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The subject of this book Is Child Soldiers In This child soldiers in this in the country of Liberia during its civil war It s a harsh and harrowing topic for a children s book yet de Graaf manages to convey the horror of it without going into too many of the gory details The story describes how Lucky and his sister Nopi are kidnapped from school and forced to work for soldiers eventually becoming ones themselves This is happening even now in places around the world What angers me in this instance is that the fighting is over control of diamonds which the people of Liberia T Get To Keep Only get to keep only Are all the industrialists who use diamonds in and all the wealthy people who wear them as jewelry turning a blind eye to the cost in human ives that their diamonds have brought to others Fortunately I happen to know that Liberia is in a better situation now thanks to UN troops a new head of state and the Christian faith At the end of the story de Graaf provides factual information about Liberia with pictures and reproductions of artwork and writings that some former child soldiers have created This ets readers know that the story is based on reality Discussion uestions at the end can make this an excellent choice to use in a classroom This is a good introduction to the topic for upper elementary children before they read grittier books ike those by Ishmael Beah Highly recommended Audience Intermediate Genre Biography Discussion uestions REMEMBER Who were the main characters The main characters were Lucky and Nopi Nopi was the older sister to Lucky her younger brother UNDERSTAND What was the main idea The main idea was to share the story of how Lucky and Nopi survived the war in Liberia It explained how the kids stayed together and found their parents until again their parents were kidnapped and the second time around they got separated It s a great ending where they all found each other again after the war had ended APPLYING Think of a situation that occurred in the story and explain what you would have done After Nopi was beat up by the soldier in the beginning of the book she African Literature: Overview and Bibliography lost her hearing I don t think that I would have had her courage to continue to watch out for her brother and risk herife trying to save him I mean it was already really difficult when she could hear but now not being able to hear just made her of a hero after doing all she did to save her brother ANALYZING What was the most exciting part The best part of the book I think was when the two children found their parents at their grandparents house the first time I m glad that they found their parents again a second time and for good but when they found their parents the first time it was so unexpected I was only in the middle of reading the book when they found their parents for the first time and it was just a huge shock EVALUATING Do you agree with what the soldiers did to the Liberia children Why or why not I definitely don t agree with what they did Not only were they taking these children away form their families they were forcing them to be apart of and do things that the children did not want to do It was definitely not fair to punish the children for the soldier s greed It was all unjust and a sad situation that occurred CREATING How could you improve on how the book was written It was a Aliens Rogue Aliens little difficult reading the book in how both characters went back and forth But I also know that the author did this for a reason because she wanted to take into account how everything was told to her I think an idea to improve the book would be to have all of it written from Luckys point of view first and then the second half of the book would all be written by Nopis point of view This was difficult book for me to read I can t imagine the horror that those childrenived and that haunts them still I know a family that immigrated from El Salvador after the son of one of their good friends was taken and forced into the army They Eşti cool şi dacă vorbeşti corect left everything in fear that it would happen to their thirteen year old son as well In coming to the United States they faced prejudice and had to give up their careers a physician and college professor to start here working at a soup factory Their friend in El Salvador was not able to find her son despite getting tips from friends with military connections She was always just behind their movement I thought that the atrocities were handled well for a young audience The violence and rapes were not graphic but were not ignored I found the background on Liberia at the end of the book interesting I knewittle about the country and its history of escaped American slaves returning there and enslaving others was beyond my co. Based on true stories of former child soldiers interviewed by the author in Liberia Son of a Gun describes the journey of a brother and sister ten year old Lucky and eight year old Nopi who are kidnapped from. Mprehension Although it was not my kind of book m sure many People Would Like It would Fall for You like it refreshes your mind on how awful it is familiesiving in Liberia The villages are attacked and burned down and families have spread apart I Money Blues to Blue Money learned that the kids are forced into joining the army and have toearn about how to shoot a gun and kill other kids at the earliest age of 10 I was horrified and I think this is a good uick book to read if you want to be educated on today s world issues This book is based on a true story of a brother and sister who were captured when they were 8 and 10 years old to become soldiers during the Civil War in Liberia Africa This book did not win any awards but it got an excellent review from School Library Journal and has been recognized by The American Library Association The Poetry Center and the United States Board on books for young people in 2013 Nopi and Lucky nicknames are brother and sister They are captured in school after their teachers are beaten They were tied up and connected by rope with other children They had to obey all orders from the soldiers or they would be killed Nopi becomes deaf after being tortured trying to save her brother from the cruel treatment he was receiving They end up proving themselves to the soldiers so they could hold guns They end up escaping to try proving themselves to the soldiers so they could hold guns They end up escaping to try head back to Monrovia where they hope to find their parents They find their home see their parents but then their parents and grandma Facial Action Coding SystemInvestigator's Guide Part 16701 leave and they don t know where they went Soldiers show up and rob houses nearby They raid their house so Lucky hides Nopi in the cupboard so nothing happens to her The soldiersike the extra rooms and food so they stay for a couple weeks Nopi and Lucky run away from their home to get away from the soldiers When out searching for their parents and somewhere else to stay they end up sleeping in a tall tree right in the middle of the fighting with some other children They all had to flee so they wouldn t be caught but Lucky is captured by Peanut Butter and his side man Frog Nopi is captured by someone else who treats her Alchemy for Women like a 3rd wife Nopi ends up running away and finds a river with a few people and a boat She manages to join them and sets sail to a refugee camp to be safe which also has food and water Lucky ends up fighting for one side of the war doing whatever Peanut Butter tells him to do He ends up coming face to face with his friend James James was captured and taught to fight for the other side the rebels Read to find out what happens to Lucky and James And what about Nopi Will Nopi and Lucky ever find their parents and grandma or even each other This was a great book that told the story of children soldiers during this time period This was told by two people whoived these accounts and went back and forth between their memories set up Alchemy Martial Supreme like a journal This text allows the reader to think and feel what these people felt and connect with theirives The Nicholas Flamels First Codex last few pages really make us realize what we have and what others have done for us in order to have it It definitely puts things into perspective and is a page turner I rated this book 4 stars because it is a powerful text with richanguage and a story Alien line that is easy to follow and understand I would recommend this for 6th 8th graders or even high school studentsearning about this time in history Title Author Publication Date Son of a gun Anne de Graff 2012Genre Young Adult Historical FictionFormat Book print chapter book 121 pagesPlot summary Eight year old Liberian Lucky his ten year old sister Nopi and their schoolmates are kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers but even after they escape along with some other children and are reunited with their parents their Agriculture in Qajar Iran lives will never be the same Includes chapter about Liberia NoveListConsiderations or precautions for readers advisory child soldiers civil war in Liberia 1986 1996 brother and sister relationshipsReview citationDespite the flip title a harsh picture of civil war in Liberia as seen through the eyes of two children De Graaf bases her episodic present tense narratives on interviews with Liberian children and adds an informational appendix with photos that not onlyays out Liberia s troubled history up to 2006 when the original Dutch edition of the book was published but also includes upbeat drawings and African American Literature in Transition, 1830-1850 letters from young survivors I wonder if there s a place for my story in your world writes Nopi Storiesike this at À quoi rêvent les algorithmes least help to ensure that there areKirkus ReviewsSection source used to find the material ALSC 2013 Notable Children s BooksALSC Batchelder Award Winners 2013 Honor BookRecommended age Ages 9 12 I read this in preparation fo. School and forced to become child soldiers Lucky and Nopi manage to escape with the help of older children They track down their parents but then must flee again In the end Lucky and Nopi are reunited with