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DIf you re interested in this book check out your local bookstore please please please before looking on I wanted to like this book In act the reason I gave it 2 stars instead of one is that I loved the setting and the eel of the book And I liked the presentation of the main charachter an idiot But I elt the book was
"very negative this "
negative this coming rom someone who loves depressing books and did nothing to bring the reader into the culture One of the bests rom Tibet My copy it is 2002 edition of the english Translation Has 433 Pages has 433 pages 448It s a really un book At irst I was enjoying it mildly At a certain point the characters and story really captured me Takes place in Tibet in the decades leading up to the communists taking over China It tells a very interesting story of what life was like in Tibet what the customs were and what people were like From the point of view of a member of a ruling Why Diets Make Us Fat family The men of the rulingamily get to sleep with all kinds of women which is kind of obnoxious It tells some interesting history I *m glad it pretty much stopped short of Red China period because stories about Red China tend *glad it pretty much stopped short of Red China period because stories about Red China tend be so depressingI really don t think I started this book on January 2nd Oh well what can I do I need to start keeping better track of when I start and Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., finish books At least I know Iinished this one on January 19th. CutoE tra rivalità Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, familiari lotte di potere amori e sconfitte la storia della dinastia diventa allo stesso tempo la storia del paese e del tramonto di un mondo Un paeseiabesco e lontano da ogni stereotipo in cui bellezza e violenza si uniscono in un nodo inestricabile crudele e affascinant. ,

Thin the novel in a way the censors would approve OfThe Takes Place In Twentieth Century Tibet And The story takes place in twentieth century Tibet and the is the second youngest son of a Tibetan warlord the Maichi Everyday life in medieval times family He tells us with nearly theirst sentence of the books certainly the North first paragraph I don t recall the book is somewhere in the house but I am lazy that he is an idiot Everyone thinks so His older brother the heir his mother his nanny who is also hisirst lover his ather everyoneHowever it became apparent to me pretty early *ON THAT THE NARRATOR IS NOT *that the narrator is not idiot at all he s actually very perceptive People only think he s an idiot because he sometimes says things that are socially and politically inept The plot ollows The Idiot s moves and sexual exploits his good and bad Dead Giveaway fortune as hisather Andrew Lost In the Kitchen falls ill The book isilled with hinted magic or magical realism Think One Thousand Years of Solitude by Garcia Maruez so the magic could be coincidence but could also be magicThough the book is interesting I also Strange Son: Two Mothers, Two Sons, and the Quest to Unlock the Hidden World of Autism feel like it dragged on a bit Certain things were brought up throughout the book that I thought would have a profound impact only to be cast by the wayside later An interesting read if you re interested in what kind of literature makes it past the Chinese censors but not myavorite read of the year that s Nope for sure despite the book being deep and nuance. Oltivazione e il traffico dell'oppio si snoda la saga della dinastia MaichiA raccontarla è l'ultimo discendente dellaamiglia un giovane ritenuto idiota e come tale disprezzato e ignorato da tutti che sa osservare cose e persone con un occhio ingenuo ma allo stesso tempo straordinariamente This is a novel of Tibet *but not the idealized Western version There are no mandalas and what lamas appear are barely *not the idealized Western version There are no mandalas and what lamas appear are barely shamans The petty despots who run this land still eudal in the twentieth century own slaves and give them away employ executioners and have maids whose bodies are theirs or the asking and give them away employ executioners and have maids whose bodies are theirs Listening: The Last Poems of Margaret Avison for the asking least until China intervenesirst in its Republican era by introducing machine guns and opium poppies then by overrunning the place in the Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz form of the People s Army The narrator describes himself as an idiot and other characters debate whether he is or not but idiocy in this case seems to ariserom thinking unconventionally Son of one of the local lords he is less interested in making war than in creating markets less interested in starving his enemies than in earning their gratitude by Buck: A Memoir feeding them He is the onlyleshed out character the rest are surface portraits even when they behave in contradictory ways It is a sad tale this one of Tibet s demise but It Almost Seems That almost seems that Tibetan author thinks that much was lost Red Poppies by Alai is an interesting piece not least because it is one of the Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors few literary works that has passed the censors of China to make it s wayrom Tibet to the western world Because of this I have suspicions that the writer who is Chinese though has Tibetan heritage portrayed the Tibetan people wi. Uesto romanzo Yikes, Vikings! (Canadian Flyer Adventures Series forse il primo esempio di realismo magico tibetano è per il suo paese uello che i romanzi di Gabriel García Máruez sono stati per la ColombiaThe Los Angeles TimesNel Tibet dei primi decenni del Novecento dove il potere è detenuto dai pochi signorieudali che controllano la Red Poppies A Novel of Tibet