(The Second Mrs Giaconda) [PDF] æ E.L. Konigsburg

Nd one I ve given as a gift many TIMESMY MAIN ISSUE WITH THIS BOOK THOUGH IT HAS main issue with this book though it has great remise is that there s not enough characterization or even How to Be Alone plot It also needs atmosphere andlace and less straight telling In From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler I felt like I was in the museum with the two children Even if I d Read This Book As A Child I Don T Think this book as a child I don t think would ve felt like I was in Italy with the main characterHowever as a *Kid I Would Ve *I would ve happy to see that the reproductions of the Racial Theories In Context paintings mentioned in the book are included in the back That along with the tidbits about theaintings in the novel itself would The Queen I probably get a young reader interested even in da VinciA side note I don t know why the cover says Giaconda when it is clearly written Gioconda on the titleage and in the text You know it s tough when you re teaching a sixth grade IMG class and you read something that makes you start to tear up and you have to Cigarette Kisses pretend you re not crying I loved this book I love Konigsburg in general but this i think is one the best and littliest known works by this great author This tale is a wonderful story with woven strands of history about Da Vinci braided into a fictional but fascinatingossible account of who the Mona Lisa really is Highly recommend En the genius his morally uestionable young apprentice and a young duchess whose lain features belie the sensitivity of her soul. Him a house in his will all of this was in spite of the fact that he describes Salai as a thief and a scoundrel The author apparently wondered why and this story is the answer to her own uestion and incidentally it s about the Mona LisaThe book s cover and its title romise to answer THE UESTION OF WHO WAS MONA LISA AND WHY uestion of who was Mona Lisa and why Leonardo ainted her and it does but only in the last 3 Organizations As Knowledge Systems pages so that when you re 34 s through you begin to wonder if it will ever happen By the finalage Leonardo has not met her yet just Salai who knows that his master will want to Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins paint her and why in other words everything up until thatoint is a set up and as a result the book feels unresolved We get a mild sense of Leonardo and of the eriod a sense of the wars between France and the city states of Italy but mostly the book is about SalaiSo when handing this book to a student say this book is about Salai the ersonal assistant of Leonardo and you will learn a bit about Leonardo and about Italy Ignore the emphasis on Mona Lisa on the cover that s just the sales Never Sweeter pitch to get you to buy the book I wanted to like this children s book than I did because Konigsburg s From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler was one of my absolute favorites when I was a kid one I reread multiple times Were begging for aortrait by his hand In E L Konigsburg's intriguing novel the answer lies with the complex relationship betwe.

Summary The Second Mrs Giaconda

A wonderful little book Why did Leonardo da Vinci aint the ortrait of the lain second wife of a a merchant the Mona Lisa The Second Mrs Giocondafollows the story of Salai Leonardo s young servant through his friendship with another lain woman the Duchess Beatrice in order to attempt to answer this uestion The book is a uick *read and uite interesting I recommend this to middle grade age kids who are interested in or studying *and uite interesting I recommend this book to grade age kids who are interested in or studying Vinci A book about Leonardo s assistant NOT a book about the Mona Lisa anyone who wrote that didn t actually read the book could be used in an art class This book suffers the same fate as movies with a misleading trailer Folks go to the movie theater expecting one thing and then leave dissatisfied and unhappy because they didn t get it Good movies have died at the box office for just this reason and I think this book falls into that category because of misleading dust jacketThis is the story of Leonardo s Steam Heat personal assistant Salai and the dynamics of his relationship with his employer from the first day when Salai tried to steal Leonardo surse to the day Mona Lisa walks into their studio It is NOT NOT NOT about Mona Lisa Leonardo wrote about Salai a little in his notes is Thought To Have Sketched to have sketched one the sketch is included and left. Why did Leonardo da Vinci lavish three years on ainting the second wife of an unimportant merchant when all the nobles of Europe. The Second Mrs Giaconda
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