KINDLE (A Scandalous Proposal) Author Julia Justiss

To put across the fact that it s a regency romanceFurther it is very hard to find a man attractive when he sounds like he has stepped out of a mockumentary Blackadder style spoof Our hero stumbles onto our heroine being threatened Dum dum duuum instead of baffling the villian with his deft use of witty banter or a masculine show of staring glaring and the threat of physical pain our hero just lets the villian leave He then says to the in all seriousness Dear Lady You Mustn Lady mustn worry Unless my hero is using the phrase Dear Lady in a complete I m a sucker for the heroine becoming a mistress before the wife theme but this book still failed to engage meThe hero was a little too beta for my taste and he was obsessively besotted with the heroine too uickly which is always a book closer for me I need the thrill of the chase to hold my interes. Er in law who would take away her son she seeks to cancel her obligation to the highly visible earl immediately little realizing a fleeting affair will lead to something mu. ,
So much happened in Story To Well To Everyone to Well To everyone a good I am a Julia Justiss fan and although this was not my favorite book of Ms Justiss I felt satisfied with the development and the outcome Beautifully WrittenThis is one of my favorite books It is beautifully written and I have fallen in love with the characters The author did a fantastic job developing the characters This book does not have your typical storyline which could be why I love it even I so didn t enjoy this bookIt just didn t grip me at allI won t be writing a review for this book however if annyone would want it just say so Maybe I will change my mind but this just was full out boring I was hoping for so much passion and steamy ness but I didn t get any Too loooong But good read I just loved dialoguesconversations in intimate scenes I HAD ORIGINALLY READ THIS. THREATENED BY EXTORTIONISTS had originally read this. Threatened by extortionists widow Emily Spenser has little recourse until the Earl of Cheverley captivated by this unusual shopkeeper comes to her aideEmily cannot. .

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Novel than a year ago but decided to reread it so I could write a review This is one of the better stories about a shopkeeper and a so I #could write a review This is one of the better stories about a shopkeeper and a #write a review This is one of the better stories about a shopkeeper and a love the dialogue It s fun uick and brings a pacing to the novel that makes it hard to put down LMFAO over this one I m real on the fence about alpha hero s but jeminy cricket this hero was ridiculous in his betatude I absolutely hate tales that begin with the hero trying to make the heroine his mistress 35 Stars Nice story A little improbable but entertaining No conflicted hero here he loves her from the very beginning A pleasant read So I didn t finish this one and actually I barely managed to start it Let me tell you whyFirst off there is a suitable amount of historical flouncy and flowery language that can be used in historical novels A few Pray Tells and a couple of choice nouns is than sufficient. Repay the Earl's expenditures not in coin But having learned through bitter experience not to trust the largesse of powerful men and desperate to stay hidden from the fath. .
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A Scandalous Proposal