[READ] (Der Beobachter)

The Bookshop on the Shore eEtter in the original Interestingdecent thriller Solid stucturesatisfyingxplanation proper Dance Real Slow ending Stupid plot plot plot A book cover that shows a solitary figure walking through a wintry forest has some appeal when you re sweltering through the hot humid days ofarly summer in Sydney So does 16 million books sold Charlotte Link s The Watcher must have something going for it rightMaybe it s the translation from the German maybe it s the time lag between when it was written and when it became available in English maybe it s the fact that a German writer has chosen an English setting for her story whatever it is Link s book struck me as A Little Old Fashioned And little old fashioned And never really grabbed me There are dead women There are women in danger There are strangely fixated men and men with shady pasts There are issues domestic strangely fixated men and men with shady pasts There are issues domestic marital discord loneliness isolation paedophilia The novel The Art of Memoir examines the uestion ofnvy in a way that I should have found interestingMaybe I ve just been spoilt by having read a few really The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life engaging and structurally challenging books latelyThe Watcher is absorbingnough for me to have read over a couple of days but I have a sense it won t stay in my imagination for longNote I couldn t find the cover for the English ditionThis review first appeared on my blog. Denn nichts ist so wie s scheint Gleichzeitig schreckt ine Mordserie die Menschen in London auf my blog. Denn nichts ist so wie s scheint Gleichzeitig schreckt PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition eine Mordserie die Menschen in London auf Opfer alleinstehende Frauen Aufine rachsüchtige sadistische Weise umgebracht Die Polizei sucht inen Psychopathen Einen Mann der Frauen has. ,

I liked this book until I found out did it Old women are being murdered in the novel and the book becomes a chase to find the killer before the next victim The revealing of who it wasit just didn t vibe that much for when it was xplained why this person did what they did but I didn t think the reasoning was all that original or worth having read the whole book The Watcher is also a name for another character in the story who watches people in their homes for fun That particular character nded up doing something big in The End But I Just Felt That end but I just felt that became a minor character and it seemed that the story had to make sure it added him at the nd since he was a big part of the story in the beginningThis was my second novel of Charlotte Link Until the reveal I like her books After the revealnot so muchBut it was an ntertaining read regardless What the hell was this I had so many problems with this book ranging from the complete lack of suspense throughout this whole thing over the constant info dumpingrepetition to the fact that this book would have needed some heaaaavy diting as it is just plain too longMy full length reviewrant of this book is now live at If you want a book full of tension and gruesomeness this is it In the beginning I needed to put the book down and walk away. Er beobachtet das Leben wildfremder Frauen Träumt sich an ihre Seite in ihren Alltag Identifiziert sich mit ihnen und will alles von ihnen wissen Als Beobachter Auf der Flucht vor seinem igenen Dasein das aus Misserfolgen besteht Nur aus der ,

But before long I was sucked in and couldn t put it down The story is very Mary Higgins Clarkesue a very similar style and very family oriented But it digs a little deeper and shares a little detail A very good read Well I sure did not see that coming Great plot twist and finally a story where I can t guess who did it I thought it was Gillian s lover John but dang For
as a nonnative speaker of this Book Was Amazing Maybe I was amazing Maybe I think that because I am amazed that I was able to get so ngrossed in it and understand almost The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl every word that I almost forgot I was reading in a second language Still the mystery kept me guessing until almost the verynd and I really did develop a connection to many of the characters Highly recommended Three and a half stars I don t read a lot of crime novels but this one hooked me in despite the description of the murder initially that had me wondering if I would read it at all Somehow I had to This book has gotten great reviews I was somewhat disappointed in it Many parts of it were rather dull and I found the book too long The author does display good insight into the inner workings of people s twisted minds and parts of it are very well written I have to say I found the Exile and Pilgrim ending rather implausible This book was in translation maybe it reads Erne liebtr die schöne Gillian Ward Die beruflich rfolgreiche Frau glücklich verheiratet Mutter iner reizenden Tochter wird von ihm über die Maßen idealisiert Bis Hannah Montana: The Movie er zu seinem Entsetzenrkennt dass r auf ine Fassade hereingefallen ist. Der Beobachter