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Schmerzmedizin - 1000 Fragen eTemper and has been known to completely decimate someone by the blows of his words The anger grew until Rush could no longer deny it and he attempted to take his life A pastor friend of a friend began to guide him demanding that he go back to Alaska and find his real mom The mission was to figure out why his mother gave him upFrom here we get to hear Rush s side and his mother s side of the story Every word in Arterburn s work of fiction has tension He writes succinctly not wasting a single word and the story is straightforward You won t get many adjectives but there is justnough to give you a poetic picture of Fairbanks Alaska and a picture of Psychologische Homöopathie. each of the character s personality traitsAt thend of the book there s a Solitude and Discussion Guide Normally in fiction I skip those parts but in this case I would make an The Viva Mayr Diet: 14 days to a flatter stomach and a younger you exception The novel is a teaching tool Forgive or let anger destroy your life I caution those who have left toxic and abusive relationships Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation It means you have stopped being angry at the person who hurt youmotionally or physically If you are Aviation Logistics: The Dynamic Partnership of Air Freight and Supply Chain enduring daddy issues I would recommend this bookBook given by publisher to review Wow Every once in a while you come across a book that causes something inside you to transform This book has done that for meIn my opinion the author Stephen Arterburn isxceptional at relaying a message and conveying R High Performance Programming emotions andven displaying Christian principles without sermonizing the story What I mean by that is while reading this book I don t feel like I ve been preached too yet I feel the internal warmness of a day at church That s not to say I don t njoy a good sermon on the contrary But when I m reading fiction I want to be ntertained The Encounter is just that Entertaining moving and ven life changingThis story is told in two viewpointsThe main viewpoint is that of Jonathan Gold Rush Though a wealthy and famous business man he has battled with inner demons most of his life After a recent suicide attempt Jonathan agrees with a little prodding from his counselor Tim Moser to revisits his birthplace Fairbanks Alaska to face the past that has haunted him for so long He harbors so much anger and hurt toward his mother who abandoned him when he was fourThe second viewpoint is that of Ada Rose Guthrie Jonathan s birth mother She too was troubled by the past Decisions she made long ago sent her life on a different course than she d planned Harboring years of regret and pain she retreated into somewhat of a recluse I highly recommend this book Although it is a fictional story the author reveals it is based on two true stories combined into one The characters are not saccharine or unrealistic They have real problems strong motions and life long issues that feel authentic This is a short read but the message will stay with you for a long time the message will stay with you for a long time of Material Connection I received this book free from Blogsneeze I was not reuired to write a positive review the opinions i have xpressed are my own opinions I have xpressed are my own am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 I wasn t xpecting to like this book as much as I did A book about a middle aged man on a self destructive path having to face past wounds and in the process being met by God sounded just a tad Shack y for my tastes When the synopsis of the book online saidThe Encounter the uniue new book from best selling author and counselor Stephen Arterburn is a moving parable involving Jonathan Rush a wealthy and famous ntrepreneur who is tortured by bitterness toward his mother who abandoned him when he was four He travels to Alaska to find her but instead meets an Heaven to Betsy enigmatic old woman known only as MercyI just figured that this was a new twist on the same theme meet God in your place of wounding and be healed And that kind of was it but notxactly Actually the story doesn t just follow Jonathan as he searches it also tells the story of Ada the woman who gave him up for adoption when he was four It tells of how she made the choice the regret she had afterwards and the ways she still tried to love him So B. It even after giving him up for adoption and forfeiting her legal rights to be in her life This then is a story of forgiveness Jonathan learns how toxtend grace to his mother SPOILER ALERT The woman he meets named Mercy is in fact his mother Ada Ada also has been walking around in guilt and shame since abandoning her son 31 years later She has to forgive herselfThis story while fictional is based on two true stories One of these stories is reenacted in the climactic scene of this book That is the best part of the book and is a vivid picture of what it means to Cabaret extend grace to others and the ways in which Godxtends grace to usI appreciated this book and it certainly caused me to reflect on where I harbor unforgiveness *In My Heart And What It Does To Me I *my heart and what it does to me I on that level this story illustrates well the dangers of letting bitterness to take root and the xperience of grace I received this book from Thomas Nelson via Boo. Fe until now On a mission to Fairbanks Alaska to uncover the truth behind his mother’s abandonment when he was only four years old Jonathan comes face to face with his unresolved bitterness as well as a mysterious woman named Mercy who holds the key to unlocking the secrets of his past Somehow he must convince Mercy to confide in him learn how to forgive his mother and ven painful learn how to forgive himself The Encounter from best sell. Jonathan Gold Rush as he is famously known is a thirty five year old wealthy ntrepreneur with an anger problem It s cost him valuable relationships and almost his life His insistent counselor Pastor Tim has asked that he be willing to delve into his past to help him deal with it heal from it and ultimately and hopefully forgive the mother who abandoned him when he was four years old Reluctantly he goes back to his birthplace Fairbanks AL in the middle of winter to find out about the woman who gave birth to him A journey of pain and secrets awaits him but through a new friend and a woman named Mercy he begins the healing processWhen I saw a fiction novel by Stephen Arterburn I was xtremely interested in reading it since I have read several of his non fiction books and found them helpful and interesting I wasn t disappointed by his book The Encounter as it is a helpful and interesting book too The story is a relatable one and is well written although it left me wanting character development from his main characters It has a section in the back of the book for those who are struggling with acceptance and forgiveness of their own That section the truth behind the fiction is compassionately written and delivers beneficial insights into God s teaching through situations in our lives I received this book free from the publisher Thomas Nelson Publishers through the BookSneeze book review bloggers program I was not reuired to write a positive review The opinions I have xpressed are my own Jonathan Rush was given up for adoption when he was 4 years old He went to an orphan s home in Fairbanks Alaska where he spent several years before he was adopted He has since become a wealthy businessman and along the way married 3 times all of which have failed His anger at his birth mother for not loving him and giving him up for adoption has grown so much that he s ven attempted suicide His minister has suggested he go to see if he can find anything about his mother and if she had a reason for giving him away and try to find forgivenessHe arrives in Fairbanks unprepared for the winter climate and is met with the rumor that he plans to move his business operation to Alaska He meets a young reporter who asks uestions for which he refuses to give answers Before long she convinces him to let her help look for information on his motherThey find Mercy a woman who knew his mother but refuses to give him information other than his mother loved him which he is unwilling to believeThis is a short book 167 pages and once I picked it up I couldn t put it down Though it is written as fiction and the characters are fictional I m sure at some point this story has it s base in truth The author Stephen Arterburn is the founder of WOMEN OF FAITH which I am sure you have heard about at #some point I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze #point I received a copy of this book from Booksneeze read and review No other compensation was given All opinions xpressed here are my own and I am not reuired to give a positive review For many getting rid of the anger in our lives means going back To Our Beginnings To Find Reasons And Ways To Forgive our beginnings to find reasons and ways to forgive Jonathan Rush it means traveling to Fairbanks Alaska to find the mother who abandoned him when he was four years old Though taking time from his business pursuits is a difficult task for Johnathan it s something he must do if he can get rid of the anger that keeps popping up when he interacts with others who nd up being the brunt of his The Bookshop on the Shore emotions But after 30 something years how hard will this task be when he doesn tven know who he is looking for Will she still be living Sometimes God has to Intervene is Dance Real Slow exactly what happens here because things just seem to work out tonable Jonathan to accomplish xactly what he needs to find forgiveness for his *mother and himself This successful owner of a major corporation finds a new friend in a reporter *and himself This successful owner of a major corporation finds a new friend in a reporter Fairbanks who helps him in his goal Surprising since he avoids reporters with a vengeanceI found The Encounter by Stephen Arterburn an uplifting read that made me cheer him on in his task Although the cause of his anger may not be the same as your s or someone you know the methods of overcoming it will be greatly nhanced by reading this xample Whether your story is one of abandonment like Jonathan s or perhaps betrayal or has some other cause there are step you can take to rid yourself of anger and find a healthier life of joy and peace The author Stephen Arterburn gives several tips at the nd of the book to help you find your way I give the book a full 4 stars for story line and asy readability and helpfulness to others For those of you who have lived with daddy issues for years The Encounter will bring you to the brink of tearsJonathon Rush is a wealthy celebrity ntrepreneur think Steve Jobs He never knew his mother He grew up in a orphanage until age 9 when a couple adopted him His anger at his mom abated years following the adoption but after his adopted parents died in a violent car wreck the anger re mergedRush is known as someone who can t get a hold of his. “Great storytelling from Steve Arterburn Read The Encounter and learn things about yourself that you never knew were there” Andy Andrews New York Times best selling author The Traveler’s Gift and The NoticerThe past can be a dark and haunting place full of secrets and mysteries too deep too painful to confessFor Jonathan Rush a wealthy and famous ntrepreneur this is an agonizing and startling reality one he never knew xisted in his li. ,

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K Sneeze in xchange for my honest review I have yet to share another simple yet feel good reading Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography experience courtesy of BookSneeze I checked my archives and realized that it s been a while since the last one Aside from the fact that it takesons for the books to reach my humble doorstep I used to wait until I ve properly covered a book before I would start reading it Turns out that this doesn t really help a lot I realized that it actually doesn t matter much By instinct I m a really careful book handler so I don t really destroy books ven if I start reading them without protection Maybe it was also an automatic response an attempt to reconnect with my past reminisce whatever good times I ve spent with my Mom when I was a little girl covering my school books with plastic can be one Those sweet memories of mine are very much fitting to the this new book I recently finished reading Stephen Arterburn s THE ENCOUNTER is a story about a man named Jonathan Rush who goes on a journey to the place where we was born and unfortunately where his birth mother had abandoned him as far as he knew Jonathan wealthy and successful as he is as a businessman felt the need to do this because amid all the good things he is njoying in his life there is a void an mptiness that he cannot fill up no matter what he did There had been than one suicide attempt a collection of drunken and drugged scapades and three failed marriages under his belt It was the words of his pastor which finally gave him the push that he needed to go through with his plan to find his birth mother and find out what made her put him up for adoption at the Kellner Children s Home in FairbanksIt was a short read Something that one could actually finish in one sitting like while waiting in line at a doctor s clinic or for your turn at a bills payment center I actually used up two pre bedtime sessions to finish it so that probably gives you an idea The story was simple predictable if I may add But I knew this ven before I started reading ven before I selected the book so I have no complaints Still it was able to give the message I was hoping it would give its readers That The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl each one of us has his or her demons in the past From the top of my head I cannot name any one person who can actually claim that he or she had a perfect childhood We all have our resentments We all have our hurts and pains We all have our pent up anger towards people who have caused us some form of suffering or sadness That is a fact But what is important is what you do about it Just like any wound deep or otherwiseach of those unpleasant Exile and Pilgrim experiences we ve had will leave scars Some are visible to the nakedye Others are deep within the folds of your skin and your being But the mere fact that we are alive and able to look back at the past is something that we should be thankful for And used as a stepladder to finally move on and move up towards a better lifeI have a million scars from my past as well Right now I am far from being healed I wasn t an abandoned child thank goodness but still I have my bad times with my own parents both of them actually I may not feel xactly the same as Jonathan in the story but probably close I had my own issues and stories For now all I ve accomplished is to acknowledge them as real that they really happened and that they shaped me into who I have become I didn t ven need any religious affiliation or counselor to do this But I have one Friend Someday I will also learn to let go of Hannah Montana: The Movie everything Not for anyonelse but for myself I recommend THE ENCOUNTER for people who are least concerned about surprising ndings and laborate plots in novels but are looking for something very simple yet having just the right recipe to help see things in a different but familiar light This is a pleasant Christian story in which a man gets a new perspective on life and we find out what it is like to live in Alaska Predictable plot No richness or depth to characters or storyline I absolutely LOVED this book It was a short read at only 176 pages but it s packed full of moments that kept me glued to the pages and in just a few hours I was at the last pageI love books about relationships between family members And when those relationships are shattered I love reading about the journey the characters take to make sure there s a healing The relationship between Jonathan and his mother though was very different than any other I ve readI love that Jonathon did what his pastor asked him to do ven though it was the last thing he would ver want to do I loved that he opened up to Erica and that his heart began to thaw I loved that he never gave up trying to tell Ada Who He Really Was The Journey To Get There who he really was The journey to get there very interesting I loved that the book was based in Alaska it added *Such A Different Scenario And *a different scenario and the book ven better I think than if it had been written anywhere lse It was neat how Cardiovascular Pet: Current Concepts everything seemed to be falling apart and then suddenly came back togetherI thinkveryone who loves books about relationships will njoy this book. Ing author counselor and speaker Stephen Arterburn artfully reveals the power of your story the fierce need for acceptance and the true hope of healing Discover in its pages the radical joys of forgiveness both toward others as well as from the ultimate healer and forgiver Jesus ChristThrough the truth and hope revealed in this gripping parable learn to step out from the darkness of a painful past and into the healing light of a forgiven future. The Encounter
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