards Sarah start to occur I do not want to add any spoilers Ms Buchbinder has woven such an intricate story switching between the lives of these two women chapter by chapter leading the read. Pampered princess and daughter of a Mexican crime boss Isabel Izzy Ramirez is a newly appointed assistant professor working toward tenure and promotion Driven by voracious desires including ambition for advancement in the legitimate world and lust for her boy toy Izzy’s house of cards is threatened when the department chair confronts her about a major transgression Izzy.

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Er down a path of no return The addition of Dan s Jewish mother adds a just the right amount of humor to break the dark mood that follows usAs our story proceeds we start to see the changes in these two young women As we grow life has a way of doing this and they are no different Rated erotica this book certainly is not sex for sex sake but a part of life of two healthy young women who are with loving partners and is uite natural to the storyline Izzy uses her sexuality because it is a tool to get what she wants Each woman has their own personal baggage that we learn about each woman abused in different ways as children and this is what makes them who they are today Sarah had a drunk and abusive mother and Izzy had a father that abused her both sexually and emotionally Learning about this gives us the background on why they are who they are today Ms Buchbinder gives us characters that are real flawed and like someone you might even now I had trouble liking Dr Dan I felt he was too overbearing at times and then not supportive in others I sometimes became overwhelmed by too much story being given to me changing the flow of my read so that I had to set the book down to digest I liked the growth of Sarah who at the beginning was a bit of a wimp who grew into herself and curbed her green eyed monster Izzy The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs kept us guessing all through the story on which destructive path she would take This is not a uick novella 99 cent read Once you open page one you are invested in this well edited story Reviewed by Gloria LakritzSenior Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild375 Stars Book Review Blog is the tough sexy Latino bad girl of everyinky man s dreams Like the title suggests she is a desirable beauty full of deceit This is a woman who Moreno knows what she wants and won t think twice about manipulating people into doing her dirty work for her Even so Sean her boy toynows there s to this sex goddess than a hot body and devil s persona She s got a softer side and he s going to bring it outThis is an erotic telling of a bad girl s transformation into her true potentialI adore Izzy at the start of the story but by the end I think it s safe to say I fell in love with her vulnerable not uite as hot headed self She s an excellent main character and a role model for those of us perhaps not fortune enough to have that white picket fence upbringingAs for the writing style this is a fast read given the well described setting and unraveling drama I would definitely watch a soap opera about these characters just saying It s got heat passion and a whole lot of dramaBook Review Blog Know the feeling of being on a roller coaster all of the ups and downs while spinning around in a circle Well that is the best way to describe this bookI don t now how to explain every character in this story that is pertinent So I will talk about the many different spins in this story We have sex and murder right off the bat A happy couple on their honeymoon pull a dead body from the water and low and behold it is the wife s bossThe Wife Starts Off Immediately With Her Uest starts off immediately with her uest creating a baby and checks her ovulation on her honeymoon crazy I now The wife goes back to work at the college as a teacher A disgruntled student is suspended for a semester when his essay is plagiarism entirely He promises to get revengeAn abandoned baby is left on a doorstep in the middle of winter The wife takes the child to the hospital where her husband works Who is the father of this baby and why would any mother abandon her infant There is an embezzlement in a college grant money and it is confusing to say the least I am still not sure of the guilt on the woman who was blamed Property damage occurs to the wife s car classroom and threatening messages are left on voicemail The A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author killer of the boss tries desperately to get rid of the evidence by any means necessary including arson and murder There is also incest rape physical abuse mental abuse adultery love forgiveness Mexican Drug Lords human trafficking and a nun Inow it sounds jumbled and makes no sense but after reading this story you will understand The story covers many real life issues that we face in society today The characters are complex and play their part so well Just when you think you What If know theiller the spinning throws you off balance and makes you uestion if you are right or wrongNow to the worst part of this story the part that made me absolutely disgusted as a woman and as a human being Every choice in life directly affects your life or someone in the future immensely so seeing what caused the ripple to become the tsunami destroying so many lives Human trafficking is a disgusting reality for so many people Mexico even in this story are being lied too and forced to be adused or personalization It is an underground action much like the drug smuggling in the world So was there any justice in this book The answer is some I hated the ending nowing that it wasn t the ending I thought is should be or that there would be a seuel to tie up loose ends WrongThis story has the good the bad and the ugly Although the ending wasn t what I wanted I loved loved loved this book I couldn t tell you all of the twists simply because it gives too much away as in a spoiler It is not your typical everyday erotic romance mystery as it sounds to be And with that it is "so very much Bravo Bravo Bravo I was given this book to review from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley "very much Bravo Bravo Bravo I was given this book to review from the authorpublisher through Reading Alley in exchange I give my unbiased opinion Turn up the air conditioner before you read DESIRE AND DECEPTION because this book is hot hot hot The drama is non stop the plot is unpredictable and fun and the characters are smart realistic and dangerously braveA fast paced steamy read that will leave you asking when Sharon Buchbinder s next book will be availableDesire and Deception De. ’s take no prisoners approach means she makes sure her boss can never expose her deceptionsGraduate assistant and guy on the side Sean Richards wants Izzy to leave her sleazy husband If she would only get away from that crook he’s convinced that he can bring out the better woman who exists beneath Izzy’s tough sex siren exterior He adores his hot blooded Latina and. Desire and Deception