[The March Up Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division] E–pub Ú Francis J. Bing West Jr.

Rage of the reviews here on Goodreads I expected it to be mediocre but turns out it wasn t so average and I thoroughly en Getting a report on first Marine Division and it s run up to Baghdad by authors after the fact tells part of the story Having a USMC Major General Ray Smith ret and a second reporter embedded with the unit throughout the fight gives you the first hand report of what actually went on A thrilling book that kept you sometimes frustrated sometimes excited and always in the know of what war and the various

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involved in a century military battle is "ALL ABOUT A TRUE PAGE TURNER WAR IS CRUEL "about A true page turner War is cruel unforgiving Bing West and Ray Smith are both veterans of the Vietnam war and served as advisors for operation Irai Freedom This book is their first hand account on their 22 day ourney to Baghdad to take down Saddam s Regime I personally found this book very informative and very deep I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the Ira war and understand the true face of war As the mother of one of the brave Marines of the 1st Marine Division I was intrigued to read this account and comprehend the situation experienced by my son I was not disappointed I appreciated the accounting of the military and the humorous situations related in this book Ooh ra. Hem bestselling author F J Bing West and Major General Ray L Smith USMC Ret combine expert military analysis with dramatic battlefield reporting They bring the reader on a march that ended in victory but was shadowed by second guessing unexpected reversals and the threat of catastrophe With access to three star generals in the command centers and to privates in the field the authors reveal how the strategic plan played out in battle showing what went well and what failed and detailing power struggles for military and political control never reported The result is destined to become the definitive account of ground warfare in Ir. E First Marine Division and their march through Ira and straight into Bagdad This is told by a couple of combat veterans and is a pretty good run through the daily life and details of 21st century combat in the field Some interesting perspectives and a good feel of what it was like in the action the realistic opposition of the Irais and the daily challenges #facing our Marines I thought the groundwork early in the book around #our Marines I thought the groundwork early in the book around importance of capturing the oilfields before they were destroyed ad cost the US Billions to repair was interesting I also gained respect for Tommy Franks and his executed strategy This is NOT a political book If you are interested in 21st century field combat and also a Marine or US Military History buff you will likely enjoy this read If anything the story does not do a great ob of flowing and grabbing your attention I would say this is 35 stars A good account of the first three weeks of the war from the individual to Division level The authors mainly talk about actions for which they were present or actions very close to them The focus is on 7th Marines but they mention 1st and 5th Marines The book introduces you to the men and the fighting but does not have many tactical or operational "insights I was surprised by this book because going off the ave. Vely against those "I was surprised by this book because going off the ave. Vely against those resist we will treat all others with decency demonstrating chivalry and soldierly compassion for people who have endured a lifetime under Saddam's oppression Major General JN Mattis 1st Marine Division Commanding Here is the story that can be told only by those who actually witnessed the action of the famed 1st Marine Division's march on Baghdad from the shaky beginning of US operations in southern Ira to the capture of US prisoners the misreported fierce Irai resistance and the aggressive assaults that led to a uick and decisive victory With over a half century of military and combat experience between A first hand account of the Marines invading Ira A lot of details the biggest thing I got out of this book was a deeper appreciation for Generals Mattis and General Kelly The march from Kuwait to Baghdad in the Gulf War by the 1st Marine Division is documented here on from a personal perspective Our two authors have access from privates to generals and manage to place themselves at the point of action throughout most of the campaign They give us an interesting perspective of the fighting desert and the enemy with numerous accounts and anecdotes #The Incredible Firepower Organisation And #incredible firepower organisation and of the Marines are clear although it seemed that when action was oined chaos often reigned over the radio net I thought this was uite a readable account on a campaign about which I "knew little a look at the 1st marine "little A look at the 1st Marine s role in the taking of Baghdad during the initial stages of the Ira War It s interesting to contrast and compare this account of conventional warfare with later accounts of anti insurgency operations The paperback edition even includes some of that in an epilogue added that revisits the division a few months later So slow and boring this book
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a waste of The March Up is a pretty good read about the War in Ira and the day to day operations of th. With unprecedented access and previously unreported detail here is a first hand account of the 22 day march to Baghdad that takes you behind the scenes and to the front line No one reporting on the war in Ira had the uniue battlefield clearance afforded the authors of this dramatic eyewitness account Unlike embedded 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, journalists confined to a single unit West and Smith acuired a captured yellow SUV andoined with whatever unit was leading the assault every day of the fight The result is a report of what really happened from the heart of the action unlike anything you'll read anywhere else While we will move swiftly and aggressi. The March Up Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division

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