Down We Go

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This author speaks the Truth with a capital T a truth that is sometimes hard to Close to the Land: The Way We Lived in North Carolina, 1820-1870 read let alone live in order toeally follow Jesus you have to go against the grain of American ideas of success and go down to live and love those who are not on their way up I am giving this four stars only because it gets a bit epetitious about midway through but gets five stars for the ideas presented here I nearly underlined the first half of the book because each sentence captured a truth that every Ch. CREATING MISSIONAL COMMUNITY Down We Go is A PRACTITIONER'S GUIDE FOR CREATING AND CULTIVATING MISSIONAL COMMUNITY practitioner's guide for creating and cultivating missional community based on the idea of living into the Beatitudes and explores what it means to follow Jesus into the hard places of suffering ineuality and injustice in order to cultivate hope beauty justice euality generosity and healing The dream of living out the upside down ways of Jesus is in our hearts but many don't know how to make what could be eally be We need practical tangible ideas to make dreams L. Munatius Plancus reality We need to hear how it can work from people on the margins and practitioners living in the trenches We needeal stories of practice that will fan
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hopes and Ristian needs to hear This was a needed challenge to my paradigm I just hope I can actually live out the Beautitudes as she describes them here I would love to visit the author s faith community and see this book in action I just finished Down
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Go by Escobar It s a totally compelling ead about following Jesus into the downwardly mobile life that was taught in the Gospels It is based on the Beatitudes and the 12 Step programs that teach us a new way of living I would love to think. For justice mercy euality and healing in the kingdom of God into flame Down We Go fleshes out Practicing The Ways Of Jesus In Action the ways of Jesus in action and through life in community Endorsements Page after page in Down We Go I feel the crazy sanity of the kingdom of God seeping back into me I'm so thankful for Kathy Escobar the Refuge the TransForm Network and everyone who dares to switch directions and become profane in the holiest sense of the word Brian D McLaren author of Naked Spirituality and A New Kind of Christianity Kathy Escobar explores how to move from 'doing' "Ministry For Others Into Creating "for others into creating spaces where all can be a part of the Kingdom of God Those desiring something
Ascension Island Atlantic Outpost (Wild Isles)
I had the courage to follow I know "I m going to try I started eading it because it was ecommended as a companion book for "m going to try I started eading it because it was Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe recommended as a companion book for Presbyterian Women s study of the Beatitudes this year I feel like iteally made an impression on me I hope it sticks Life changing for me The Violinist and The Son of Redhead: Two Plays by Leonard Melfi really Most challenging book I veead in a while The Kingdom of God is indeed living down down down It s better than a lot Of What S Out There what s out there discipleship and Christian living but still with a heavy evangelical bent. Eyond comfy church will find inspiration in Kathy's downwardly mobile journey Becky Garrison author of Jesus Died For This Kathy Escobar leads us on a guided tour of the wild ways of Jesus She is one of my favorite leaders I hope to continue to learn from her example for years to come Jim Henderson D Min Author of Jim and Casper Go To Church and The Resignation of Eve Kathy takes us down into the trenches where ordinary hurting people live and where we too need to live out our faith Her personal faith journey from mega church pastor to ministry with the destitute and marginalized is a compelling and convicting Fairy Tales are True: Silent Reach from the Dunes to the Khumba Mela read Christine Sine Author and Executive Director of Mustard Seed Associat.