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My second read of this book with the illustrations being in colour in this edition These are fun nostalgic reads a nice way to revisit an old favourite with a fresh twist Raina Telgemeier captures the characters perfectly Highlights in this volume include the creation of the Kid Kits which takes their baby sitting into a new realm of professionalism Stacey s New York memories and Claudia s outfits her artistic approach to clothes was always something I loved reading about and it s nice to see them brought to lifeThe difficulty clothes was always something I loved reading about and it s nice to see them brought to lifeThe difficulty and her parents have about finding a balance when it comes to managing her diabetes is well handled Her parents drag her to doctors constantly hoping for medical breakthroughs Stacey is handling her illness well and wants to able focus on school and her friends not endless medical appointments that feel and are needless Her parents are annoying and overbearing but it comes from a well meaning place Both viewpoints are handled fairly I was so excited for this follow up to Kristy s Great Idea I wanted to dive head first into Stacey s story However I wish time was spent with Stacey s personal life instead of constant meetings with the baby sitters club brainstorming how to et business We spent time in this book with the Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) green background than in Stacey s house Also I wanted some cute budding romance to appear in this book like it does in the movie It became a bit of a let down in the end Still I m excited to see what appears in the next book Browse through your bookish purchases here Visit bookspoilscom for book discussions and reviews Did u know that Stacey is from New York also that she has diabetes Stacey was very secretive in the first volume because she feared if she told her friends that she was diabetic they would suddenly stop talking to her like her best friend back in New York did Obviously she was wrong to believe that but she did tell the Baby Sitters Club the truth in the end and everyone accepted her In this volume weet a limpse of her past and her family life We are able to understand her everyday life better and what it means for her to be diabetic But this volume does not only focus on Stacey She may be the main character but the main subject concerns all Baby Sitters Club members Indeed the club may be in danger of losing all of its customers seeing that there is a new club club may be in danger of losing all of its customers seeing that there is a new club town This club has something Stacey s does not older membersHowever the irls will realize that it s not because someone is older that they are responsible They will also have to find a way to save their club which means everything to them It brings them together like nothing else doesI enjoyed this volume much than the previous one The Baby Sitters Club members are able to understand about life and friendship with every new chapters that appears It was a blast Blog Youtube Twitter. Poor Stacey She just moved to a new town is still coming to terms with her diabetes and is facing baby sitt. The Truth About StaceyInstagram Google Bloglovin Oh the nostalgia I Scouts grew up loving the Baby Sitter s Club and theseraphic novels are a fun way to bring back memories of my childhood This was a fun read I started reading the Baby Sitter s Club books when I was nine years old and even though they are deeply formulaic and predictable and old fashioned and ridiculous I loved them then and I love them now and I will continue to love them with the same fervor until I Die Not To die not to all hyperbolic or anything They were recommended to me actually to my mom for me by the mom of one of my elementary school classmates thanks Mrs Lee because one of the main characters Stacey has diabetes that s the ominous Truth in The Truth About Stacey Stacey is the first diabetic character I encountered in literature and she remained the one for and she remained the only one for years until I The Organ Grinders got Sweetblood from the Scholastic book fair in fifth or sixthrade and I became obsessed with that book instead It s only years later that I realized how outdated and somewhat problematic the representation of diabetes is in these books Stacey can t eat pizza my nightmare or any of the The Sudoku Code good snacks at club meetings and the club members continually mention that it sross Stacey has to The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body give herself shots and that they could never do it I could neverive myself shots multiple times a day This is one of my all time least favorite things people say to me about diabetes because it s total bullshit When your options are shots or death my Silver in the Wood guess is that 9999 percent of people areonna choose shotsAnyway I only recently learned that the first few BSC books had been updated into raphic novels and I was curious to see how they d be updated especially with regard to Stacey s diabetes since the text was first published in 1986 I couldn t tell when exactly the raphic novels are set the irls still answer a regular telephone with a cord at club meetings and although Claudia s outfits remain wacky they re not specifically late 80searly 90s wacky and I imagine that even a modern Claudia would be wearing some wild outfits so that didn t ive me any clues As for diabetes updating the The Second Cure graphic novel provides a little factual straightforward information about what diabetes is during the scenes focused on Stacey s diagnosis at least as far as I remember it s info since I haven t read the original in a loooooong time The diabetes representation that bothered me the most actually bothered me in theraphic novel interpretation than it did in the original book although again I haven t read the original in a long time so this is just based on my memory Stacey takes Charlotte for a walk downtown and they o into a candy store and Stacey is tempted by the evils of sugar and chocolate To be fair so is Charlotte but the to eat candy or not to eat candy dilemma isn t as life or death for her Anyway there. Ing problems left and right Fortunately Stacey has three new friends Kristy Claudia and Mary Anne Togethe. .

S a very dramatic panel of Stacey reaching for the candy mouth watering and then tearing herself away and running out of the store as though if she stays there for one second she will eat the candy and then presumably drop dead on the for one second she will eat the candy and then presumably drop dead on the Because that s totally how it worksIn 1986 were diabetic children supposed to eat candy dead on the Because that s totally how it worksIn 1986 were diabetic children supposed to eat candy probably not because we didn t have the technology and Knowledge That We Do that we do But in 2015 or 2017 can diabetic children eat candy If they take the right insulin for it sure why not It s yet another example of diabetes being used to create dramatic tension just for the sake of creating tension of using diabetes as a plot device and it really bummed me out It plays into these stupid stereotypes that still somehow exist that diabetics can t eat sugar or that we ot diabetes because we ate too much candy and so on and so on Side note this whole thing could be avoided if Stacey had an insulin pump It makes candy eating and spontaneous eating in The Sorcerer's Apprentice general sooo much easier Side note to the side note Are there even any diabetic characters in literature who use a pump I can t think of any which is weird because almost all of the diabetics I know in real life are on pumps But seriously you could make a whole book about Staceyetting a pump It is a normal event in the life of a child with diabetes that could provide some interesting plot points ie Stacey explaining to the kids she babysits for how a pump workstelling them not to push the buttons Or middle schoolers make stupid jokes about it and Stacey takes them down and the other members of the club support her but then it would stop being a plot point and just be a thing happening in the background of all BSC books that uietly NOT dramatically makes Stacey s life better I would have loooooved to see a story like that when I was actually reading BSC books because all of those things and happened to me and it is cool to read books that actually reflect your own experiences instead of all of this misplaced fear about sugar and candy that I did not actually have My own experiences involved plenty of candy thank Eagle's Gate goodnessTl dr four stars because while this series and these books are very important to me I still wish the portrayal of Stacey s diabetes was handled in a different way And I still think she shouldet a pump Because pumps are awesome This was very World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi good I like theseirls and their adventures and challenges I thought that it was a ood read but the one thing that is incorrect about the book is that in the original series The Truth About Stacey is the third book while Claudia and the Phantom Phone Caller is the second book They literally skipped 1 book in the series and in my opinion Claudia and the Phantom Phone caller was one of the best books in the series Oh my God I m having such nostalgic feels over this series Keep em comi. R they're the BSC and they will deal with whatever's thrown their wayeven if it's a rival baby sitting club.

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