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The Dog Cancer Survival GuideIstic medicine While I m not thrilled that I needed to read this book I found it very helpful on many levels Throw away all your preconceived notions of dog cancer and cancer treatments and read this book with an open mind if your dog is diagnosed with any type of cancer Absolute must read for anyone who has a dog that has been diagnosed or may be diagnosed with cancer I Cannot Stress How Helpful This Book Has Been cannot stress how helpful this book has been There SO many things you can do to help your dog fight and improve his uality of life This book has enabled me to confidently make decisions regarding my dog s treatment and to be proactive in doing everything I can on my end Great book but no bargain here Their price on a USED copy is than the author s price for a brand new one Go to the author s site at to buy it for 2395 Let s be honest not a book anyone would want to have to read ever But it teaches what you need to know to be your dog s champion through an array of tests and vet visits and an long series of very difficult choices I know now that no matter how much time the Newm has left with us he will be well fed with home cooked meals supported with an array of medical and alternative treatments and he will be loved in the way that he has always instinctively loved everyone with reckless abandon There will be no moment taken for granted. Lternative courses of action as well as some well needed reality checks which were not available from conversations with my veterinarian It should be on every dog owner's book shelf ust in caseDr Stanley Coren PhD FRSCauthor of many books including Born to BarkA comprehensive guide that distills both alternative and allopathic cancer treatments in dogsWith the overwhelming amount of conflicting information about cancer prevention and treatment this book provides a pet owner with an easy to follow approach to one of the most serious diseases in animalsDr Barbara Royal DVMThe Royal Treatment Veterinary Center Oprah Winfrey's Chicago veterinarianPicking up The Dog Cancer Survival Guide is anything but a downer it's an 'empowerer' It will make you feel like the best medical advocate for your dog It covers canine cancer topics to an unprecedented depth and breadth from emotional coping strategies to prevention in plain EnglishRead this book and you will understand cancer stages treatment options and types and much If you have ust had the dreaded news pick up a copy and it will guide the decisions your dog trusts you to makeLaure Anne Visel Dog behavior specialist and technical dog writer CanisBonusco.

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T appointment with the oncologist I definitely feel better prepared and have an idea of what to expect and possible definitely feel better prepared and have an idea of what to expect and possible The chapters on nutrition and natural supplements were very helpful and I have printed off information to discuss with the oncologist With Sparky s cancer there was no chance of fighting it Coco s is different and I feel like this book has given me hope that we can beat this A must read if your dog is currently battling cancer This helped me tremendously in treating and dealing with my dog s cancer I learned of an amazing herb from this dog cancer doctor which gave my baby 6 months longer than anyone expected and eased her discomfort to the point of chasing the water from the hose again Dr Dressler gives the reader many options for care beyond the traditional horrifying chemo Wonderful book This was my lifeline when Sadie was going through cancer part of her story is actually in the newest addition This book provides a really wide angle view of dog cancer and includes everything from the science behind cancer ways to deal with the emotional trauma of diagnosis to the skinny on chemo and radiation and everything inbetween Dr Dressler and Dr Ettinger also discuss natural and holistic treatments that have shown some promise in studies including changes of diet nutraceuticals supplements and hol. D thousands of other dog loversThe AuthorsDr Demian Dressler DVM practices in Hawaii and is internationally recognized as the dog cancer vet and blogs at DogCancerBlogcom Dr Susan Ettinger DVM is a veterinary oncologist and a diplomate of the American College of Internal Medicine who practices in New YorkPraise from Veterinarians Authors Book ReviewersThe future is upon us and this ground breaking book is a vital cornerstone In dealing with our worst illness this Survival Guide is educational logical expansive embracing honest and
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neededDr Marty DVMHolistic veterinarian Host Ask Martha Stewart's Vet on Sirius RadioThe message of this book umps off the written page and into the heart of every reader and will become the at home bible for cancer care of dogs The authors have given you a sensible and systematic approach that practicing veterinarians will cherish I found the book inspiring and clearly it will become part of my daily approach to cancer therapy for my own patientsDr Robert B Cohen VMDBay Street Animal Hospital New YorkI wish that I had had The Dog Cancer Survival Guide when my dearly beloved Flat coated Retriever Odin contracted cancer It would have provided me ,

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Excellent information if you are dealing with a pet that has cancer Nobody would WANT to read this book obviously but if you re in the unfortunate position of needing it there is really no better all around resource to be found Many websites and blogs dealing with cancer in dogs tend to take a very partisan view either they re in support of Western methods like chemotherapy and won t even consider that homeopathy could have something to
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a dog vice versa Not this book While acknowledging that chemotherapy and surgery are often the best chances we have to give our dogs a long survival time the authors also go over supplements and dietary changes that can help improve uality of lifeThe one thing I didn t like was the over promotion of Dr Dressler s Apocaps dog supplement in the supplements chapter and the glowing reviews included there would have been better if the mention of this product had been limited to one paragraph But I can overlook this because there really is not a better guide than this to navigating canine cancer I really wish I didn t have to read this book but here we are I lost my Sparky to a terminal cancer in 2015 so I was devastated to learn that my Coco had mammary cancer Since this type of cancer is different from the one Sparky had I felt like I needed to do my research before Coco s firs. If your dog has cancer you need this bookNo matter what you've heard there are always steps you can take to help your dog fight and even beat cancerThis scientifically researched guide is your complete reference for practical evidence based strategies that can optimize the life uality and longevity for your dog No matter what diagnosis or stage of cancer your dog has this book is packed with precious advice that can help nowDiscover the Full Spectrum approach to dog cancer care Everything you NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CONVENTIONAL WESTERN ABOUT CONVENTIONAL WESTERN TREATMENTS SURGERY to know about conventional western veterinary treatments surgery and radiation including how to reduce their side effectsThe most effective non conventional options including botanical nutraceuticals supplements nutrition and mind body medicineHow to analyze the options and develop a specific plan for your own dog based on your dog's type of cancer your dog's age your financial and time budget your personality and many other personal factorsImagine looking back at this time in your life five years from now and having not a single regret You can help your dog fight cancer and you can honor your dog's life by living each moment to the fullest starting now This book can help you as it has helpe. ,