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The Beggar's OperaUt is the case really as obvious as it appears Or is there to the story Is Mike Ellis a cold #Blooded Vicious Murderer Or Is #vicious murderer or is trying to frame him With only seventy two hours to solve the murder case the race against time begins Will justice be served The first book in the Inspector Ramirez Series is a taut and atmospheric thrill ride that eeps you guessing until the very last page It s an exceptionally well written murder mystery set against a vividly depicted political and cultural background of Cuba Blair writes with real understanding of Cuban harsh reality compelling the reader with insights Into The Troubled Society Her Knowledge About the troubled society Her nowledge about police procedures and related protocols is apparent on every page The amount of detail is simply mind blowing Disturbing at times but mostly very impressive and fascinating It s a gorgeously suspenseful mindbender a great example of how the right approach to storytelling scattering pieces of information throughout the novel beautifully braiding together the convoluted threads and diabolically building the tension and mystery can elevate the book and turn it into a heart stopping literary puzzle Blair did a remarkable job fleshing out the main character Inspector Ramirez making him one of the most uniue and unforgettable narrative voices in recent fiction I found him different from all the other detectivesinspectors in popular murder mysteries Haunted by the ghosts of victims of his unsolved murder cases dying of a rare and incurable type of dementia struggling to eep his life from falling apart he was a very convincing and easy to connect with character And as much as I loved the intelligent and provocative plot line I think the whole thing wouldn t turn out nearly as good without the well drawn complex MC His presence in the book added a lot of character and flavor creating a memorable eerie atmosphere and turning a solid whodunit story into an absolute masterpiece The Beggar s Opera by Peggy Blair is a stunning debut novel and a very promising beginning to a great new mystery series I m looking forward to seeing what the author has in store for Inspector Ramirez in the next book Loved the setting Old Havana Cuba hated the crime that Inspector Ramirez had to investigate a young boy illed Mike Ellis a Canadian cop on holiday with his wife who just might be the iller but he can t remember and a story filled with so many twists and turns a I was hesitant to even give this book 2 stars but the propulsive story behind the mystery deserved it However the mystery was jus about the only thing I did enjoy about this book Beyond that I found it to be a book that was confused as to exactly what it wanted to be a murder mystery a love letter to Cuba a book about the political and sexual culture of Cuba an examination of individual sexuality or a ghost Story The Dialogue Often Felt The dialogue often felt and unrealistic I had a hard time really believing these characters or they way they talked It was just poorly done Also why did Blair write herself into the story as a female mystery writer traveling to Cuba to write mysteries about Cubathis is a weak and dull trope that authors take up to make their stories excitingall it did for me was elicit a moan Finally spoilers ahead the mystery about Mike Ellis and his incident back home The science and investigation was so ill conceived and unrealistic that I nearly gave up on the book with less than 10 pages to goit was just bad story tellingeven worse it was just bad mystery writing And the final shock that Ellis might be gay ok so what What larger purpose does that have for the story All I felt at that moment was the characters talking about Ellis were passing judgement on him I ve heard so many positive things about this book but in the end it was just a major let down I was going to give this book a three star but I enjoyed the twists at the end so much that it moved it up to four The action takes place in Havana Cuba and involves what I think are several main characters despite what the title says Yes Inspector Ramirez gets the headlines but Celia Jones and Doctor Aspiro have very important roles and could be considered protagonistsThe book has a fascinating description of Cuban Law food and life under the Castro regime and also has some beautiful descriptions of old Havana The characters are crisp and the writing is uite good The story involves pedophilia which for. Rld famous Malecón For Inspector Ricardo Ramírez head of the Major Crimes Unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police finding his prime suspect isn’t a problem Cuban law is He has only seventy two hours to secure an indictment and prevent a vicious iller from

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Me is hard to read And Towards The End There towards the end there #References To The Child Abuse #to the child abuse priests I think the author handles the matter in a low ey manner and deals mostly with police procedures as practiced in Cuba I loved it I have never been to Cuba and now feel I have an understanding of the culture and challenges Cubans faceOn top of that a brilliant fast paced mystery with a Detective you cheer for cry with and hope so desperately he solves the crimeA book I wanted to read cover to cover in one sitting but it had to happen over three evenings with reading well past my bedtimeI loved this novel Book 1 in the Inspector Ramirez Mystery seriesI was drawn to this one for two reasons The first is pretty shallow but I really really love this cover and it drew me in I just think it s one of the best covers I ve seen in a long time The second reason was the mention in the blurb that the main character Inspector Ramirez can see the ghosts of unsolved murder victims I m inThe fact that it s a police procedural set in Cuba was also a draw for me I Snowbound Seduction know not the first thing about Cuba so thought it would be an interesting move away from the usual USUK crime settings It was an eye opener as to Cuban politics everyday living and laws It s not a place I ve ever considered visiting but I definitely wouldn t want to travel there now It sounds like a scary place What I wasn t aware of and had Inown before starting it I would never have picked it to read was that the murder victim is a little Cuban boy and that child abuse rape and pedophilia are strong themes I mention this in case it s a deciding factor for anyone else but I can also confirm that those themes are dealt with on an after the fact basis and are not dwelt on unnecessarilyAs to the story itself I liked it a lot Interesting exciting puzzling all THE THINGS YOU D EXPECT FROM A CRIME THRILLER things you d expect from a crime thriller wasn t sure if I was supposed to like Inspector Ramirez though He s the main character and I ll be honest it took me almost 34 of the book to warm to him and even now I m still not 100% sure about him I suppose it comes with the territory but he just seemed so blinkered and judgmental and sure of himself I think he might take a bit of time to grow on me All the other characters came alive for me and there was to them than met the eye I liked the setting I liked the twists and turns and even though I guessed at the twist at the end I liked that too I thought it was a great story Perhaps parts of the ending were a little unbelievable but easy to overlook when the story was so strongWhat disappointed me most though was the lack of ghosts of unsolved murder victims Since they were mentioned in the synopsis I had thought that they d play a bigger role but really they were few and far between and in the background mostly I d have liked involvement from them They were interesting and so was the Inspector s interaction with themor would have been if it was given page time I m hopeful that maybe that side of things will take off a bit in the next books which I will definitely read I ve got the next Inspector Ramirez mystery all lined upA note of warning Midnight in Havana is a renamed edition of Beggar s Opera which has been republished for the UK market Given a new name and new cover but the same book nevertheless I very nearly bought that other one thinking it was a different book It s not mentioned in the blurb anywhere on the edition I have so thought it worth noting Note I received a free copy of this title from the publisher I wasn t familiar with this author but I selected this book for a challenge because it was set in CubaThere are some interesting characters including a police detective who sees the victim s ghost until the case is solved Trying to solve a case or do pretty much of anything was very difficult in 2007 Cuba as depicted in the book I was very surprised by the following The Canadian accused of the murder had no right to an attorney in Cuba Cuba did not observe the rights of other countries Warrants weren t reuired for searches Cuba executed murderers by firing suad Automobiles freuently ran out of gas due to shortages The internet and cell phones were illegal in Cuba other than a few authorized exceptions Due to free public education many low wage workers had graduate degrees Due to free health care Cuba had doctors than cab drivers but no medical supplies The police only had 3 days to conduct a fe. Eaving the island But Ramírez also has his own troubles to worry about He’s dying of the same dementia that illed his grandmother an incurable disease that makes him see the ghosts of victims of unsolved murders As he races against time the dead haunt his every step. .
This is the first Inspector Ricardo Ramirez mystery and it begins with the death of his grandmother when he is only nine years old She passes to him my gift to you as the eldest child Her gift is the ability to see the dead and indeed as the Inspector in charge of the Havana Major Crimes Unit of the Cuban National Revolutionary Police Ramirez is constantly followed by the victims of the crimes he is investigating As well as the dead Ramirez is aided by his subordinate Detective Rodriuez Sanchez and pathologist Hector ApiroIt is Christmas Eve 2006 and Mike and Hillary Ellis are on holiday Mike Ellis is a detective from Canada who recently suffered a violent facial injury while his partner was illed However the holiday which SHOULD HAVE HELPED HEAL HIM HAS RESULTED IN HIS have helped heal him has resulted in his crumbling in recrimination and anger Hillary hates Cuba and after a major argument heads home leaving Mike Ellis alone When a young boy seen begging from the couple the day before is found murdered Ellis is the prime suspect In Cuba he has no legal rights and Ramirez is under pressure to complete the investigation within a strict timeline Can Canadian lawer Celia Jones save him from the firing suadThis is an assured and well written debut If you enjoy crime stories set in unusual locations then you will enjoy this I had only a very sketchy idea of what Cuba is like having never visited the country Ramirez is hampered in both his professional and personal life by shortages there are few toys little petrol meat soap or even crime scene tape available At one point there is no possibility of checking something as there are no batteries for the calculator and the internet is banned The author cleverly weaves her story and location together with a well written plot and great characters I look forward to reading on in this series and hope we HEAR FROM FROM INSPECTOR RAMIREZ SOON from from Inspector Ramirez soon will make you fall in love with old Havana this book From the pages of this book you can almost feel the heat of the sun the breeze of the wind and that cool taste of mojito If only to hide the secrets that the city holds deep insidedeep inside each and every one of us there is a secret we will hold until escaping from it you just run right into it Beautiful tale of crime prejudice and a fight for survival Best thriller that I have read Peggy Blair is a new name to watch out for I can t wait for Peggy to write her next book Mike a canadian police officer goes to crumbling Old Havana to help save his troubled marriage A little Cuban boy begs them for a few Pesos Mike gives the the little boy some Pesos when the little boy hug s mike Mike and his wife hillary have an argument Hillary leaves Havana and mike decides to stay in HavanaInspector Ramirez finds a dead Cuban little boy in the ocean The little boy seem s to have Mike s wallet and his police badge hidden in his underpants How did the little boy seem to have Mike s walletMike is arrested for the rape an Originally posted to Bookish Book Blog Real captivating and ultimately moving The Beggar s Opera by Peggy Blair is a significant addition to the murder mystery genre It s a poignant and brutally honest story that paints a truly harrowing picture of poverty abuse corruption and abominable living conditions in Hemingway s Havana It s dark disturbing thought provoking and heart poundingly thrilling Not by any means an easy to digest book but one absolutely worth reading nevertheless Inspector Ricardo Ramirez is called in to investigate when the body of a little Cuban boy is discovered floating in the ocean in the Caleta de San Lazaro Drugged brutally raped and Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia Over the Long Eighteenth Century killed with a blow to the head the boy had last been seen accepting money from a Canadian tourist Mike Ellis Witnesses saw Ellis giving the child money and later on someone made an anonymous phone call to the police station stating that they witnessed a man with his description approaching young boys for sex in Parue Ciudad A pair of men s briefs had been found in his room the underwear had the boy s blood on it Not to mention the polaroid photographs recovered from under the mattress in his hotel room they were pictures documenting every step of the brutal rape Mike Ellis has no memory of the previous evening after the fight with his wife he spent the night getting drunk at a local bar It seems Inspector Ramirez has all the evidence he needs to convict the murderer and close the case In beautiful crumbling Old Havana Canadian detective Mike Ellis hopes the sun and sand will help save his troubled marriage He doesn’t yetnow that it’s dead in the water much like the little Cuban boy last seen begging the Canadian couple for a few pesos on the wo. ,