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S to I grabbed this at the library rankly because I saw A Brown Kid On brown kid on School Dazed front and I make a point to make sure the books we bring homeeature children with diverse skin colors or rom different countries and cultures I didn t screen it I did not know the content and inadvertently created a dialog with my kids about segregation They knew about Ruby Bridges they knew about slavery and a little bit about Civil Rights but the extent to which the idiocy infiltrated every little aspect of human dignity right down to where one could drink water was a new conceptIt s hard to talk about these issues and this ugly past of America with children and I was grateful the book brought this topic to our week We ended up watching some videos online and turning it into a history lesson or schoolBeautiful pictures inspires good conversation Please don t save this book Chinese Fairy Tales Fantasies: Folio Society Edition for Black History month as one reviewer suggested Anytime is a good timeor a book like this On a very hot day in 1962 Michael and his grandmother take the bus into down Once they get there Michael runs to the water ountains to take a drink But the water tastes nasty and dirty He looks over at a little boy drinking out of the whites only water He looks over at a little boy drinking out of the whites only water and over at a little boy drinking out of the whites only water ountain and a little boy enjoying his drink Could the white water be better Michael decides to ind out and takes the bus to town by himself When no one is looking he takes a drink rom the whites only water Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home fountain It tastes dirty and nasty too He happens to look down and see that bothountains are ed by the same pipe It s the same water The white water isn t any better Michael wonders if that had been a lie what other things that he s been told should he uestionI read this book to my ive and seven year old boys I think most of it went over my My Wifes Affair five year old s head but my seven year old and I were able to have a great discussion about segregation and Martin Luther King Jr s role in bringing that to an end This is a great book to use as a jumping off pointor discussion of race and history Michael wants nothing than to taste the water Dîwana Jan from the white waterountain in town He becomes obsessed with idea imagining that it s pure and clear Finally he comes up with a plan to go to town to try the water or himself He discovers that the water is exactly the same warm muddy and gross He realizes that he can do anything a leap that I m not sure that young students will really uite understand The strength of this book is that it illustrates come Jim Crow laws in the South This book would be a nice complement to Calvin Alexander Ramsey s Ruth and the Green BookRecommended or grades 2 and 3 Younger students will understand the parts about segregation older students can discuss what Michael learns about being treated unfairly This book is inspired by a true story about a little African American boy growing up in the segregated South Michael and his Grandmother went down town Michael was so thirsty that he went to the water ountain that read blacks only After the irst ew sips the water tasted like nasty muddy and gritty yuck Michael sees that the boy drinking rom the whites only water Naples! fountain is still drinking Michael becomes determined toind out what the whites only water tastes like This would be a good story to read during Black History Month It is a good way to give students an American history lesson I would probably read it to 1st graders and up Students will be able to The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey follow the illustrations of the story This is an adventure type book that students would enjoy seeing themselves in They wouldollow Michael on his journey downtown to the white only water Itsuka fountainThe authors of White Water are an African American writer Michael Bandy and Caucasian co author Eric Stein They take their readers on a wonderful adventure back in time of American history Readers are able to recognize like main character Michael that all people are eual. T get into he's determined toind out or himself Based on a transformative experience co author Michael Bandy had as a boy this compelling story sheds light on the reality of segregation through a child's eyes while showing the powerful awareness that comes rom daring to uestion the way things ar. ,
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Arned a valuable lesson in the process Textually and visually White Water simply came together very well Authors Bandy and Stein created this story rom one of Bandy s childhood memories of of being prohibited rom drinking rom a water ountain reserved or whites only Set in the South in the early Sixties White Water tells how a young black child Michael hates the taste of the water rom the colored water No Strings Attached fountain and becomes obsessed withinding out what white water tastes like One day he manages to sneak downtown to Fancy Strut find out As he partakes of theorbidden Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka fruit which tastes as bad as the water he is allowed to drink a white woman sees him and yells Boy you know you don t belong here Michael startled and afraidalls but then has an epiphanyLying on the ground all I could see was the pipe I d never seen it Unbreathed Memories from that angle before The same pipeed both ountains Two ountains Two signs But the same water in both The Emperor s New Clothes has nothing on this modern version of a web of lies spun to prop up an artificial system of power presided over by those who don t want the truth to be known It s really a terrific book and the warm tones of the watercolor and ink illustrations add to its considerable appeal The book is intended or readers rom Kindergarten to Grade 3 but I highly recommend it A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 for all ages White Water made its debut in 2011 and it is inspired by a true storythe story of Michael S Bandyone of the co authors of this book It took several yearsor White Water to become a children s book and the story that inspired this children s book has become a made I Love My Dad for TV movie that will premiere on TV OneWhite Water tells the story of a young Michael excited to take a trip into town with his grandmother What makes this children s story uniue is that it is set during a time of segregation where black and whites had to use separateacilitiesOn this particular day a white boy drinking water All about Us from a white only waterountain piued the interest of an ambitious Michael and sparked a curiosity that only white water could cure Or at least that is what Michael believes Michael began to antasize about what the water From A White Only Fountain a white only ountain taste likehence the story of White Water was bornHowever this story is than Michael getting a taste of water Noni Speaks Up from a white onlyountain this story is about segregation through the eyes of a child I think this book can serve as an amazing tool to young children about a time in our American History where euality was not so eualI think the Authors S Bandy and Eric Stein did an the Authors Michael S Bandy and Eric Stein did an job telling this story in the Handbags and Gladrags form of a children s book The illustrator Shadra Strickland did an excellent job with her illustrationsmaking this book a keepsake that you would want to past onrom generation to generation This is no doubt a phenomenal bookA book that I think that every child should have an opportunity to read at least onceAnd An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) for those of you who haven t had the pleasure of seeing the White Water movie trailer here s a link that gives you a preview of White Water the movie can alsoind my Book Review or White Water on the YouTube Video is written as it appears on The Book Blog and Etc This book describes the experiences of a young boy who aces discrimination in his hometown and the actions he takes to rebel against the rules His obsession with the water Wish Upon a Wedding fountain symbolizes the ineuities in his life but when he realizes that everyone drinksrom the same source he understands that the barriers put in ront of him by society are largely artificialThe ont is large and the narrative is short enough to keep a child s attention and the subject matter is serious but does not include acts of violenceThe illustrations created using watercolor ink and gouache convey an older time in America and I think they show the expressions of the characters very wellOverall it s a Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other fast read and help. Again By the time they arrive in town Michael's throat is as dry as a bone so he runs to the waterountain But after a Richard Nixon: The Life few sips the warm rusty water tastes bad Why is the kid at the Whites Onlyountain still drinking Is his water clear and refreshingly cool No matter how much trouble Michael migh. ,

Michael is a young black boy who lives in a segregated world one world I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! for the white people and oneor the one world or the white people and one or the One day when Michael is hot and thirsty he takes a drink Puppet Master from theountains Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners for black people The water tasted like nasty muddy gritty yuck He saw a white boy drinkingrom the white Janae (Blacktop, fountain and Michael began to imagine what the white water tasted like He imagined white water was pure and cold He could not get the idea that he must try the white water out of his head Finally he snuck over to the whiteountain and took a sip It tasted just like the colored water michael was caught like the colored water Michael was caught rom the white ountain and he ell down When he ell he noticed that the same water pipe brought the same water to both ountains An epiphany or him The signs over the ountains had put a bad idea in my head But they were a lie If they weren t real what else should I uestion Maybe there were a lot of things like that nasty old white water that weren t true That had nothing to do with nothing Maybe everything I thought I couldn t do was just in my imagination too That s when I realized I could do anything Now I knew And Why Diets Make Us Fat from that day on I wouldn t let anything stand in my way When Michael goes to town with his grandmother in the segregated South of 1962 he notices the way he and the other African Americans must pay their busares and then enter Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., from the rear Once he arrives in town he is thirsty and grateful to drinkrom the water Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, fountain even though there are separateountains Everyday life in medieval times for blacks and whites To his surprise the water is gritty and doesn t taste good at all Once he returns home he begins thinking that theountain North for whites must taste much better and slips off by himself to taste the water Much to his surprise it tastes the same way the otherountain did and once is rightened away rom the Dead Giveaway fountain he realizes that the waterlowing into both ountains is exactly the same despite what the signs may seem to indicate The ink and watercolor illustrations capture that particular time period the town and Michael s home vividly Pair this one with another examination of the separation of whites and blacks during that time period Matt Faulkner s A Taste of Colored Water Although similar stories have been told before both books provide excellent starting places or conversations about prejudice tolerance and social justice On a very hot day Michael takes the bus to town with his Grandma Halfway there all Michael can think about is getting a cool drink Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism from the waterountain He only takes a Nope few sips of the nasty tasting water Next to Micheal is a boy his age taking a nice long drinkrom the Whites only Rejected Rejected Rejected fountain Now Micheal wants to seeor himself how refreshing and cool the White water taste I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed White Water Many times historical picture books are so Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison focused on teaching there s little roomor anything else White Water is the best of both worlds From the seating on the bus to the two water Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz fountains its a good look at the segregated South With Micheal s imaginationrom to the two water Buck: A Memoir fountains its a good look at the segregated South With Micheal s imaginationrom army men who cover him to daydreaming in class the story is also un After that I couldn t concentrate anywhere not even at school One moment I would be in class then suddenly I d be crawling on my hands and knees in the hot desert Out of nowhere there was a palm tree with a water ountain under it Above the Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series fountain was a whites only sign I got up opened my mouth and was about to take a drink when Michael Michael the teacher said would you care to join us today I snapped out of it All the kids were laughing at me Strickland s wonderful illustrations compliment the text beautifully The spreads are open with very nice muted earth tones I love Strickland s commitment to detailrom the water drops to Micheal s Five Days Left faithful dog The illustrations confirm that this is a story about a boy who went on a dangerous adventure and le. For a young boy growing up in the segregated south a town drinkingountain becomes the source of an epiphanyIt's a scorching hot day and going into town with Grandma is one of Michael's Searching for Robert Johnson favorite things When the bus pulls up they climb in and pay theirare get out walk to the back door and climb in.