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The Chameleon Wore ChartreuseI didn t really like this at all but I can see how it would be fun for a kid who is just starting mysteries Set up for the Chet Gecko Mystery series has Chet taking on a case at school where the little brother of a girl he likes is missing The doll does not give Chet all the info she has and he has to do a little detective work He gets a sidekick he didn t want with Natalie but it is a good thing she s there She s got the brainsI enjoyed this book The world building is good It reminded me of a 1940 s Film Noir movie I liked Chet s thought process He needs Natalie but eventually figures it out I loved the humor and cannot wait to read it out I loved the humor and cannot wait to read rest of the series Chet Gecko Private Eye and forth grader at Emerson Hicky Elementary is on the case to find Shirley Chameleon s missing brother Billy Along with his partner Natalie Attired they have until before the start of the football game at the end of the school day to locate Billy With the clues they have Chet and Natalie race against the kickoff to solve this mystery At first glance I thought this book was going be pretty decent but boy was I wrong I actually kin. Chet Gecko loves good mystery Almost than he loves his fee stinkbug kin. Chet Gecko loves a good mystery Almost than he loves his fee stinkbug So when fellow fourth grader Shirley Chameleon asks him to find her missing brother Billy Chet expects the case to be as easy as pie But Billy's.

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Da liked it This book starts off with a fourth Grade Private Eye Chet Gecko A Girl Comes Up To private eye Chet Gecko A girl comes up to and tells him that his brother is missing But when Chet tells the girl that she #needs to pay a fee she says she #to pay a fee she says she t have any money So instead she promises him that he ll get pie stinkbug pie if he finds him at the end of the day and suddenly he has a case to solve Read this book to find out if Chet can find her missing brother I think this book would be great for 2 and 3rd graders I read this with my first grade reading buddy it was her choice She s an advanced reader but most of the jokes went over her head which is to be expected She doesn t have a knowledge of film noir to contextualize it It s a perfectly competent spoof of the genre but it doesn t go beyond that in any way with out dated gender roles and cardboard character archetypes I don t think most older kids would know enough of the genre to get the jokes either and there s not enough there to make it worthwhile for adults to read It s been a loooooong add some zeros time since I have read this series but I vividly remember begging the librarians Disappearance is part of a larger plot one that involves the Rat begging the librarians Disappearance is part of a larger plot one that involves the Rat a riddling junkyard dog and a vicious Gila monster named Herman If Chet doesn't solve the case fast the entire school could be humiliated Worst of. .
O buy the other books in the series at my s wit is hilarious and his partnership with Natalie entertaining wit is hilarious and his partnership with Natalie is entertaining if I didn t know all about the noir genre at the time I laughed a bunch It s also how I learned about dames I recommend this to any kid to introduce them to fun mysteries Loved the spare dialog Not a word wasted Chet s noir infused wisecracks kept it lively I finished the book in go Can t wait to read the next one These were so funny I remember staying up late at night to finish this Another old series in my LIBRARY THAT WILL LIKELY GET WEEDED I READ THIS that will likely get weeded I read this to 3rd grade classes and well all enjoyed it It reminded us a little of Timmy Failure which we read earlier in the ear I enjoyed a lot of the references that 8 Shattered Heart year olds will not get or possibly even their parents Casablanca for example I like books that allow me to perform different voices and characters Add in bad jokes and gross situations and it s a crowd pleaser I don t think the kids will rush to check out the rest of the series but it kept their attention Anthropomorphic animals at schoolPrivate eye story noiruick read. All Chet might not get his fee And Chet's hungry •The first book in a zany new series that combines mystery with humor •A hip character based story and amusing illustrations in a fun format for middle grade readers.