(Death on the Rive Nord Lucas Rocco #2) [PDF/EPUB] å Adrian Magson

Him to the attention of the chilling "Algerian Gangster Samir Ferek And His "gangster Samir Ferek his nforcer huge killer Bouhassa who seem to be moving up from the south leaving a trail of death in their wake As killings occur Rocco realises that Ferek is moving Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society ever closer killing anyone who stands in the way of his plans toxtend his mpire Rocco is in his way can he survive FerekSo trying to track down people traffickers and keeping out of the path of Ferek not to mention his boss Massin Rocco has his work cut out A stunningly atmospheric follow up to Death in THE MARIS WHICH INTRODUCED INSPECTOR LUCAS Maris which introduced Inspector Lucas the story moves at a cracking pace with the tension mounting with very page I couldn t read fast nough A definite ntry for your not to be missed list Lizzie Hayes Interesting Background is refuges and immigration legal and illegal a problem we associate with recent times but one that has been around since the rise of the nation state And also interesting with the different layers of government and police Have to love all that internal politicsAnd the story moves uickly against that backgroun. Ust trace his fellow travellers but trawling for illegal arrivals is a sensitive iss. This was probably my favourite "So Far Of The Inspector "far of the Inspector Rocco Series But Rocco series but do like all of them great sense of period local atmosphere French mindset Great book

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am new this author and took a chance because it was set in France and wasn t set in present timeI have since read two books and a short storyIt is the kind of book that is a pleasure to read and you don t want to put downThe illegal immigrant theme resonates with todayLoved it Don t usually read a book with such Black Heart, Red Ruby energy akin to my long forgotten teenage years but here is a real page turner forven a 50 year old like me The second book in this xcellent series of detective work in rural France in the 1960s No attempt to dwell in a less troubled ra real crime here Maigret than Heartbeat certainly but closer still in the story telling and mood created Not just a police procedural novel but a genuine crime thriller with characters slowly New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood emergingnhancing its richness not overwhelming the narrative that rubbles on a pace Love the French setting and context of the stories and as at the nd of any good book feel a sen. Picardie 1963 A truck drops illegal workers by a deserted stretch of canal in the de. Death on the Rive Nord Lucas Rocco #2Se of loss and "Eagerness For The Development "for the development this wonderful new detective Death on the Rive Nord by Adrian MagsonPublished by Allison Busby August 2011 ISBN 978 0 7490 0839 0The discovery of a dead Algerian in a canal sets Inspector Lucas Rocco on the tail of an organised group of people traffickers Rocco is a city cop who has been moved from Paris to the French countryside Picardie not uite what he is used to ither for him or his new colleagues although he has stablished a friendship with Claude Lamotte the local garde
champetre who has 
who has his acceptance with the villagers Unfortunately he has served with his new boss Commissaire Francois Massin in a different capacity Rocco knows things about Massin that he Massin would not like made public so they xist in an uneasy unspoken thinly veiled hostility In 1963 Algerian immigrants are welcome in France but not illegals However as Massin points out the whole Algerian thing is a sensitive issue and not one in which he wants to get caught upWhilst investigating the death in the canal Rocco meets the beautiful Nicole which brings. Ad of night Days later one of them surfaces stabbed to death Inspector Lucas Rocco ,