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The Cloud SpinnerThis is a gorgeously and fancifully illustrated story which tells of a wise boy who is able to spin the most amazing cloth from the clouds Again we learn how much wiser than adults children are and what the conseuences of unfettered cloud cloth making are The young princess saves the land Unbeknown to anyone of course This story has potential BUT WAS TOO FORMULAIC TO BE REALLY GREAT I was too formulaic to be really great I felt frustrated by the author s use of the word crimson The illustrations don t match the word which confused my students who are learning English as a second or third languageThe kids seemed to like it than I did but ven they weren t very Engaged With It I Really Enjoyed Reading with it I really The Pocket Wife enjoyed reading Cloud Spinner because of of its outstanding message It teaches about selfishness and theffect it has on the rest of the community I think that this book could be used to open discussion about the collective The Color of Our Sky effort of sustainability and how the actions of a few affect the outcome for many others I considered this for my fantasy genre and I think it could be useful for grade threespecially because although it is somewhat simple to read it contains complex ideas that can be applied to current vents and aid in developing the general values of the students I also loved our signpost instruction lesson on Words of the Wiser when reading this book I would definitely use this book to teach the signposts to my students and to open a current vents discussion It can also be used to discuss possible solutions to Obsession environmental issues and demonstrates the importance of standing up for what you know is rightven if you are scared I consider this a WOW book because of its relevance to very real very current issues that we are facing today In this lovely dreamy fable a wise young boy spins clouds into cloth under the stricture Enough is Cabaret: A Roman Riddle enough and not one stitch One day a greedy king spies his cloud woven scarf and wants despite the young boy s warnings When the king s greed dries up the clouds it s up to the observant princess and the wise boy to set things rightReleased as Cloth From the Clouds in Britain this story has a universal appeal for both boys and girls and works beautifully for a read aloud Catchpoolmploys the stricture from the story using just nough words to convey the story and not one word Further he understands the need for key non annoying repetitive phases that keep the story anchored and delivers his message of conservation in a gentle but ffective manner Brilliantly done The only book we ve read previously by Michael Catchpool is his Where There s a Bear There s Trouble which was and still is universally adored by all three of my girls as toddlers Susanna at five still lo. One small boy has a special gift he can weave cloth from the clouds gold in the arly morning with the rising sun white in the afternoon and crimson in the vening He spins just nough cloth for a warm.

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Ves it and I still see the older two pulling it out of the bookshelf to read themselves on occasionAlison Jay s deceptively simple gorgeous folk art illustrations pair perfectly with themselves on occasionAlison Jay s deceptively simple gorgeous folk art illustrations pair perfectly with story The colors are so beautiful My children delighted in the cloud shapes and the smiling hills See the one on the cover I have loved her art since I first saw it on the original covers of Shannon Hale s Bayern series The Goose Girl Enna Burning and River SecretsBottom line This book was definitely worth the purchase and I know it will be read again and again in the Neal house the cloud spinner is a wonderful children s Cloud Spinner is a wonderful children s book that teaches the importance of contentment The reader of this story is constantly reminded that Enough is nough and not one stitch This was a wow book for me because of the beautiful illustrations and the important moral message The story shows the importance of using resources responsibly and shows children that greed does not only hurt the individual who is being greedy The king s greed did not just affect him but would have destroyed his whole kingdom Although the message is simple it is xtremely important and the book does a wonderful job of xpressing the message in a child friendly way I think that Educators could use this book for kindergarten through second grade For kindergarteners a teacher could read this book to the students in order to teach the important message of contentment and the danger of greed For older classes like second grade the teacher could have the students do a group read and the ducator could use this book to demonstrate the importance of using resources wisely and relate it to protecting the nvironment the pictures are neat the idea is nice moral value is clear but it lacks of storytelling power still a pleasant afternoon read tho A uniue tale about a boy that can spin clouds into cloth When the King hears of this wonderful cloth he makes many reuests and something surprising happens to the village The moral of the story Enough is The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis enough and not one stitch Ages 4 8 clouds rainLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down ofverything in the book so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which nable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar I don t know the cute dreamy illustrations I think were better off on their own The boy was a little too self righteous for my tastes It s one thing to teach about responsibility and preach against greed but it s another thing to presume to know what and how much a person needs A young boy with the ability to spin clo. Scarf But when the king sees the boy's magnificent cloth he demands cloaks and gowns galore It would not be wise the boy protests Your majesty does not need them But spin he must and soon the world ar. .
Uds into thread and to make the most beautiful fabric from that thread finds that it is difficult to keep to his mother s maxim Enough is nough and not one stitch in this lovely picture book from English author and illustrator Michael Catchpool and Alison Jay Ordered by the king to produce a scarf fit for royalty and then dresses for the ladies of the palace the boy must do as he is told although he continually cautions that it is not wise to produce something that is not needed His words prove prophetic when his spinning depletes the clouds in the sky leading to drought and hunger in the land Only the silent princess of all the royals understands what is happening and takes steps to redress the damage her father has done to the worldAn original fairy tale with a lesson to impart about using resources wisely and not consuming just for the sake of consumption The Cloud Spinner is never overwhelmed by its didactic purpose offering an ngaging narrative that stands well on its own as a story The artwork done by Alison Jay in alkyd paint on thick cartridge paper with crackle varnish to give an antiue look is Vibrant And Appealing I Liked and appealing I liked use of color and the uirkiness of some of the human depictions particularly the roly poly king All in all The Cloud Spinner was a sweet and ngaging little tale one that can be used to spark discussions about greed over consumption and respect for the natural world with young people or just Just Cause enjoyed as a simple story A boy spins beautiful scarves from clouds He has made only two though one to cover his head to keep the heat away when it s hot and another to wrap around his neck when it s cold outside His mother taught him not to use too much Enough isnough and not one stitch But one day a greedy king sees the boy s remarkable scarf and demands that the boy spin one for him only it must be much bigger and grander for he is the king The boy cautions that it would not be wise to use so many clouds but the king will not listen The king demands and until soon there is not a cloud in the sky and the villagers suffer from the lack of water The Solution To The Problem Comes From An to the problem comes from an sourceThis is an obvious but not annoyingly so cautionary tale about consumerism and conservation but I found it pleasantly and ngagingly told in a fairytale style Alison Jay s uirky folksy illustrations are a wonderful compliment they hold the perfect blend of fairytale style and whimsy I love the way the landscape and the houses have personalities subtly smiling or frowning depending on what is happening Those looking for a new tale along the lines of The Emperor s New Clothes or an unusual nvironmental story will likely njoy this one. Ound him begins to changeFrom author Michael Catchpool and illustrator Alison Jay comes a magical tale about the beauty and fragility of our natural world and the wisdom and courage needed to protect